How to Get Rid of Bees in Walls Without Sprays and Chemicals

Okay, so I got a call from these homeowners saying, they had a load of bees flying in and out of the chimney. And they weren’t particularly keen on that. They didn’t want bees flying around potentially stinging or terrifying their children.

So they said these are they can try and capture them alive. And I said well, it’s much better to try and capture them alive and they’ll be a really strong calling we can set them up.


How To Get Rid Of Bees In Walls Without Sprays And Chemicals

Setting Up A Bee Hive

So I’m going to hit the publishing nucleus box on the wall and get the kids to come out of the water. Going to the box is going to be their new place. This is a very small half-size beehive, which is made out of plywood scraps.

And it’s just it’s enough space for five frames dividend. It has a small entrance at the front. There are lots of resources online as for plans as to how to make these in the dimensions. So, I’m going to mount this on the wall.

Do that right now. I have just mounted this board at the back of the nucleus box. Just using a couple of screws there, that’s going to allow us to fix the mucus box of the wall above where this opening is.

And I got a matter of just right up there. Always when there’s a cavity, there’s often more than one entrance at the views can go in and out of there.

Here, you can have a corner three back notice because you’re going to have to do some screening in front of that as well block that out there maybe even spaces.

Further up the chimneys, who knows. It’ll be fun. So I’m going to make a wire screen that forms a cone outside here and comes out projecting outwards like this towards the other box which is up here.

And then the next thing I’m going to do that is put some old bee comb from another hive that I have and this is just old combs that have been used by these been the past.

It’s kind of dark in color and it smells nice and sweet. And so the bees that come are left outside will smell this and then go realize it’s a good place for these bees to go in and start hanging out there.

So, here I rigged up this comb thing. It looks like something out of The Wizard of Oz and the bees are supposed to be able to fly out of the cavity, but not be able to find a way back in.

As you it will be here, they’re pouring out of the very tip of it, this drones and workers coming right out there and they’re having an easy time getting out, but they’re not going into the nucleus box, which is a bit of a problem.

So we’ll see what I can do. Well, I thought this cone solution was going to be a great idea, but unfortunately, the bees really like the idea of waking up that little ladder into the new box and the duct tape started coming off the wall. And so, all in all, it wasn’t the best solution.


So What To Do?

Okay, so I rigged up a completely different system here with the same, you could boxes before from, with the entrance is towards the left side of the box, you see it in the movie.

And then at the back, I built a tube that allows these bees to walk out of the mold cavity in the wall and up into the back of the nuke box. A lot of them have been doing that.

I’m going to go up there and take some frames out of the new box now and bring them back to my hive which is a couple of miles away because here we are.

This is a coin-back of the box and I’m going to just help with the roof of it. Now for over the lid and legacy back to this, you can see that there’s actually a lot of these.

There are the bees in the box, absolutely, crammed full start going to take several of these frames away trying to establish them somewhere else that’s going to be a little tricky.


Rapping Up

Wonderful trap, a voice, a great box of bees to bring home, and try and establish a new colony. However, that’s going to prove difficult unless I’ve absolutely actually captured the queen and it’s really unlikely that was the case.

She’s more than likely back behind that chimney still laying eggs. So what are my options? I could introduce a new Queen to this company or perhaps I could introduce a queen cell which I’ve got is actually raising another high.

In fact that my house here is an example. Each one of those contains a Virgin Queen course, the third option is to just give the colony here, just a frame of eggs or very young larvae. And then this particular call me, will be able to make their own Queen from that. It’ll take about a month to do it, but it’s worthwhile.

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