How To Keep Spiders Out Of Your Basement

Dealing with spiders in your basement can be a difficult task, and you should learn how to keep spiders out of your basement with spider-friendly strategies that have proven effective in keeping these eight-legged visitors at bay.

In this article, we’ll look at what genuinely repels spiders, what they dislike, preventive methods to keep them out of your home, and practical steps to keep your basement spider-free.


What Do Spiders Hate The Most?

How To Keep Spiders Out Of Your Basement
A photo of a spider on the wall

Spiders don’t like certain smells and materials, so using these things to keep them out of your home is a natural way to keep them away. Since peppermint has a strong smell, it can be used to keep spiders away.

To do this, mix peppermint essential oil with water and spray it in places you don’t want spiders to be. The smell of citrus, which can be found in citrus leaves or essential oils, is also known to keep spiders away.

With its strong smell, white vinegar can be mixed with water and used as a spray in places where spiders are common. Cedarwood is naturally good at keeping bugs away, and it can be used by putting cedar oil or cedarwood chips in certain places.

Spiders may also avoid the smell of cinnamon, which means that cinnamon powder or essential oil could be a natural way to keep them away. Even though these tips might help, the best way to keep your home spider-free is to keep it clean and free of trash.


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How To Keep Spiders Out Of Your Basement

The best way to keep spiders out of your basement is to take a number of steps to make it less appealing to them. Here are some tips to keep spiders out of your basement:

  • Block Every Entry Point
    Look for cracks, gaps, or openings in the foundation, walls, and windows and block them. Spiders can get through even the smallest gaps.
  • Use Caulk or Weather Stripping
    To keep spiders out, seal gaps around doors and windows with caulk or weather stripping.
  • Declutter
    Get rid of all the things you don’t need and the mess in your basement. Spiders like places that are dark and full of things.
  • Regular Cleaning
    Vacuum and clean the basement often to get rid of dust, cobwebs, and places where spiders could live. Watch out for dark spots, corners, and storage places.
  • Reduce Moisture
    Spiders are attracted to damp environments. Use dehumidifiers to reduce excess moisture in the basement.
  • Put up  Screens
    Put up screens on doors and windows to keep spiders and other bugs out.
  • Natural Repellents
    Things like peppermint, lemon, vinegar, cedar, and cinnamon can be used as natural repellents. Spray these in areas and places where spiders could get in to keep them away.
  • Lighting Considerations
    Change the lighting so that insects are less interested in it since spiders follow their prey. Use lights with a yellow tint outside, and if you want to keep insects from coming inside, think about using blinds or curtains.
  • Regular Outdoor Maintenance
    Cut back plants around the outside of your house, especially near basement windows, to get rid of places where spiders could live outside.
  • Inspect Outdoor Items
    Before taking things like firewood into the basement, check them outside to see if spiders are hiding in or on them.

By taking these steps, you can make your basement less appealing to spiders and lower the chances of getting them inside.


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What Kills Spiders And Keeps Them Away?

You might want to use both spider-killing methods and preventative steps to get rid of spiders and keep them from coming back. Use this as a guide:

Getting Rid Of Spiders

Insecticides or general insect sprays with spider-specific ingredients should be used in spider-infested locations. Use the product in accordance with the directions provided.

Natural Repellents
Use natural bug killers like peppermint, citrus, and tea tree essential oils by mixing them with water and putting them in places where spiders are likely to be.

Diatomaceous Earth
Place diatomaceous earth that is safe for food around places where spiders are busy. People and pets can’t get sick from it, but spiders may find it rough on their bodies.


How To Keep Spiders Away

Keeping spiders out requires preventive measures. Stop spiders from entering your home by sealing cracks and gaps in doors, windows, and walls. Cleaning corners and hidden locations regularly diminishes your home’s nesting attraction. Also, reducing clutter eliminates spider-hiding locations.

Natural spider repellents like peppermint or citrus essential oils mixed with water and applied strategically can work. Diatomaceous earth, which is non-toxic to humans and pets yet powerful against spiders, can also be used in spider-prone locations.

Cedar’s natural repellent characteristics make blocks and sachets useful for spider avoidance. Trimming vegetation and reducing outside illumination contribute to a spider-unfriendly environment. By using these methods, you may create a spider-free house.

By using these two methods together, you can get rid of spiders effectively and make the area less appealing to them, which will make it less likely that they will come back.


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What Stops Spiders From Coming Into The House?

The best way to keep spiders out of your home is to avoid having them in the first place. Put caulk around doors and windows to cover up any cracks, holes, or entry spots. Keep your basement clear of junk to get rid of places where spiders could hide. These spiders will also be less interested in your space if you clean and dust it often.



Understanding what scares spiders away, making your basement a place they don’t want to be, and taking real steps to keep them out are all things that will help keep spiders out.

You can make your basement a spider-free zone by using natural pesticides, closing off any openings, and keeping the area clean and well-organized. Remember that getting rid of the spiders in the basement is only the first step.

You should also start doing things that make it harder for them to come back, which will make your home safer and more peaceful.

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