How To Get Rid Of Land Crabs In Your Yard

If you’ve noticed land crabs invading your yard, you’re probably looking for how to get rid of land crabs in your yard effectively, and to prevent future infestations.

Land crabs can be a nuisance, damaging your garden and outdoor spaces. Fortunately, there are several methods you can use to control and remove these crustaceans. Keep reading to find out!


What are Land Crabs?

How To Get Rid Of Land Crabs In Your Yard
Picture of a land crab

Land crabs are crustaceans that live on land, not in water. They are often found in coastal areas, where they make burrows or hide under rocks and debris.

They’re important for ecosystems because they eat organic matter and help recycle nutrients in the soil.


Can crabs live on land?

Yes, some crabs, known as land crabs, have adapted to live on land. They’ve developed physical and behavioral adaptations that allow them to breathe air and live without water.

Land crabs are often seen in coastal areas, digging into the ground or hiding under rocks and debris to stay safe from predators and harsh weather.


Are Land Crabs Real Crabs or a Different Species? 

Land crabs are a type of crab, so they are real crabs. But, they belong to the specific species that have adapted to living primarily on land rather than in the water like most other crab species.

These crabs have developed different ways to survive on land, like changes in their gills to breathe air and behaviors that fit their life on land.


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Are Land Crabs Nocturnal?

Yes, many land crab species are nocturnal, meaning they are most active during the night. This helps them stay away from the heat and predators that are more active during the day.

At night, land crabs will leave their burrows or hiding spots to look for food and do other things like mating and being social.


What Is The Lifespan of a Land Crab?

Smaller land crabs don’t usually live long, they only live for a few years to about ten years.

But bigger types, like coconut crabs, can live a lot longer, some even reaching 30 years or more. How long a land crab lives depends on factors like habitat quality, predation, and availability of food and resources.


Can Land Crabs Survive In Water?

Even though land crabs are made to live mainly on land, they can stay in water for short periods. Their physiological adaptations for terrestrial life, like their modified gills for breathing air, make them better suited for land habitats.

When in water, land crabs may be less agile compared to aquatic species, but they can still handle being underwater for a short time, especially when they need to move between their terrestrial habitats and nearby water sources for reproduction or to get food.


How Does a Crab Survive on Land?

Crabs have evolved several adaptations that allow them to survive on land where they play important roles in their ecosystems. Here are some of the adaptations:

  • Modified gills:

Land crabs have adapted their gills to function more like lungs, letting them get oxygen from the air instead of water. This adaptation helps them to breathe air while on land.

  •  Terrestrial behavior:

Land crabs have developed behaviors suited to living on land, like digging into the ground or finding shelter under rocks and debris to stay safe from predators and tough weather.

  • Efficient excretion:

To save water, land crabs have made their way of getting rid of waste better. Their bodies make concentrated urine, which helps them keep more water and not lose so much.

  • Dehydration resistance:

Land crabs have evolved mechanisms to prevent dehydration, like their specialized skin structures and behaviors that help them retain moisture.

  • Reproductive strategies:

Some land crab species have adapted their reproductive strategies to match when they can find the right places to breed, like coastal areas where they can lay their eggs in water.


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Can You Eat Land Crab? 

Yes, Land crabs can be eaten, and people in different cultures eat them. Not all land crabs are safe to eat, as some might be poisonous or have harmful parasites in them.

Also, in some regions, there may be rules about catching and eating land crabs to ensure sustainable practices and prevent overexploitation.

If you’re considering eating land crab, it’s best to get them from reputable suppliers and be aware of any local guidelines or warnings regarding their consumption.


How To Get Rid Of Land Crabs In Your Yard

  •  Identify The Land Crab Infestations

To handle a land crab infestation well, you should know how to tell if you have a land crab infestation.

Check for holes or burrows in your yard as well as damage to plants and landscape. Land crabs are busiest at night, so you might see them during the evening hours.


  • Use Natural Ways to Repel Land Crabs

One of the most effective ways to keep land crabs away is to make your yard a place that is inhospitable to them. You can do this by getting rid of things they eat, like fruits and veggies that have fallen, and keeping your yard clean so they don’t have places to hide.

Also, some smells and plants can make land crabs stay away. Smells like citrus are unpleasant for them, so you can create repellent with citrus smells to keep them away. Planting marigolds, lavender, or basil in your yard can also help keep land crabs from your yard.


  • Using Pesticides to Control Land Crab Populations

If natural ways don’t work to control the number of land crabs in your yard, you might have to use chemicals.

There are pesticides made just for dealing with land crabs, but you should use them carefully and follow the manufacturer’s directions to make sure you don’t hurt other animals or your plants.


  • Physical Barriers

Putting up a fence around your yard can stop land crabs from getting in. If the fence goes underground, it can keep them from digging into your yard.

Also, seal up any holes or cracks in your house’s foundation to stop them from getting inside.


  • Call in Experts for Land Crab Removal

If you’re dealing with a severe land crab infestation that you can’t control on your own, it may be time to seek professional help.

Pest control experts have the knowledge and tools to effectively remove land crabs from your yard and prevent them from returning.


  • Maintenance and Prevention

Once you’ve gotten rid of the land crabs from your yard, it’s now time to do things to stop them from coming back, like keeping your yard clean and dry, and checking it often to see if there are any signs of land crabs infestation.



When you can recognize the signs of land crab infestations, use natural and chemical ways to keep them away, put up fences, and keep your yard clean, you can get rid of land crabs in your yard and stop them from coming back. This way, you can have a yard without crabs and a nice outdoor area.

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