How to Prevent Bed Bugs while Traveling

Whether you’re traveling for work, or just enjoying time away. There’s one thing that should stay far from your mind. When you reach your hotel room, don’t be too eager to jump on that mattress because bed bugs can infest even five-star hotels.

So, in this article, we’ll go over some travel tips so you can prevent bed bugs from coming back home with you.



Tips and Products for Bed Bugs Prevention

Bedbugs are known to be one of the most difficult pests to get rid of. They bite, they suck blood, they’re good at hiding and they reproduce rapidly. Not even your worst enemy deserves to get bed bugs.

So use these tips and products to prevent yourself from picking them up when you travel. There are a few things you can bring with you to help deter bed bugs from attaching themselves to your property.

These are things found around the house already and they’re usually easy to pack in the luggage, they are large-close sealed storage bags. These are ideal for storing, your clean or dirty laundry to prevent bed bugs from attaching themselves to your clothes, large disposable plastic bags, or garbage bags to cover your luggage, and a flashlight to help inspect for bed bugs.

Once you’ve arrived at your destination and you’ll first want to give yourself enough time to check your room for bed bugs. The first thing you should do, when arriving is to leave your personal belongings in your vehicle.

If you’re being dropped off, then you’ll want to leave your luggage in the bathtub of your hotel room. The reason we put our luggage in the bathtub of all places is that bed bugs can’t climb slick surfaces, like porcelain and glass or smooth classic.

So, until you’ve confirmed, there were no bedbugs in your room. The bathtub is the safest place for your belongings. Never leave your luggage on the floor of the room on luggage racks or especially the bed you want to first inspect the room or bed bug activity.

How To Prevent Bed Bugs While Traveling
Bed bugs

Where to Find Bed Bugs in a Hotel Room

If the hotel room is infested leaving your stuff in the car or in the bathtub will help prevent them from infesting. Next, take the flashlight, you brought with you and do an inspection of the room. Remember that bed bugs like to hide in tight cracks and crevices.

So look for cracks and crevices as thin as a credit card, check the tufts and linings of the mattress, carpet-edging curtains dresser drawers inside, or behind bedside tables.

Underneath cushions behind, and, under furniture picture frames, and inside closets, you’re looking for any sign of bed, bug activity, including dried, blood, smears, shed, skin, shells, eggs, and any bed bugs themselves.

If you don’t find any evidence of bed, bug activity then great, feel free to unpack your clothes into the sealable bags and in the drawers.

However, if you do find signs of bed bug activity then you’ll want to take action immediately, you can check out of the hotel and into a new one for a better option, go for a different room at your current hotel. If you choose to stay in a different room, make sure it’s not adjacent to your old room, whether it’s the side and top or bottom.


How to Prevent Bed Bugs from Returning Home with you

Bedbugs are serious pests and difficult to get rid of. So when you’re done traveling in your back home. These files steps will help ensure that any bed bugs you may have picked up, will be unable to infest. First, don’t immediately unpack, your belongings and Luggage. Once you arrive home.

You’ll want to unpack your clothes directly from your luggage to your washing machine. This includes all of your clean laundry as well.

Once you’re close up, in washed. Be sure to dry them on high heat to kill any bed bugs, that may have hitched a ride.

Next, you may want to wash your car and vacuum the upholstery in the interior, then vacuum your luggage and dispose of the vacuum’s contents into your outdoor trash. So, what do you do? If you bring bedbugs home, once you’ve cleaned your luggage and closed it.

You’ll want to do a chemical treatment for bed bugs with flex 1010 and gentle igr before using any of these products.

Be sure to wear your personal protective equipment or PPE and remember to keep all people and pets off. The treated areas until dry. Flex 1010 is a liquid insecticide concentrate that will treat bedbugs and provide residual control while igr is an insect growth regulator.

This will target juvenile bedbugs and prevent them from returning to reproductive adults. You can apply Flex 1010 to the tufts edges seams and folds of your mattress. Mix rate of 3.2 to 6.4 fluid ounces in one gallon of water.

Afterward, add 1 fluid ounce of gentle igr to your mix and apply the solution to the box spring bed frame and around baseboards where the carpet meets the wall after treating with your Flex 1010 engine trial solution.

You can flush Bed bugs from their hiding places by just checking the side. Pyrid is a contact spray that will immediately knock down pests and kill them in minutes and is a great flushing agent to target bedbugs in cracks and crevices and drive them out for crack and crevice applications.

A fixing included straw into the cans actuator stick the straw into the area where pests may be hiding and spraying quick bursts. Please note that bed bug treatment may take time and could require several retreatments in 30-day intervals.


Rapping Up

Once you’ve completed your chemical treatment and everything is dry. You can in case your mattress and box spring and mattress encasements. This will make it impossible for any bed bugs that were there to get out and make it impossible for any bed bugs outside the mattress and box spring from getting it.

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