How To Keep Ducks Off Your Dock

Ducks are friendly animals, but when they make your dock their hangout spot, it can lead to messy situations. Here is how to keep ducks off your dock.

You also have to understand why ducks are drawn to your dock and what scares them that you can use to keep them away from your dock. Read on to find out more.


What Type Of Animal Is A Duck? 

A duck is a type of bird from the Anatidae family, known for its quacking sound, webbed feet, and waterproof feathers. Ducks live in both freshwater and saltwater areas worldwide and are often raised for their eggs, meat, and feathers.

Sometimes, ducks can be seen on docks near water, swimming and looking for food. Docks offer ducks a convenient place to relax and clean themselves, so you’ll often find them near the water. Ducks also play a part in the ecosystem by helping spread seeds and cycling nutrients in wetlands.


How To Keep Ducks Off Your Dock
Ducks on Wooden Dock


Why Are There Ducks in My Dock?

  • Food:

Docks provide ducks with food like insects, small fish, and plants. These insects and other small animals are attracted to docks, which makes it easy for ducks to find food. Also, docks near water usually have plants growing nearby that ducks can eat.

  • Shelter:

Even though docks are mostly open, they can still provide ducks with some protection from predators and bad weather. Ducks might hide under docks or rest on top of them, especially if there’s a roof or something else that gives them cover.

  • Nesting:

Ducks may also be attracted to docks because they can build their nests under docks or in spots that give them some protection, like in the poles or other parts of the dock’s structure.

Although docks might not be as safe as natural places for nesting, they can still be a good choice for ducks, especially if there aren’t many natural nesting spots around they can use.

  • Water Source:

Docks are usually made near rivers, lakes, or ponds, and can extend out into the water or be built at the water’s edge. This makes it easy for ducks to get to the water for drinking and bathing.

  • Safety:

Ducks often think of docks as safe spots, away from dangers in the water or on land. Docks make ducks feel secure because they can rest on or under them without worrying about predators or other dangers.


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What Are Ducks Scared Of?

Ducks are careful animals and get scared by loud noises, sudden movements, and anything new or dangerous. They’re especially cautious around animals that might harm them, like foxes or dogs. Ducks also approach new things or people carefully, making sure they’re safe before getting too close.


How to Keep Ducks Off Your Dock

  1. Install physical barriers like netting or fencing around your dock to prevent ducks from getting to it.

  2. You can use decoys or other visual deterrents, like shiny objects or predator silhouettes, to scare ducks away.

  3. Use noise-making devices or play recorded sounds of predators to keep ducks from landing on your dock.

  4. Ducks are attracted to food, so make sure there are no food sources near your dock that might attract them.

  5. Keep your dock clean and free of debris always, because ducks are less likely to land on a dock that doesn’t offer hiding spots or food materials.


What Other animals can be found on docks?

Other animals commonly found on docks are:

  • Fish
  • Crustaceans
  • Birds like seagulls, herons, and cormorants
  • Insects
  • Reptiles like snakes and turtles
  • Mammals such as raccoons, otters, and muskrats


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are ducks a type of chicken?

A. No, ducks are not like chickens. Ducks and chickens are different kinds of birds. Ducks are in the Anatidae family, and chickens are in the Phasianidae family. Even though both are raised by people for things like meat and eggs, they’re different animals with their different traits and behaviors.

Q. Can I eat ducks?

A. Yes, you can eat ducks. People eat ducks in many places around the world. Duck meat is flavorful and used in dishes like roast duck, duck confit, and duck curry. Some regions also eat duck eggs, which are used in cooking and baking.



To keep ducks away from your dock, it helps to know what attracts them and how to deter them effectively. By getting rid of food sources, using things that scare them visually and audibly, and keeping your dock clean, you can make ducks less likely to hang out there. These tips can help you have a dock that’s free of ducks and a cleaner outdoor area.

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