Here is Why the Lion Latch is a Must Get

The Lion Latch is a jewellery travel container that offers convenience and does not require unscrewing. Its design aims to provide a swift storage option for small jewellery items during travel.

This product is very suitable for various activities such as workouts, fitness training, sports, travel, and professional use. This storage unit is designed to accommodate necklaces, earrings, and rings.

The Lion Latch, an invention attributed to a teacher/coach, originated in the United States following an incident where the inventor’s ring sustained damage while on the softball field.

The Lion Latch serves as a cost-effective solution for safeguarding one’s investment in valuables.


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How Did the Lion Latch Come Into Being?

Lion Latch
Picture of Lerin Lockwood, the Founder of the Lion Latch
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During a softball practice session, Lerin Lockwood, the coach at the time, sported her engagement ring, symbolizing her recent engagement.

As she skillfully caught the ball, a sudden sensation of discomfort emanated from her ring finger. Upon witnessing the unfortunate sight of her flattened engagement ring, her heart sank instantly.

Regrettably, one of the precious diamonds had become detached and was now missing, leaving her in a state of distress.

Unaware of the unforeseen events that would transpire, she neglected to remove her ring during practice, as it never crossed her mind that such a situation could arise.

Unaware of the delicate nature of jewellery, the user had never possessed any valuable pieces before this moment.

Her heart was filled with sorrow as she revealed to her soon-to-be husband that she had accidentally caused harm to her precious engagement ring.

In a sudden realization, she became acutely aware of her aversion to experiencing such emotions in the future. Determined to safeguard her precious jewellery, she resolved to seek out a more effective means of protection.

From that moment forward, she embarked on a quest to discover the perfect method for safeguarding her precious jewellery during her coaching sessions and active pursuits.

Despite her relentless efforts, she encountered numerous obstacles along the way, leaving her unable to find the elusive solution she sought.

In her quest for security, she diligently explored various pockets within her bag and wallet, as well as along her necklace chain.

However, despite her efforts, she couldn’t find a single spot that provided the desired level of safety. She ingeniously devised a solution, using a carabiner to securely fasten all her belongings in one place.

The user experienced a sense of relief and assurance, knowing that her jewellery concerns were finally put to rest.

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After creating a unique jewellery protection solution, she excitedly shared her creation with her friends. To her surprise, word quickly spread, and her friends expressed their interest in having one for themselves as well.

Soon enough, a growing number of students, athletes, and coaches were eagerly seeking her out, all desiring to have their very own creation.

The existence of this product/service was driven by the widespread frustrations experienced by numerous individuals, indicating a clear demand for a solution.

After launching her product in the local market, she eagerly introduced it to various businesses and gyms. The overwhelming response she received left her astonished.

With limited funding at her disposal, she took the initiative to launch a Kickstarter campaign.

To her delight, her friends generously shared the campaign across their Facebook pages, resulting in a remarkable achievement: surpassing her target of $14,000.

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Suddenly, she found herself inundated with phone calls regarding wholesale opportunities.

Despite her initial confusion about the concept, she soon found herself immersed in the world of wholesale, successfully distributing the Lion Latch to various businesses.

She embarked on a journey to various markets across the country, showcasing the Lion Latch and making it available on wholesale websites.

At this point, the situation took a dramatic turn, becoming increasingly chaotic and unpredictable. She received invitations from The View and Good Morning America to appear as a guest on their respective shows.

She had the opportunity to showcase her product and highlight its simplicity, which she believes had a significant impact. After completing the interviews, a surge of orders began to flow in.

Since then, she has been incredibly proactive and successful with Lion Latch. She has been presented with unexpected opportunities that were beyond her wildest dreams.

This individual has made notable appearances on popular platforms such as Shark Tank and various business and manufacturing panels.

In 2023, she was selected as one of the pioneering TikTok shops, enabling her to successfully fulfil an impressive volume of over 20,000 orders within just three months.

Despite facing numerous challenges, she has persevered and embraced every opportunity that has come her way. Today, she is filled with immense gratitude for the remarkable transformation of Lion Latch.


Where To Buy the Lion Latch?



The Lion Latch possesses a distinctive characteristic in that it deviates from the conventional screw-top lid design.

The carabiner ring functions as a locking mechanism, preventing the opening of the object. Consequently, when the ring is engaged, the object remains securely closed.

The Lion Latch can securely hold various items such as Vitamins, inner ear hearing aids, lost teeth, and monetary currency.

Any small items that one wants to safeguard and prevent from being misplaced within a handbag or pocket.

The Lion Latch is an ideal gift option for anyone engaged in athletic activities, educators, healthcare professionals, individuals with a passion for water-related pursuits, as well as those who frequently embark on journeys.

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