How To Get Rid Of Acorn Weevils

Although acorns are not very useful to humans, they are for wildlife. That’s why it’s important to know how to get rid of acorn weevils, the insects that eat acorns, so there will be enough acorns for animals to eat.

In this article, we’ll look at effective methods to get rid of acorn weevils and protect your trees. We’ll also discuss their life cycle, how you can identify them, and the damage they cause. Keep reading!


What are Acron Weevils?

How To Get Rid Of Acorn Weevils
Acorn Weevils

Acorn weevils are tiny beetles in the Curculionidae family. They have long noses that they use to dig into acorns. These bugs mostly go after oak trees, where they lay eggs inside acorns.

The babies grow up inside the acorns, eating the nut part. When they’re grown up, the adult bugs come out of the acorns, making holes as they go. If you don’t stop them, acorn weevils can really damage acorn crops and oak trees.


How Do I Identify Acorn Weevils?

Acorn weevils can be identified by their small size and distinctive snouts. They are usually brown or black and have long bodies.

You can find them on or close to oak trees, especially near fallen acorns. Acorn weevils are known for their role in damaging acorns, so if you see damaged acorns with small holes, there might be acorn weevils around.


Are Acorn Weevils Harmful to Humans?

Acorn weevils are not harmful to humans. They primarily target acorns for their reproduction, and their presence does not pose a direct threat to human health. These bugs are more of a bother than something that can hurt you.


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Life Cycle of Acorn Weevil

The life of an acorn weevil starts when adult female weevils lay eggs inside acorns. The eggs turn into larvae which grow inside the acorns, feeding on the nut.

As they get bigger, they eat more nuts until they reach maturity. Then, the adult weevil comes out of the acorns, making holes as they leave. This cycle continues as the adult weevils seek out new acorns to lay their eggs, completing the life cycle of the acorn weevil.


What Bug Looks Like an Acorn?

How To Get Rid Of Acorn Weevils
Acorn Weevils

The bug that looks like an acorn is the acorn weevil (Curculio glandium).

It has a distinct appearance with its small size, brown or black color, and elongated body, resembling an acorn seed.

The weevil’s snout is also a distinguishing feature, which it uses to bore into acorns for egg-laying.


What is Acron Used For?

Acorns are oak tree seeds that many animals and insects eat for food. They’re full of nutrients and are a big part of diet for animals  like squirrels, deer, birds, and insects.

In some cultures, acorns have been used as a food source for humans, but they have to be treated to get rid of their bitter taste.

They can be ground into flour or used as an ingredient in dishes. But be careful because acorns can be poisonous if you don’t prepare them right before eating.


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Common Damages Caused By Acorn Weevils

Acorn weevils can cause significant damage to acorns and oak trees. Some common damages include:

  1. Holes in Acorns: Acorn weevil larvae bore into acorns to eat the nut inside, and when they grow up and come out, they leave small holes. These holes can make it hard for acorns to grow into new trees.
  2. Reduced Seed Production: Infestations of acorn weevils can lead to a decrease in acorn production, affecting the reproductive capacity of oak trees.
  3. Impact on Wildlife: Acorn weevils damaging acorns can make it hard for animals that eat acorns to find enough food. This can make these animals compete more for what’s left of acorns.
  4. Economic Loss: In agricultural settings, acorn weevil infestations can make you lose money because you’ll get fewer crops, and damaged trees.


How to Get Rid of Acorn Weevils

  • Clean up: Pick up fallen acorns and any mess around oak trees to make it harder for acorn weevils to lay eggs there.
  • Trim: Trim oak trees to cut off dead or sick branches that might have acorn weevil larvae in them.
  • Insecticides: Use insect-killing sprays designed for acorn weevils in places where they are a problem, following the instructions on the bottle. This can lower the number of adult weevils.
  • Biological Control: Use natural enemies of acorn weevils, like parasitic wasps, to reduce their numbers.
  • Trap Cropping: Plant special oak trees that attract and gather acorn weevils in one place, so it’s easier to deal with them.
  • Monitoring: Regularly inspect your oak trees and fallen acorns for signs of acorn weevils, if you notice any sign of an infestation, treat the problem immediately.


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Acorn weevils can damage oak trees if you don’t take action.

You can control them by removing them manually, trimming trees, and using insecticides.

It’s important to keep up with maintenance and take preventive steps to protect your trees.

Even though acorn weevils will not harm people, they can cause big problems for oak trees, so it’s important to deal with them quickly.


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