How To Use Malathion 57% Insecticide

The Malathion 57% Insecticide is so powerful that it will begin to eradicate target pests immediately, and also provide you with 60 days guarantee of insect protection. This product can be applied to agricultural and non-agricultural areas depending on your choice of application.

We have provided in this article, detailed information about this insecticide. Keep reading to learn more about this effective insecticide.



How Do I Describe the Malathion 57% Insecticide?

Malathion 57% Insecticide
The Malathion 57% Insecticide


A highly concentrated insecticide called malathion 57% is used to defend crops and other vegetation against a variety of plant-eating insects.

Insects are killed by the substance’s active component, malathion, an organophosphate that damages their nervous systems and renders them dead in a matter of minutes.


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How To Use Malathion 57% Insecticide?

  • Do Your Calculation:

Measure the area of the targeted area and the plant or crop you want to treat. The type of crops you are spraying will determine how much Malathion 57% insecticide you require.

Depending on the crop, the targeted insect, and the time of harvest, this quantity can range from 1 to 8 pints per acre.

Malathion can be used at a rate of 5 tablespoons per gallon of water per 1,000 square feet for small-volume fly control of home foundations and fence rows, as well as 2 gallons per 1,000 square feet for unpainted surfaces.

  • Mix:

Fill your spray tank with water about three-quarters of the way up to ensure optimum mixing. Add your calculated amount of malathion for the place where you want to treat pests next. The remaining water should be added to your sprayer to properly stir and mix the solution.

  • It can range between 1 and 8 pints per acre for agricultural application.
  • The mix rate might range from 64 to 82 fluid ounces per acre for non-agricultural uses.
  • The mix rate for fly control along fence rows and foundations is 5 tablespoons per 1,000 square feet.
  • Apply:

Spray a medium to coarse mist on the vegetation. Spray with just enough water to ensure that the foliage is well covered, but not so much as to cause runoff.

Apply at a low to medium spray setting with a fan-tip setting to treat flies along home foundations and fence rows to achieve even coverage.


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According to the Malathion Insecticide Label Where Can I Apply?

  • Fruit Crops
  • Vegetable Crops
  • Fruit-bearing trees
  • Nut-bearing trees
  • Foraging grasses
  • Fence
  • Hedge rows
  • Home foundations
  • Christmas tree plantations
  • Ornamental trees
  • Shrubs
  • Plants


When Do I Use the Malathion Insecticide?

On calm, clear days with wind speeds under 15 miles per hour and temperatures above 65 degrees Fahrenheit, apply Malathion 57%. When pest activity is detected, apply pesticides to the crops that have been labeled.

Note: Before applying Malathion to crops, make sure to read the label carefully because you might need to wait a specific number of days before harvest. Apply fly repellent during pest activity.

What are the Target Pests of the Malathion 57% Insect Killer?

  • Alfalfa Weevil Larvae
  • Aphids
  • Aphids Pickleworms
  • Armyworms
  • Asparagus Aphid
  • Asparagus Beetle
  • Mealybugs
  • Black Cherry Aphid
  • Black Peach Aphid
  • Black Scale
  • Blueberry Maggots
  • Boloweevil
  • Brown Cotton Leafworm
  • Cabbage Looper
  • California Red Scale
  • Carrot Weevil
  • Caterpillars
  • Cereal Leaf Beetle
  • Cherry Fruit Fly
  • Cherry Fruit Worm
  • Citricola Scale
  • Clover Leaf Weevil
  • Codling Moth
  • Confused Flour Beetle
  • Corn Earworms
  • Corn Rootworm
  • Cotton Aphid
  • Cotton Fleahoppers
  • Cotton Leaf Perforator
  • Cotton Leafworm
  • Cottony Peach Scale
  • Cranberry Fruit Worm
  • Cucumber Beetles
  • Cut Worms
  • Cutworms
  • Darkling Ground Beetle
  • Desert
  • Diamondback Moth
  • Drosophila
  • Drosophila
  • English Grain Aphids
  • European Fruit Iecanium
  • European Fruit Lecanium
  • European Red Mite
  • European Red Mites
  • Eyespotted Bud Moth
  • Fall Armyworms
  • False Chinch Bug
  • Flat Grain Beetle
  • Flea Beetle
  • Fruit Tree Leafroller
  • Fruittree Leaf
  • Garden Webworms
  • Granary Weevil
  • Grape Phylloxera
  • Grasshoppers
  • Green Peach Aphid
  • Green Stink Bugs
  • Greenbugs
  • Greenhouse Thrips Latnia Scale
  • Harlequin Cabbage bug
  • Imported Cabbageworm
  • Imported Cavvageworm
  • Indian Meal Moth
  • Japanese Beetle
  • Leaf Hopper
  • Leaf Hoppers
  • Leaf Miners
  • Leafhoppers
  • Lesser Grain Borer
  • Lygus Bugs
  • Maize
  • Mealybugs
  • Mites
  • Omnivorous Looper
  • Onion Maggot Flies
  • Orange Tortrix
  • Oriental Fruit Moth
  • Pea Aphid
  • Pea Weevils
  • Pear Psylla
  • Pecan bud Moth
  • Pecan Leaf Casebearer
  • Pecan Nut Casebearer
  • Pecan Phylloxera
  • Pepper Maggots
  • Pickleworms
  • Pickleworms Squash Vine Borer
  • Plum Curculio
  • Plum Curculio Aphids
  • Potato Leaf Hoppers
  • Purple Scale
  • Red Banded Leafroller
  • Red Flour Beetle
  • Rice Leaf Miner
  • Rice Stink Bug
  • Rice Weevil
  • Rose Chafer Mites
  • Rose SAcale Chafers
  • Rusty Grain Beetle
  • Rusty Plum Aphid
  • Sap Beetle
  • Saw-Toothed Grain Beetle
  • Smaller Armyworms
  • Smaller Cabbage Looper
  • Soft Brown Scale
  • Soft Scale
  • Spider Mite
  • Spider Mites Spittlebugs Stink Bugs
  • Spittlebugs
  • Squash Vine Borer
  • Stink Bugs Pea Aphid
  • Terrapin Scale
  • Thrips
  • Thrips Whiteflies
  • Vetch Buchid
  • Vinegar Flies
  • Walnut Husk Fly
  • Webworm
  • Webworm Carrot Weevil
  • Weevil
  • Winter Grain Mites
  • Yellow Scale


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How Long Does It Take To Act?

When used appropriately, malathion 57% starts killing insects right away and offers 60 days of bug protection.


What Is the Shelf Life According to the Label?

Storage of malathion 57% in a cold, dry environment extends its shelf life to three years.


Additional Product Information?

What are the Active Ingredients?
  • 57.0 % Of Malathion
What are the Possible Areas of Application? Outdoors
What Is the Chemical Type? Organophosphate
Does this Product Have any Usage Restrictions? No
Which Other Product Can Be Compared With This Product? Southern AG Malathion 50% E.C
Who are the Manufacturers? Control Solutions, Inc.
Is This Product Safe For Pets? If Used as Directed On the label, This Product Is Safe For Pets.


Where To Buy Malathion 57% Insecticide For Sale?

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