Rat in the House: Possible Causes and How to Get Rid

Rats are seen to be dirty, irritating creatures. Having a rat in the house simply means you have an unwanted guest, which comes with lots of trouble. However, having rats in the house can be a serious problem for you, household properties, and even certain pets.

In this article, we have in stock for you information on rats in the house, from identification to control, and other related information you need to know about rats in the house.


Possible Causes of Rat in the House

Rats are found on nearly every single continent in the world except Antarctica. They are seen to be dwelling close to human habitat, as close as living in your home. So it is exactly natural to have rats in your home, as they come in there looking for the necessity of survival.

Rats in the house come and stay due to certain factors like food, water, the absence of natural predators, and a comfortable place to raise a nest.

Rats, known for their destructive nature, can destroy household properties and furniture and even pose a danger to your health and that of your pets. The food is made from a wide variety of materials, like paper, wood, clothes, wires, pet food, rugs, and lots more.

When rats get comfortable, they can birth up to 5 to 12 pups, increasing their nest and their chance of making a permanent stay in your home.


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How do Rats Get into Homes?

Rats are high-level tricksters and cunning little creatures with instincts; rats can get anywhere without being noticed, in addition to the fact that they are more active at night than during the day, making them excellent thieves.

Below are a few ways rats use to get into your home:

  • Weak floorboards: floorboards that have gone weak, wet, and weathered are a good opportunity for rats to bite and scratch through to pave the way into your home.
  • Broken pipes and toilet holes: rats can crawl up pipes, drainage systems, and lots more; then they make burrows in the ground and meet a broken pipe; they use that as an opportunity to get into your home.
  • Wall cracks: the tiniest of cracks in the world can be a very big gate for mice to get into your walls and home. With their size, they walk their way through the walls, getting into your domain.
  • Leaks in windows and doors: rats are very good at climbing. They can climb any type of wall terrain. So in cases where there are holes in your windows and doors, they’ll take this opportunity to sneak into your home.

Here are a few ways rats can get into your walls and home. These means mentioned above are what rats use at night to get into your house and are quite difficult to notice. However, have no worries, as we have provided for you below ways to stop rats from accessing your home.


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How to get rid of a Rat in the House

Having a rat in the house, as we discussed earlier, is not a case to be taken lightly, as we listed the damages they could do to you. However, when it comes to getting rid of rats, rats can prove stubborn and resistant. That’s why we’ve given you ways not only to get rid of them but to keep them out for good.

Below are ways of dealing with rat infestations:

  1. Find entry points and seal them off: With the knowledge of how rats can access your home and walls, you can get rid of rats by blocking off all these entry points.
  2. Setting Traps: When trapping rats, you can do it humanely or by total extermination; it all depends on you. By using traps and poison, you’re on a good start to getting rid of rats permanently. Note that if you are having problems getting rats into the trap, you can bait the trap with seeds, food droppings, and others.
  3. Inviting a natural predator: Cats! For years, these animals have been known to be the natural enemies of rats, and getting them would be a nice and effective way to curb rat infestation.
  4. Sound: All rodents communicate and hear at ultrasonic frequencies. Ultrasonic sound emitters can be purchased from good hardware stores. This sound not only hurts them but also makes their ears bleed. A sharp noise-making sound box is all you need to make them run away.

By going through this review, you’ll be able to get rid of rats in your home as soon as possible. Also,  drop your view via our comment box.


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More on How to Get Rid of a Rat in the House.

Here is a video on how to get rid of a rat in the house.



By going through these tips, we believe you’ve gotten the idea of rats in the house, and you’ll be able to identify and get rid of rats in your home as soon as possible.

Also, if you have other effective ways to get rid of a rat in the house and we haven’t listed them, feel free to reach out to us or drop your view via our comment box.

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