How To Get Rid Of Animals Under Your House

Are there unwelcomed furry or slithery guests under your house? Here’s how to get rid of animals under your house. Animals living under your house can quickly become a nuisance and destructive if they are not curbed.

From natural repellents to pinpointing signs of these animals that may live under your house, we’ve got you covered. Let’s reclaim your space and restore peace to your home!


What Is A Natural Repellent For Wild Animals?

How To Get Rid Of Animals Under Your House
A skunk living under a house

Scents and substances that animals find unpleasant can be used as natural repellents for wild animals. The effectiveness of these repellents varies according to the type of animal and the situation. Finding the most effective treatment for your specific pest problem may need a bit of trial and error. Here are a few examples:

  • Essential Oils:
    Essential oils, like peppermint, citronella, and eucalyptus, can be beneficial in deterring animals.
  • Vinegar:
    The strong odor of vinegar can be off-putting for wild animals. Spray vinegar and water around the areas you want to protect.
  • Cayenne Pepper:
    Cayenne pepper sprinkled around your garden or property can help keep animals away.
  • Blood Meal:
    This is a natural fertilizer that also functions as an animal deterrent. Sprinkle it around plants or places that need to be protected from these animals.
  • Lavender:
    Many animals dislike the aroma of lavender, therefore growing lavender shrubs or applying lavender oil around your house can be useful.
  • Coffee Grounds:
    Used coffee grounds can be sprinkled around plants to put off animals while also fertilizing the soil.


What Kind Of Animals Will Live Under The House?

Depending on the geographical location and the environment, animals seeking shelter under your house can differ. Common examples of animals who will live under your house are:

  • Rodents like Mice, rats, and other small rodents
  • Skunks
  • Opossums
  • Raccoons
  • Stray Cats
  • Insects


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Signs That There Is An Animal Under Your House

Detecting signs of animals under your house is important for addressing this problem as soon as possible. Checking your property for these symptoms regularly will help you detect and handle possible concerns early on, minimizing damage and guaranteeing a safe and pest-free environment.  Here are some common indicators of animals under your house:

  • Strange Noises:
    Unusual sounds such as scratching, squeaking, or scampering could indicate the presence of rodents or other animals in your walls or beneath the floor.
  • Foul Odors:
    A persistent and disagreeable stench, particularly if it smells like urine or excrement, may indicate the presence of animals such as rodents, raccoons, or skunks.
  • Droppings:
    Finding animal droppings in and around the house is an obvious sign that you have an infestation. The size and shape of the droppings can aid in the identification of the animal.
  • Damaged Insulation or Wiring:
    Animals can cause damage by chewing on insulation or wiring. Be on the lookout for gnawed items, which could indicate the presence of rats.
  • Visible Burrows or Nests:
    Some animals, such as skunks and raccoons, may dig burrows or build nests beneath dwellings. Look for any cracks or disturbed dirt near the foundation.
  • Footprints or Tracks:
    Footprints or trails in dusty or muddy environments can help identify the species of animal and its entry sites.
  • Pet Behavior:
    If your pets exhibit strange behavior, such as persistent barking or digging in specific locations, they may be reacting to the presence of animals beneath the house.


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How To Get Rid Of Animals Under Your House

To get rid of animals under your house, follow these simple steps:

  1. Find the Holes:
    Look for any gaps or openings through which animals could enter the house.
  2. Block the Entry Points:
    Close those openings with robust materials such as wood or wire mesh to keep animals out.
  3. Use Smells They Hate:
    Certain odors are repulsive to animals. To get rid of them, sprinkle pepper, garlic, or strong-smelling spices around.
  4. Fix Leaks:
    Animals like damp places. Fix any leaks under the house to make it less attractive to them.
  5. Scare Them Away:
    Make loud noises or set up bright lights under the house. Animals don’t like these things.
  6. Ask for Help:
    If it becomes too much for you to handle, get help from professionals. They know how to handle it in a safe and effective manner.


How To Prevent Animals From Living Under Your House

To keep animals away from under your house, close any holes with wire or wood. Keep your place clean by securing trash bins and putting pet food inside. Use bright lights because animals don’t like bright spots.

Make noise with music or a radio to make it uncomfortable for them. Sprinkle things like cayenne pepper or used coffee grounds around—they don’t like the strong smells.

Check your place often for holes or signs of animals. Think about putting up barriers like fences. These easy steps will stop animals from making your house their home.


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It takes time and effort to successfully expel animals from under your house. Preventive steps offer a long-term solution, resulting in a pleasant living environment.

Remember that with the correct information and actions, you can transform your home into a sanctuary free of unexpected animal companions.

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