How To Fill Gap Under Vinyl Fence

Do you know how to fill gap under vinyl fence?  One common issue that arises with vinyl fences is the presence of a gap between the fence panel and the ground.

This gap can look bad, make the fence not work right, and cause problems with keeping pets in or other animals out.

We’ll look at different ways you can use to fix the gap under a vinyl fence, to make sure it looks good and works well.


What Causes Gaps Under Vinyl Fences?

How To Fill Gap Under Vinyl Fence
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Before we look at the solutions, let’s first understand why there might be a gap in the first place. There are several reasons why this problem can occur, let look at some of them:


Irregular Terrain

Irregular or sloping ground can cause gaps beneath the fence panel. When setting up a vinyl fence, ensure the ground is as level as possible to prevent structural issues and gaps.


The Height of a Standard Vinyl Fence

Most vinyl fences don’t reach the ground completely, they always leave a small space. Even though this is done on purpose to simplify installation it leaves an unattractive gap that requires attention.


Inadequate Hole Depth

The depth of the post hole when installing a fence is important. If it’s too shallow, the fence panels might end up too high off the ground, causing a noticeable gap. On the other hand, if it’s too deep, it can weaken the fence’s stability.

Now that we understand what causes these gaps, let’s look at ways to fix the gap under a vinyl fence.


How To Fill Gap Under Vinyl Fence

1. Use The Stepping Method

When your vinyl fence is on uneven ground, the stepping method can help. Instead of making the fence level, you adjust it to match the slope of the ground. This technique keeps the fence looking even and prevents the gap from getting bigger on sloped areas. Although it won’t completely close the gap, it makes it less noticeable.

To use the stepping method:

  • Lower each fence panel equally to keep them aligned.
  • Measure the drop for the first panel and keep the same distance for the rest.
  • Make sure the panels are firmly installed for stability.

The stepping method is a simple and affordable way to address the gap, but it may not work for large gaps or areas where you want to keep your pets in.


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2. Adding Dirt

If you want a fast and inexpensive fix, try using dirt to fill the gap. This method is great for smaller gaps and can be easily removed if you need to move or remove the fence. However, it might not be a permanent solution for keeping animals in or out of your property.

To fill the gap with dirt:

  1. Clear the gap of any debris or plants.
  2. Slowly add dirt to the gap, while making sure it spreads evenly.
  3. Pack the dirt down firmly to create a stable fill.

Using dirt is an easy solution, but it needs regular upkeep and might not work in every situation.


3. Galvanized Steel Mesh

If the gap under your vinyl fence is large, use galvanized steel mesh, this mesh is a strong and reliable way to fill larger gaps under a vinyl fence and is especially helpful if you have pets or have places where you don’t want animals to get through. The mesh acts as a barrier while still allowing air to flow through and maintaining visibility.

To fill the gap with galvanized steel mesh:

  1. Measure the gap to know how much mesh you’ll need.
  2. Dig a trench along the gap that’s big enough for the mesh.
  3. Put the mesh into the trench, making sure it goes at least three inches deep.
  4. Use heavy-duty staples to attach the top of the mesh to the fence.
  5. Fill the trench with dirt, packing it down well to secure the mesh and hide the bottom.


4. Concrete Filler

If you need something strong and long-lasting, using concrete filler is a great option. It creates a solid and stable structure, but it might make it harder to move or adjust the fence later.

To fill the gap with concrete:

  • Dig a trench under the gap, and make sure it’s deep enough.
  • Make the trench flat and put a one-inch layer of sand in it for a good base.
  • Put concrete blocks into the trench, stacking them up until the gap is filled.
  • Cover the concrete with dirt to hold the blocks in place and make it look nice.

Concrete filler is a strong and lasting solution, especially for big gaps. But it needs careful planning and might not work for every situation.


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5. Decorative Stones

You can use decorative stones to fill the gap under a vinyl fence for a nice-looking option. This works best for smaller gaps and can fit in well with the rest of your landscaping. But they might not be good for big gaps or places where you need to keep pets in.

To fill the gap with decorative stones:

  1. Make sure the gap is clean and put the stones in evenly.
  2. Use a bow rake to spread the stones out evenly and make them look neat.


6. Adding Bushes

Adding bushes along the fence line is a good way to fill the gap and make the area look better. Bushes can give you more privacy, keep pests away, and make your landscaping nicer.

To go with this Method:

  1. Choose the kind that will look good in your yard to look.
  2. Plant the bushes so they fill the gap evenly.
  3. Take care of the bushes by trimming them so they don’t get too big and look messy.

Adding bushes doesn’t just solve the problem of the gap under your vinyl fence, it also makes your outdoor space look nicer and more useful.


7. Vinyl Fence Gap Blockers

Vinyl fence gap blockers are made to close the gap under a vinyl fence panel. You can customize them to fit your fence’s size and they’re good at stopping animals from getting in or out through the gap.

To put in vinyl fence gap blockers:

  1. Measure how big the gap is and cut the vinyl boards to fit.
  2. Put stakes in the gap to hold up the blockers.
  3. Attach the vinyl boards to the stakes so they fit well and stay in place.

Vinyl fence gap blockers are an easy way to fix the gap under your vinyl fence, but they might not be as strong or stable as other ways.


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Closing the gap under a vinyl fence is important to make it look good and work well. If you know why there’s a gap under your fence and use the right method, you can fix it.

Whether you decide to raise the fence, put in dirt, or use steel mesh, concrete, decorative stones, bushes, or vinyl blockers, each way has its good points and things to consider.

Always think about what you need, how much you can spend, and what you like to figure out the best way to fix your vinyl fence gap. With these practical ideas, you can have a vinyl fence that looks nice and works right.

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