How to Get Rid of Spider Nest

Would you like to know how to get rid of spider nest? If yes! Read this article to the end as I will show you how to look for spider nests and eliminate them quickly.

You won’t have to worry about spider infestations breaking out further on your property.


How to Identify Spider Activities on your Property

When planning a pest elimination process, the first thing you should do is to identify what you are exactly dealing with, and inspect your property for signs of activity.

Many different spider species are capable of making nests. You may find the sac some spiders use to keep their eggs, or you can find the webs they settled in to wait for prey.

Some of the most common spiders known to invade homes and build nests are the sack spider, orb-weaver spider, hobo spider, funnel-web spiders, and cobweb spiders.


How To Get Rid Of Spider Nest
Spider Nest


Where to Spot Spider

Spiders like to make nests in dark, secluded areas. When inside of homes (indoors), they most often make Nests in the attic, garage, or basement.

They can also make nests in corners of high ceilings or wherever they may be cluttered.

You may also find them outdoors along with the structure, especially keep an eye out for spiderwebs that have small sacs of webbing that are cream-colored and are round or oblong shapes.

These nests may contain spider eggs, which you will want to avoid crushing aside from the nests of themselves. The presence of spiderlings is another sign that the adults are nearby.


How to Get Rid of Spider Nest

After identifying spiders and possible places to find their nest on your property, it’s time you find out how to get rid of spider nests.

Note: Ensure to wear your personal protective equipment or PPE, and remember to keep all people and pets off the treated areas until the products run dry.

Start your treatment by:


Using Web Out Cobweb Duster

Knocking down and wiping away webs with web out a cobweb duster and extension pole. Web out is a ready-to-use organic spray pesticide that not only makes it easier to clean up and prevent webs, but it can also treat spiders and their egg sacs killing them in minutes.


How to Apply

Simply shake the bottle well and spray directly on all webs and eggs you found during your inspection, avoid spraying spiders directly.

If you plan to relocate them, the web out will break down the webbing to make web removal much easier, and it will leave a long residual that will prevent spiders from reforming webs on the treated surfaces.

Once the webbing is thorough, wet brush them away with your cobweb duster.


Further Treatment

Knowing how to get rid of spider nests is essential in an event where you don’t want to spend much on pest control. Even after you have applied pesticides, the best way to stop pest activity is to make carry out these procedures below.

Once you have removed all webs and nests, you will need to take measures to ensure spiders don’t return in the future. You will need to treat for the pests that are the spider’s potential food sources with a long-lasting pesticide, like Reclaim IT.

Reclaim IT is a bifenthrin-based pesticide concentrate that will leave a residual barrier that kills many insects like mosquitoes, crane flies, fungus gnats, or other bugs that spiders can prey on.

Spiders don’t actually pick up residual chemicals which make barrier treatments perfect for getting rid of sacs without bringing direct harm to spiders.


How to Apply Reclaim IT Insecticide

As a general barrier treatment.

  • Apply Reclaim IT at a rate of 1 fluid ounce per 1,000 square feet of the treatment area.
  • We also recommend you use a handheld pump sprayer since we’ll be making targeted spot or barrier treatments in and around your home.
  • Mix your spray solution by opening the sprayer and add half a gallon of water.
  • Add your measured amount of products.
  • Add the remaining half-gallon, close the sprayer and shake to ensure even distribution.
  • Pump your sprayer a few times to produce a low-pressure spray.


Barrier Treatment

Treat around the entry points of your home.

Be sure to spray around the doors, the garage door, windows eaves, voids in the wall, and utility penetrations. Including light fixtures indoors.

You can make crack and crevice and spa treatments to target areas where spiders or insects may be harboring as with the web out.

If you plan on sending away any spiders, do so before spraying and avoid spraying them directly.


Explanatory Video on How to Get Rid of Spider Nest



When applied properly you should notice a significant reduction in pest activity around your home within 1 to 2 weeks. You may see the occasional spider every now and then, but they will be unable to establish a nest.

Following this DIY guide on how to get rid of spider nests, we guarantee you have treated spider nests, and have stop spiders from infesting your home.

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