Herbal Treatment for STDs in Men and Women



What is the herbal treatment for STDs in men and women?

Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are prominent today, most especially where youths lack consciousness as regards to safe sex. The local herbs save a lot of people suffering from this disease after they must have battled seriously with the ailments.

The most common of these sexually transmitted diseases are Chlamydia, Staph, and Gonorrhea. We are
discussing these three simply because the sexually transmitted diseases are strongly combated and they
have a cure, unlike AIDS and other deadly ones.

Herbal Treatment For Stds In Men And Women

Despite the incessant warning issued by the governments, and other organizations about abstinence, and the cultivating of safe sex, the youths and old alike stiffen their ears, and unfortunate they suffer the consequences.

Time and unforeseen occurrences can at times be attributed to the prevalence of these diseases. But the great comfort is that there is a cure. In fact, these cures have ridden off the sexually transmitted diseases contracted by some.

Hence many Nigerian have diverted their attention to its use. They have heavily gained insight into how these works, and have reduced the number of cases recorded.

As pre-mentioned, our goal in this article is to discuss herbs for sexually transmitted Diseases(STD).


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Herbal Treatment for Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD)

Our approach is to discuss the ones that their success has been greatly recorded. Chlamydia, Staph and
Gonorrhea is to be discussed extensively. Each STD will be taken one after the other, explaining what
they are, and the Nigerian local herbs that have been used.

1. Gonorrhea

It is estimated that about 1.5 million cases are recorded each year. So great a number! This sexually transmitted disease is contracted through unsafe sex practice.

It is advise-able that anyone who gives in to sex regularly invests in regular screening in order to confirm if a contraction has occurred even though there are no immediate symptoms.

There are medications used that can help solve the problem, but more success has been recorded with
the use of Nigerian local herb.

The local treatment used has saved millions from the occurrence of these sicknesses, and
have extremely relived many.

Unlike the treatment that will be suggested for chlamydia, the local herbs can be locally sourced
anywhere. Let us get to work.

The First Approach is The Use Of Sandpaper Leaf

Sandpaper leaf is common in most lite and thick forests. The leaf is botanically known as Ficus
Asperifolia. Medical uses include treating hypertension and other ailments.

How to Use it For Treating Gonorrhea

  • Fetch the bark of the sand-paper leaf from within your surroundings.
  • You will then boil the bark in water for at least 30-45 minutes.
  • After boiling, allow to cool off.
  • Take half of a cup daily at a minimal of 14 days.

Ensure that you use clean water in boiling the bark, ensure that you wash the bark well before
boiling, and if you are pregnant, you should not use it.

The Ringworm Plant

The ringworm plant is effective in the treatment of gonorrhea disease. The botanical name of the plant
is called cassia alata.

How to Use the Ringworm Plant to Treat Gonorrhea Infection

  • The root of the ringworm plant is to be boiled together with a mixture of garlic and onion
    in clean water.
  • Boil the water in clean water, and allow it to cool.
  • Thereafter, drink a half cup of the boiled constituents.
  • Take these mixtures at-least twice on a daily basis for 21 days.

2. Staphylococcus

Staphylococcus generally shortened as staph are a class of sexually transmitted diseases that many
people are battling with.

This disease is a very complex disease. Although it is confirmed that staph can be contracted sexually, improper care of other infections such as gonorrhea, syphilis, herpes, e.t.c, can lead to further development of these infections.

They can affect both men and women, this is an indication that no one is really safe at all. Everyone who
practices unsafe sex can contract this disease.

Symptoms could be numbness of joints, limbs, or the fingers. It could also be mucous coming out from
your body.

The Herbal Remedy to Treat Staphylococcus

  • Get a cinnamon powder and pure honey.
  • Mix 2 tablespoon full of the cinnamon powder with a tablespoon of honey in a glass cup of
    warm water
  • These should be done daily and must be taken twice daily.

Another herbal remedy that can be used to treat staph is:

  • Cut the root of plantain
  • Pound the root of the plantain and get the juice extracted.
  • Collect the juice, and mix it with pure honey in the ration of 2:1.
  • This mixture should be taken three times daily in a spoonful


3. Chlamydia

Chlamydia is a common disease that spreads through anal or vaginal intercourse. When this sexually
transmitted disease is contracted, they do not come with obvious symptoms, most especially in women.

The period for symptoms to become obvious within 5-10 days. Itching of the anus, burning sensation while urinating are obvious symptoms of these ailments.

In women, they tend to have a vaginal discharge that is quite abnormal. It could also be the yellowish
discharge from the cervix which smells badly.

In men, purse or swelling around the anus will be felt greatly. All these symptoms are what those facing this std have trouble overcoming.

The most fearful part of this std is that it results in infertility in both men and women. But if treated
properly, a guarantee that the damages to be done will be reduced can be gotten. There are antibiotics
that can be used to treat chlamydia, yet they may re-appear over time.

Reasons why local treatment is sorted, guiding with confidence that they can completely rid them off, and which experiences have proven it rightly.

The natural treatment here is very safe and greatly effective for use. Bara Flush herbal mixture is a very effective herbs mixture for the treatment of chlamydia.

I hope this review gave you the guidance you need on herbal treatment for sexually transmitted diseases in men and women, drop your view on this via our comment box.

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