How to Keep Rabbits Out of Yard

Are you a gardener, and you’re having issues with your crops being chewed on or destroyed and you’re in search of ways how to keep rabbits out of yard, by not harming them? Look no further as this article here on pestclue has been stocked with solutions to that query.

Rabbits are furry cute little animals, however, if not properly controlled or checked can cause lots of damage in our gardens. Let’s cruise in on an informative, educating, and facts journey on how to keep rabbits out of yard.


What attracts Rabbits

Humans and Animals can adapt quite quickly, and follow the response to stimuli without resisting, so in the case of rabbits frequent visitation to your yard is caused by an uncontrolled feeling of attraction to your environment.

So as a result of that, there are a few or more things present in your yard that keep inviting these furry guys over to your place.

Rabbits have a strong sense of smell which can let them identify food from a distance and walk toward it.

Rabbits are herbivores, meaning they feed on herbs and fruits. Below are lists of fruits and vegetables that rabbits are attracted to;

  • Apples
  • Carrots
  • Lettuce
  • Celery
  • Parsley
  • Bushes
  • Kale
  • Spacious grassland
  • Clean water
  • Soft soil

These are a few most popular items that attract rabbits to our dwelling, and they tend to build a home close to all these as all living organisms need food to survive.


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How Do Rabbits Get into the Yard?

Are you fond of seeing rabbits hop to and fro around your garden? And you can not seem to know how rabbits get into your yard.

There are various ways in which rabbits can get into your yard, for reasons such as food or to find a comfortable home. We have discussed the various ways in which rabbits get access to your yard.

  1. Broken Fence: Rabbits can have access to your yard through a broken or fallen fence, especially if your yard is situated close to a large plantation of trees, crops, and overgrown weeds.
  2. Absence of Natural Predators: Rabbits are usually very scared, and they pick a location based on reasons such as lack of predators, rabbits getting into your yard might be to escape predators from the wild, and also because there are no predators such as snakes in your yard.
  3. Large Water Source: If you own a pond either an abandoned one or a pond that is still in use, or the presence of a dug-up water hole, can be one of the reasons rabbits can get into your yard.
  4. Abundance of Vegetation: A yard with an abundance of vegetation may be a paradise for rabbits despite the belief held by some that it keeps them out.

These are a few factors that get rabbits into your house and if you can treat or control most of these factors, you will be on your way to finding how to keep rabbits out of yard.


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How to Keep Rabbits Out of Yard

There are various ways on how to keep rabbits out of yard, it all depends on you. However, you can prevent or keep them out humanely or in total extermination. In this heading, we have provided DIY tips on how to keep rabbits out of yard.

  1. Fencing: Chicken wire fencing is one of the most effective methods for keeping rabbits under control. The largest hole size required to keep adult rabbits out of the garden is one inch in diameter, and this mesh fence material has holes that are less the size of a rabbit.
  2. Trapping: Another alternative is to trap rabbits; this is a humane and far less labor-intensive way than building a fence. Get a humane trap from your neighborhood hardware shop. Between the rabbits’ hideout and their food supply, set up the trap in a shady spot. Use lettuce and carrots to bait the trap.
  3. Use of homemade repellents: There are ways to repel rabbits from gardens altogether. Certain plants can do the trick. Plants like nasturtiums, garlic, onion, rhubarb, oregano, basil, and geranium are effective at keeping rabbits out of garden beds. Also, sprinkling cayenne pepper around the garden (or even on the plants) will send rabbits packing.

In your pursuit of protecting your yard, these DIY techniques serve as a toolkit, allowing you to select methods that align with your values and preferences.

Whether fortifying barriers, employing traps with care, or utilizing nature’s repellents, the goal remains the same: harmonizing your garden’s safety with ethical consideration for these charming yet potentially disruptive guests.


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More on How to keep Rabbits out of Yard

Here is a video on How to keep rabbits out of yard:


To conclude on this interesting, educating article ‘How to keep rabbits out of yard’ we have provided enough research facts to solve this query, and you have nothing to worry about. Armed with the knowledge provided in this article of their inclinations and modes of access, you’re well-equipped to fortify your garden against these charming intruders.

Embracing humane methods, such as strategic fencing using the right mesh, thoughtfully placed traps with enticing bait, or the use of natural repellents like certain plants and cayenne pepper, empowers you to deter rabbits without causing harm.

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