Bayer Announces Release of New Harmonix® Rodent Paste

BPCA part Bayer is bringing a new professional-use cholecalciferol rodenticide, which can be utilized in open regions and tunnels, to the market this September.

Tim Peeling, the item administrator at Bayer Environmental Science, says, this is the principal new item available with broad mark use for seemingly forever.

“Harmonix® Rodent Paste denotes a new period in bother control, and we’re truly eager to carry it to the market when anticoagulants obstruction and names on different items are turning out to be more prohibitive,” says Tim.

Just as its name benefits, Tim features that because of its method of activity and extraordinary plan, the new arrangement has numerous ecological advantages, for example, a low auxiliary harming peril contrasted with customary anticoagulants. It likewise has a quit taking care of impact.

Harmonix Rodent Paste
Harmonix Rodent Paste

“Starting examination shows that half less snare is devoured during a rodent crusade when utilizing this arrangement,” says Tim.

“The quit taking care of impact implies rodents lose their craving following a couple of days, decreasing trap admission while offering effective control. This choice additionally enjoys natural benefits as there are fewer rodenticides entering the climate.

“The fast control of rodents, and their resulting loss of craving, additionally lessens the danger of illness and harm from the nuisances, a mutual benefit for everybody,” he adds.

Tim likewise noticed that for bug administrators who are searching for a coordinated program, Harmonix® Monitoring Paste has a comparative lure network as the new Harmonix® Rodent Paste.

“This methodology will permit professional bug controls to effortlessly transform from a checking project to a control program conquering any lure timidity while accomplishing quick control,” he adds.

“Once accessible, I’m sure that Harmonix® Rodent Paste will be the go-to rodenticide, because of its high performing plan and ecological qualifications,” says Tim.

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