How Long Can A Squirrel Live Without Food Or Water?

How long can a squirrel live without food or water? We often see squirrels scampering through our parks and backyards, with their impressive survival skills. But have you ever wondered if they can live without food or water? And if yes, how long?

In this article, we will explore the world of squirrels and examine their ability to cope without water or food. Let’s get started!


How Long Can A Squirrel Live Without Food Or Water?
A Squirrel


Why Do Squirrels Need Water? 

Squirrels need water because like other living creatures, water is necessary for their survival and squirrels are no exception. They usually get water from what they eat, but sometimes they also need access to fresh water sources.

The amount of water a squirrel needs depends on various factors, like its weight, age, and the climate of its environment.


How Do Squirrels Stay Hydrated?

Squirrels have a lot of clever ways of staying hydrated even without direct access to water sources. They can drink from creeks, puddles, birdbaths, and even gutters.

They also take advantage of the raindrops collected on leaves, grasses, and flowers as a source of hydration. Also, they eat foods with high levels of water like strawberries, berries, tomatoes, and greens, which helps them to stay hydrated.


Do Squirrels Die of Thirst?

Yes, Squirrels may die of thirst. Their being thirsty means that they need water and if they are not given water, it can lead to their death because like every other animal, squirrels cannot survive without water. While they can get some moisture from their food, giving them water is good for their overall well-being.


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How Much Water Do Squirrels Need?

The amount of water you can give to a squirrel depends on how much it weighs and its age. A general guideline suggests that an adult squirrel needs about 30-60 milliliters of water every day.

Young squirrels and babies, on the other hand, may need smaller amounts, for example, a 20-gram baby squirrel needs around 2.7-3 milliliters of fluid daily.

Please note that these are minimum observations, and you should consider things like the health of a squirrel, its activity level, and how the environment can impact a squirrel’s water needs before deciding the amount of water to give to the squirrel.


How Long Can a Squirrel Live Without Food or Water?

Although water is very important for a squirrel’s survival, food is also needed and if they are not given food,  they may develop health challenges.

An average healthy adult squirrel can survive for about 8 days without food but for young squirrels and babies, this timeline may be shorter.

Young squirrels will not last more than 5 days without food, and babies may not survive beyond a day without their mother’s milk.


How Long Can a Squirrel Live Without Water?

If a squirrel does not have access to water, the squirrel faces the risk of dehydration, which can have severe consequences. An adult squirrel, becoming more than 10% dehydrated can be life-threatening, and it will take about 2-3 days for an adult squirrel to reach this level of dehydration.

Young squirrels, on the other hand, may become severely dehydrated within 1-2 days, and if they are given water, may pass out.


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Food vs. Water: Which is More Important for Squirrels?

Both food and water are important for a squirrel’s survival, but water is more important to their overall well-being. Squirrels can survive longer without food than without water.

And although squirrels get some of their water needs from their food, they still need direct water intake for proper hydration. Dehydration has severe consequences for a squirrel’s vital organs and health.

In situations where a squirrel is injured or sick, the squirrel needs to drink more water to help its health and aid in their recovery. Wildlife hospitals often prioritize giving a sick or injured animal water first to ensure proper hydration before trying to give the animal food intake.


Should I Give Squirrels Water in the Wild?

Yes, you should give squirrels you see in the wild water, especially if it is during times when natural water sources may be scarce. This is a kind gesture for squirrels that can help ensure they are properly hydrated.

You can put water in bird feeders and dog bowls for squirrels if you don’t have anything appropriate you can use it to give them water.

Not only does this provide them with the water they need, but it also has additional benefits such as keeping the water cleaner than traditional birdseed, avoiding droppings, and minimizing the attraction of unwanted visitors like rats and neighborhood cats.


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Squirrels are intriguing creatures with amazing adaptability and survival abilities. While they can go for several days without food, their need for water is more immediate and urgent. Dehydration can be dangerous to a squirrel’s health and well-being and can have serious effects.

Recognizing the hydration needs of squirrels and granting them access to clean water sources might enhance their general survival and guarantee their health in the wild.

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