Löwchen Dogs: Facts About this Dog Breed

In this article, we will be discussing one of the rarest dog breeds, the löwchen dogs. Did you know that this dog once held the Guinness world record for the rarest dog breed on earth?

You probably did not know that did you? Well buckle up, as this article is set to state out reasonable facts about this rare dog breed and give undiluted explanations to them. 


What are Facts About the Löwchen Dogs?

Löwchen dogs are a toy dog breed developed as companion dogs, active and smart. These dogs do very well in dog competitions, such as obedience, and agility and surpassed the expectations that many have for a family companion.

Löwchen dogs have a clown-like personality and they love to be the center of attention. Now, without further ado, let us take a look at the top 10 interesting facts about the Löwchen dogs.


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What Is the History of the Löwchen Dogs?

The Löwchen Dog’s name comes from the German words meaning little lime paintings and woodcuts. This gives evidence that dogs resembling the Löwchen have existed since the 15th century.

A painting by Jan Van Eyck, the birth of John the Baptist which dates back to 1422 depicts one of the curious Löwchen looking a little dark and is perhaps the earliest visible proof of the breed’s age.

The Löwchen has a history as a companion dog to the wealthy and Elite. They were imported into Britain in 1968 and the breed was recognized by the UK’s Kennel Club in 1971.


What Is the Personality of the Löwchen?  

They have a charming, yet clown-like personality. The lively löwchen has an outgoing personality, what can only be described as a sense of humor.

They love to clown around and their vivacity as captivating. This charming dog has a spirited nature and the expression in their dark eyes can melt the hearts of people.

In short, they have some charisma to spare.


Löwchens are Good Watchdogs

Löwchens are excellent watchdogs but do not expect them to scare away Intruders. They are more likely to get them a happy welcome leg and show them to your jewelry box.

They go on about it whenever they see or hear anything out of the ordinary so be sure to nip nuisance fucking in the bud.


Are Löwchen Dogs Stubborn?

Löwchen Dogs
Löwchen Dogs Can be Stubborn

When it comes to training, the löwchen is curious and smart, sometimes stubborn. They are also playful and fast on their feet with the right motivation, which is usually food.

They learn quickly and can do really well in agility and obedience trials. They love when you challenge their intelligence, but don’t bore them, by making them repeat things.


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How Active are Löwchen Dogs?

They are active and bossy dogs, so do not expect these dogs to be satisfied by just sitting or hanging around. The löwchen enjoys the outdoors and only need scads of exercise.

But they will undoubtedly be happy to go on long walks or hikes or play games in the house or yard, even though they are small.

Löwchen think they are big dogs, and do their best to live up to their name, never backing down from anything.


How Do I Describe the Health Status of Löwchen Dogs?

Löwchen are pretty healthy dogs, and they face minimum health problems. Even though they are healthy, they should be protected from obesity.

These guys should be engaged in regular physical activities or even short walks with a controlled diet. Löwchens can still suffer from genetic health problems and it can be hard to predict whether a dog will be free of these maladies.

Which is why owners must always find a reputable breeder who is committed to breeding the healthiest dogs possible.


How Do I Groom My Löwchen?

The löwchen requires brushing at least weekly, and this should be taken to a professional groomer for their trim. The rest is primary care:

  • Trim their nails as needed every week or two
  • Small dogs are prone to periodic diseases so remember to brush their teeth frequently


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What Does the Löwchen Symbolize?

They are a symbol of bravery. Löwchen is a member of the Bichon group of dogs, and has been one of the most loved and treasured for a few centuries.

Especially with the nobility, the löwchen dog is famous for its lion-like hair and this craft was used in many paintings. In the 1500s if a knight survived the war, he was painted along with a löwchen dog at his feet.

This was a symbol of a true knight’s bravery and courage and a way to honor his service.


How Is the Memory of a Löwchen?

They have a fantastic memory. The löwchen is famous for having a great memory, thanks to the non-volatile memory of theirs.

They are easy to train unless they let their ego get in the way. Although they tend to be stubborn at times during training, they are good at doing what they are taught and always remember it.


What Records Have Löwchen Dogs Held?

They once held the Guinness World Record. The löwchen almost became extinct around the time of the second world war, the 19th century.

They were almost completely gone for quite some time. These dogs were scarce. In fact, by the year 1960 they were given the title of the rarest breed around by the Guinness Book of World Records.

Although they no longer hold the title, they are still somewhat rare and uncommon. 



Thank you so much for reading this thrilling article about the löwchen dog . If you own one of these charismatic dogs, let us know in the comment section below!


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