What is a Group of Cats Called? Facts You Should Know

Cats are little mammal classified as carnivores, they are considered as domestic animals as a result, most people keep them as pets, in an event where you have lots of them, you may care to know what is a group of cats called?

It’s not bad, desiring to know what a cat group is called, as you read on, all facts have been gathered to assist you in clearing this query.


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Facts About Cats

What Is A Group Of Cat Called
Group of Cats

As we stated earlier, cats are domestic animals belonging to the Felidae family with over 60 breeds and more, having the wild cats as family members, it is also known as the house cat or domestic cat.

However, these house cats are mainly kept by human beings as pets due to their ability to stay as human companions. They also have hunting skills used in chasing rodents and other most common house pests.

The cat is scientifically classified into:

  • Family – Felidae
  • Subfamily – Felinae
  • Class – Mammalian
  • Order – Carnivora
  • Suborder – Feliforma
  • Genus – Felis
  • Kingdom – Animalia
  • Phylum – Chordata
  • Species – F.catus

The skeletal structures of cats are related to other members of the Felidae family. The cat has an elastic body that helps it in easy movement, it has sharp fangs with renounce claws which enables its balance when climbing. Also, when it uses these claws to hunt other animals (quarry), the cat has a great ability to sense smell, it has vision night enabling it to see in dark places or at night.

Communication and Sound

Meow! Meow!! Meow!!! As we all know, this is the sound a cat makes, however, they are other sounds which the cat makes like hissing, purring, trailing, growling, these sounds are used to also communicate with other cats, it could be sending certain body languages or when searching for other members around.

The cat is capable of hearing distance sound (both low and high frequency). Moreover, the sounds, they make do expose them to danger.



After mating, the cat secretes pheromones leading to pregnancy. The cat prefers to mate between February and September when mating lots of males also known as Tomcat are usually interested in mating with the queen (female cat).

All interested tomcats engage in a fight, the winner gets to mate with the queen lastly. In a period of thirty-minute, mating is done. After delivery, the queens give birth to three to five kitten.



The cat is known to be a human companion due to its good social behavior, this doesn’t imply that a cat cannot be wild, though the majority of the members in the Felidae family are anti-social and solitary animals. This makes people keeping the cat tame it to be socialized with other people and pets.


Where does the cat live?

The habitat of a cat differs, the house cat and the wild cat cannot live in the same eco-system without conflict. In short words, their eco-system is what separates them in terms of their behaviors, cats are found all over the world even in the 130 islands, and in isolated islands like the Kerguelen island except Antarctica, it can survive in a tropical or temperate region.

Due to its adaptability in any eco-system, the wild prefers to establish its habitat in places where there’s no human existence while the house cats can live in:

  • Wetlands
  • urban areas
  • Scrublands
  • Agricultural land
  • Coastal areas
  • Grasslands
  • Tundra, and
  • Forest


What does a cat eat?

The house cat is a very good natural pest control agent, research shows that using a cat prevent pest excellently well, killing about 20.7 billion little mammals and 3.7 billion birds per year, in addition, cats are very good predators.

Cats don’t eat too much but a group of cats will, the rate and quantity of foods they eat differ from normal human food. The cat eats food depending on the texture, temperature, and aroma, they don’t eat cold foods but love amino acid contained meals which are the same as beef. Cats don’t eat sweet foods even sugar contained milk, taking sugar causes diarrhea due to difficulty in the food break down and digestion. Some house cats do eat materials like:

  • Plastic
  • Aluminum foil
  • coal
  • String
  • Paper
  • Wool, and
  • Cables

Note: The substances above can be harmful to cat health due to the presence of toxic substances. Also, the cat doesn’t eat them as food.

Rodent, birds, and other small pests are key quarries for cats when in an ambush, the cat doesn’t mind waiting for long to catch its prey and devour. Having known the keys facts about cats, let’s answer your searched query.


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What is a Group of Cats Called?

Have you ever seen a cat playing in a group? It is so exciting to watch, in an event where you were asked to tell what a group of cats is called, what will first come into your mind? Most people know these animals as just cats even if it male or female.

However, if you read carefully to this point, you discover that we identified the male cat as Tomcat and the female cat as a Queen. We understand that this isn’t what you actually searched for but we promised in our first paragraph that everything you need to be able to identify a cat will be discussed in this article, this you will give you a broad knowledge about cats.

Groups of cats are known as Clowder, this name is not applied to a wild cat as they are called Dowt or Destruction. As their name implies (wild), this wild cat brings destruction to anything they come across.


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How Many Cats Makes a Group?

Having known what a group of cats is called, two cats constitute a pair of cats. However, for the clowder or dowt, there is no specific number of cats. In addition, two cats and above could make up a group, from further observations, a group of cats doesn’t exceed 30.


Final Insights

Cats are domiciliary animals also a friend to humans, the estimated number of cats in the world is yet unknown (research in progress), however, in the United States to be precise the estimated number of cats ranges from 25 to 60 million all house cats.

Having read to this point, we believe you have gathered enough facts about cats and what is a group of cats called. To get more on cats, subscribe to our newsletter, also for contribution, help, or suggestion, feel free to write to us.

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