How Long Do Grasshoppers Live? Their Lifespan

How long do grasshoppers live? The lifespan of an animal depends on the basis of survival needed by it, which could be food, shelter, except clothing for animals.

Grasshoppers are known to live close to grasses, gardens, crops for the rest of their lives. However, the grasshoppers can be classified as a nuisance, that why most of their males do not live up to their set age.

Moreover, how long do they really live for, you are about to find out in this article with fully answered related queries on how long grasshoppers tend to live, moreover, we have put together brief fact about grasshoppers, read on.


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Fact About Grasshoppers

Grasshoppers are pest likely seen in a high region of sunlight which helps in its respiration. However, the are also regarded as cold-blooded animals which are found in every continent in the world except in Antarctica. Let’s take a brief fact on grasshoppers.

Where do grasshoppers live, it might sound simple on hearing it, they just live in the grass, not just in the grass, in trees and crops.

Moreover, grasshoppers live in an area with a concentrated sun temperature in bushes, and in summer-gardens, another place a grasshopper can live is in high-level grounds and other exposed high-temperature grounds.

There are certain known things that attract the grasshopper into your surroundings and those features or things you possess in your dwelling have been written in full detail.

Grass: Grasshoppers as their name says are highly drawn to patches of grass for most main reasons, highly because it is the main source of nutrition for them.
Grasshoppers feed on grass, among other things. They also lay their eggs in the soil under the grass, which is why your green carpet of lawn is an ideal spot for these winged insects.

Crops: Agricultural crops can also attract grasshoppers. They particularly have a placed instinct target on lettuce, onions, and beans, according to a worldwide search on the attraction of grasshoppers.

If a large number of grasshoppers are drawn to a particular crop, it can have very bad effects for a farmer.

GardenA garden is a place where shrubs, flowers, plants, and grass are grown. Having known that the grasshoppers are highly attracted to the grass and plants, this is why this pest will be strongly attracted to a garden.

According to Wikipedia backed with further research, the red-legged and two-striped species of grasshoppers mostly live in the garden. The presence of this pest in your garden due to being attracted to it could cause losses in plant growth affecting the garden negatively.


Having known this you know what can possibly keep them living and if terminated the grasshoppers could eventually die.

Most especially you should be aware of this, grasshoppers are good migrants as the look for better living conditions in so doing, this affects their process of building colonies. Moreover, where does the grasshopper live and build their colony? Is it in trees or in their homes? Wait until you find out as you read on.


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Grasshoppers are well-known to migrates as they carry out this almost every month changing their location. Grasshoppers may live and build a colony in a well-nourished area with lots of grass and food as they tend to care for their colony.

The main reason behind choosing a particular place to build a colony may be that they need a close region in which they might be able to migrate to in the next summer months.


Diet of a Grasshopper

Now we are going into an important aspect of the fact of the grasshoppers which is its diet. The diet of a grasshopper is one of the most important facts about its lifestyle.

Well, it is surprising to know that this pest eats plants but yet still its mouthpart is not easily seen. Asking what does a grasshopper use to eat? It isn’t a bad question as far as it will clear the doubt, as we know learning is part of our everyday life.

Furthermore, apart from plants, there are several other foods that they feed on below are a few of the food supplies that they feed on:

  • Grasses
  • Corn
  • Seeds
  • Flowers
  • Bark
  • Shrubbery
  • Weeds
  • Clover
  • Alfalfa
  • Wheat
  • Corn
  • Oats


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Movement of Grasshoppers

There are arguments on the movement of the grasshopper which is causing a big confusion on the movement of a grasshopper but no more as we are here to tackle that confusion.

These insects are known to have a long leg which they use to catapult themselves into the air, yet they do carry wings which is the main purpose behind this complication whether the fly or hop. If you observe when these pest hops they tend to spread their wings, however, in our next paragraph you will discover their form of movement.

The grasshopper is known for moving in a curve motion in other to confuse any predators of their next move, the move by lifting their legs pushing their body up in the air, according to research, the grasshopper can fly for only one good reason (safety) to get away from predators or simply to move from place to place especially when hunting.

However, their movement may involve flying and hopping as the case may be, most grasshoppers are good flyers while some rely on hopping away from danger without the cost of flying. Well, to answer this question, the movement of a grasshopper involves both flying and hopping.

Moreover, as far as we can go on every important detail about their fact we would want you to read through on the query you have been asking where do grasshoppers live.


How Long Do Grasshoppers Live?

Finally, you are close to finding out how long the grasshopper lives as you read on. We learned that they need sunlight to respire, so how are the grasshoppers going to live in the wet months as the rains might tend to have an adverse effect on their lives.

However, in well-studied research, the grasshopper only lives for two months according to the response of the weather.


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Final thought

This piece of written information on their lifestyle has put you through what you need to know on how long do grasshoppers live, most grasshoppers can only survive the winter as an egg, the adults may all die when it gets cold.

In warm weather that doesn’t have winter months, grasshoppers can probably live longer, maybe for several years. Most die long before that though, from disease, predators, or drought.

Moreover, we have gone a long way on how long do grasshopper live, for more queries on this topic, contribution, feel free to contact our team.

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