Net for Mosquitoes: Best Ways to Use Net for Mosquitoes

Using net for mosquitoes has saved people around the world from a mosquito bites, mosquito bite causes a disease called malaria and this disease is among the top 3 world’s deadliest diseases.

Mosquitoes are known to be the chief cause of malaria and this has led to the death of many kids, even adults. Because of this, medical experts have sorted ways to end this.

However, how deadly or friendly are mosquitoes? Do you love them when they are around you? Almost everyone will answer No to that question, that’s why it is safe to use well-treated nets for mosquito prevention.


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We would be discussing one tool that has helped in reducing the effect of mosquitoes and how you can also make use of the tools to help you and your family.


Net for Mosquitoes; A Detailed Insight

This is a net made of fine meshes that are so tiny that insects or mosquitoes cannot find a way past it.

Even though the mesh looks fine with little holes it doesn’t stop the free movement of air nor does it prevents visibility. Mosquito nets come in different colors with the most popular one in white color.

The mesh is made from materials like cotton, polyethylene, polyester, polypropylene, or nylon. The standard size is 1.2mm. This mesh is woven tightly to stop mosquitoes from entering.


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Net for Mosquitoes Safe For Beds

Insecticides Treated mosquitoes nets (ITNs) developed in the 1980s are a better alternative to ordinary nets. They have been seen to be twice as good as an untreated net.

When nets are treated they reduce the effect of mosquitoes and other insects that might want to pass through to harm their host.

These nets are dipped into insecticides like permethrin and deltamethrin as this will double the ability of the nets to kills the mosquitoes immediately they come in contact with it.

These nets can be re-impregnated with insecticides every 6 months since they lose their killing power over a long period of time.


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If not done they might become less effective and would only be serving the function of an ordinary net. Re-impregnating can be done at local health centers across the country.

Another alternative to Insecticides Treated Nets (ITNs) is the newly developed Long Lasting Insecticidal Nets (LLINs). This latest design lasts longer than the previous one as it doesn’t need constant re-impregnation of insecticides.

This has been introduced into rural areas where there might not be provided for re-impregnating after giving them. The difference is in the way the nets are treated.

Treated nets are not fit for other use apart from killing mosquitoes, some are known to use these nets as fishing nets or covering of the garden, this is very inappropriate and outside the scope of what it was meant for.

Best Ways to Use Net for Mosquitoes

The major function or use of a mosquito net is to prevent them from biting humans. When they bite they transmit plasmodium which causes malaria.

So to prevent these mosquitoes, nets have been discovered and this either scares away the flies when they come in contact with them.

Apart from mosquitoes, this net can be used to prevent insect especially harmful ones for biting humans.

Mosquito nets can be used at home, camps, hostels, and even when on an excursion or when out for picnic.


How to Use Mosquito Nets on Beds

Due to the fact that some of those chemical which mosquito nets are treated with affect humans, there have always been warning issued out to the user to cool dry before using. They are advised to spread outside where there is no sun.

Since they are used for killing and preventing one from mosquito bites, it is of importance to note that checking that there are no large openings especially when using untreated ones, one must also be cautious not to sleep with the skin directly on the nets as mosquitoes can bite one through this.

The way the mesh was designed makes it easy for it to be stretched over an area or a sleeping bag. It can also be stretched over a mattress.

To use a mosquito net after cool drying it to reduce the concentration of the chemical, the topmost the part has portions where you can fasten to your roof or to the corner of the house.

You may wish to tuck this into your bed so as to be sure that there is no opening left for mosquitoes to pass through.

Apart from hanging it, some prefer using the net as an alternative to their windows net, so they cut it into the shape of their window and attach it to it, they believe this provides and guarantee more protection.

Mosquito nets can also be built into tents or small camps especially when out for a picnic or when sleeping in the jungle it can also be used to protect oneself. The mode of construction is dependent on the individual but most prefer installing poles and fixing the nets to these poles.


How to Get a Net for Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes net have become popular these days as one necessarily doesn’t need to buy before getting one. Below are some ways of obtaining on without buying:

  • The state government of some states based on their eradication campaign distributes the net to the nook and cranny of their state. This process is carried out by the ministry of health in their respective states. Two or three nets are assigned to each house based on the population of each house.
  • Another way of obtaining one is by requesting it in the hospital. In each hospital where there have been reported cases of malaria or persistent cases, the government has made
    provision for such hospitals to give free net to those diagnosed with malaria.
  • The world health organization has also been distributing the nets to residents of a country sometimes once in two years.
  • At some major camps like the NYSC camp, some states have made provision to distribute free Mosquitoes nets for those staying in the camp, you can also receive one there.
  • In some universities, new intakes having completed their medical registrations are also given a free net.
  • The popular alternative is buying one. All pharmaceutical stores in each country have these nets in their store and upon request, you can get one. You might need to pay to receive one
    but be rest assured that they are not overly expensive.

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