Malaria Treatment: List of Herbs for Malaria Treatment

Malaria is among the top 5 world’s deadliest diseases, In ancient times’ people rely on herbs for malaria treatment which still works up to date, there are certain herbs will work effectively for malaria treatment.

However, these herbal mixtures can solve numerous diseases. Often times, those who purchase these herbal remedies for malaria treatment reviewed that the advertisements stood true to its claims.

Although we are not discussing all the herbs produced by the Yoruba’s for treating numerous ailments. Our focus is pinned on Yoruba herbs for malaria treatment. We will be discussing a few of these herbs that can successfully treat malaria sickness.


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To enable us to gain full insight into these, we will first discuss why many are seeking Yoruba herbs for malaria treatment, then we will move to discuss what malaria is and how it is contracted, and finally, we will describe the herbs for the treatment of malaria.


Why is Herbs Important For Malaria Treatment

Frankly speaking, the economic meltdown that is hitting the nation gives rise to drugs and pills that could be bought for the malaria infection.

In addition to that, many visitations to hospitals for consultations might come along with a huge cost.

But why the stress if there are better alternatives that can be sorted for, and that will really work similarly to the drugs that will be prescribed at the hospitals? This reason has made the use of herbs common among many Nigerians.

Another reason why Yoruba herbs are being sorted for is that they have an enlarged knowledge of herbs that can be used for malaria treatment.

Additionally, those herbs that were used are readily available. They don’t have to travel long distances in order to prepare the mixture. With several walks, the ingredients are ready; they can start the usage right away.


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Lastly, the cost is relatively low. In fact, it might not come with a price tag. That is, free! All one has to do is simply to listen attentively to the instructions given, take a car or motorcycle if there would be need to get to areas where the herbs can be gotten from.

All these are ample reasons why many Nigerians cannot do without seeking for Yoruba herbs for malaria treatments.

Let us now discuss what malaria is, why it is vital to get it treated quickly and thereafter we can discuss the herbs that can be used.


All You Need to Know About Malaria Treatment

Malaria is a mosquito-borne infectious disease that doesn’t affect only people, but animals inclusive. It is caused by parasitic plasmodium.

It is commonly known that this disease is transmitted by female anopheles mosquitoes. This process involves the transferring of the mosquito saliva into someone’s blood.

The great news is that this malaria treatment can be treated adequately. Although, its symptoms can be complicated and uncomplicated.

Uncomplicated malaria is being diagnosed when the symptoms are quite present but there is no obvious organ dysfunction, meanwhile, the complicated one is verified and seen by clinical evidence of organ dysfunction.

The environment we live and our exposures might be the contributing factor to the occurrence of malaria. Only a few homes care about personal hygiene and a tidy environment.

Mosquitoes love to reproduce where there is clogging of wastewaters, refuse dumps and so on. If not treated quickly it can result in kidney-related diseases.

Let us now discuss the Yoruba herbs for malaria treatments that can be used efficiently.


List of Herbs for Malaria Treatments

Below are the herbs for malaria treatments and how to prepare them;

  1. Bitter leafs

 Bitter leaf is called ‘ewe ewuro’ in Yoruba. It has a wide range of uses for the herbal treatment. One of the uses of the malaria herb is the treatment of malaria that is to be discussed here.

This leaf is used because of the strong effect on the blood system. It helps in purifying the blood, and also enhance the action of the liver. The process wards off the parasite from the body.

How can bitter leaf be used to cure malaria

  • Cut a handful of bitter leaf from the bitter leaf tree.
  • Wash thoroughly in a bowl, and drain the water off it.
  • Then squeezed the handful of the bitter leaf with two glasses of water.
  • Lastly, sieve the mixture with a sieve.
  • The extracted juice should be taken by the patient’s morning, and evening until symptoms disappear.


  1. Cotton Wool leafs

 A cotton wool leaf is highly medicinal for treating malaria fever, however, this material is not usually used alone. In Yoruba, it is called ‘ewe owu’. It is always being blended along with other types of materials that will surely enhance the potency of the cotton wool leaves.

How to Use a Cotton Wool leaf

  • Gather these constituents( ewe owu, owu, ewe ela, ahun and ewe ogbo) both roots, the bark, and the leave.
  • Boil all these properties in water for at least 20 minutes.
  • After boiling, allow the mixture to cool off.
  • Consume three times daily.

Note: I will suggest that you take it in the morning before setting for work, in the evening after you are back and before bed.

These constituents can be used for treating typhoid fever as well.

The dosage is a full glass cup.


  1. The Bark of a Mango Tree

Just like the cotton earlier mentioned, the mango bark is used with other materials that need to be boiled as well.

How to Prepare The Bark of The Mango Tree

  • Get the bark of the mango tree together with lime orange ( 7 preferably), lemongrass, Dogo Yaro leaves, and guava leaves.
  • Wash these constituents in clean water, and thereafter put everything in a clean pot that has been filled with four liters of water.
  • Boil these constitutes for 40 minutes.
  • Allow to get cooled, then drink at least drink it three times daily; half a cup.


  1. Pineapple Juice

Pineapple juice is extracted from pineapple. To make enough juice, you will need more of the pineapple fruits. After extraction of the pineapple juice. Mix it with lemongrass, and then you will boil it with 3-4 minutes.

Allow to get cool, and then drink every day.

We hope with this review, we will be able to prepare some herbal treatment for yourself to get rid of malaria in the absence of drugs. Feel free to drop your view below.

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