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How Can Purchasing NexGard Help Your Pet Thrive?

NexGard is the solution to your thriving pets, In a country like Australia, some of the most dangerous tick species are hosted in the Southern Hemisphere. This means your dog is at risk of falling prey to the bite of these pests. A tick bite can lead to dangerous complications and serious illnesses that can be fatal without proper treatment.

Purchasing a quality anti-tick treatment could be the most effective way for your pet to be protected from the dangers of the Australian wild. Ticks and fleas are small creatures, but they can pose significant problems. And prevention of their bites can be essential to ensure your pet grows up properly.

A high-quality flea medication could prevent the occurrence of flea allergy dermatitis, improve the comfort of your pet, and help prevent infestations that might spread to other pets in your household. From a single tick, your home could be plagued by severe disease-carrying parasites.

Eliminating them at that point would require a substantial investment in the services of an exterminator. A high-quality flea treatment could be a way to avoid these costs and keep your companion’s health at its best.

Has a tick bitten your dog, and is now showing symptoms of lethargy while his coordination suffers? Then it may have been infected by Ixodes holocyclus, i.e. a species of tick that causes paralysis. Treatment, if your companion’s symptoms are severe, could exceed several thousand dollars.

This can be a financial disaster for your family. On the other hand, a six-pack of chewable NexGard tablets could be found for less than $90. Financially, your decision would be obvious. But what other advantages are there?


It’s All About Convenience

NexGard is effective both against ticks and fleas. It can be administered orally, with the help of a chewable capsule, which provides up to one month’s protection against most of the pests found in Australian yards.

Nexgard Help Your Pet Thrive
NexGard Treatment

Unlike other options on the market, which are administered cutaneously, Boehringer Ingelheim’s products are suitable for pets suffering from allergies and can be given at mealtime.

Anti-flea treatments are helpful in preventing severe diseases rarely found in Australia, such as Lyme disease, but also against more common ones, such as Australian Tick Typhus.

Tick disease complications are rising throughout our country. And the reasons have to do with climate change. Australia’s climate is becoming increasingly arid, the vegetation drier, and our dogs are more prone to contact with fleas and ticks.

While it’s a disaster for us, the warming climate is a paradise for ticks, especially the brown dog tick that causes ehrlichiosis. A quality anti-flea and tick medication could eliminate most parasites your dog encounters in the wild and prevent their spread to other pets in your household.


What Diseases Can Be Carried by Australian Ticks?

Dog Our country is facing more and more cases of tick-borne diseases every year. And they are affecting animals in metropolises such as Melbourne or Sydney. But not all these diseases are the same.

For starters, the last few years in Australia have been characterized by increased cases of Lyme-like illnesses, which have symptoms similar to the sickness that ravages Europe and North America in peak summer.

Lyme disease is not natively found in Australia. Still, Borrelia, the bacterium responsible for causing the disease, has been identified, and research is ongoing into whether the cases of Lyme disease identified in New South Wales in the last few years deserve a separate bracket that will make it distinct for the variety discovered in Northern Hemisphere.

And this is just one of the many tick illnesses found on the Aussie mainland. Another disease that could be dangerous for your dog is the Queensland Tick Typhus. Symptoms of this illness can differ in severity, but it usually starts with a low-grade fever, which can culminate in swollen glands and shock.

QTT only affects humans, but the same cannot be said for Canine ehrlichiosis, which can lead to anemia and neurological problems in your pet and the loved ones in your family.

We also cannot ignore the growing number of Tick paralysis and Babesiosis cases, primarily occurring in eastern Australia. Ticks are no joke. But with the proper medication, they can be eradicated before harming your pup.


Why is NexGard So Efficient?

The active ingredient in NexGard is Afoxolaner, an insecticide of the isoxazoline group, which acts on the neurotransmitters of parasites and leads to their paralysis.

Afoxolaner is safe for animals and has been approved for veterinary use in the E.U. since February 2014, with Australia doing the same the following year.

Afoxolaner interferes with gamma-aminobutyric acid, a neurotransmitter that has a crucial effect on transmitting electrical signals between organs and the brain.

In humans and insects, GABA is essential for life, and the interaction of Afoxolaner with this acid leads to a ripple event in the parasite’s brain, ultimately leading to nervous overstimulation, paralysis, and death.

Compared to other tick prevention medications available on the market, Afoxolaner has a fast effect and can begin killing your pet’s troublesome parasites in less than four hours after administration.

Afoxolaner can also be administered orally via a chewable tablet, which can be combined with your pup’s meal. The protection offered by the medicine produced by Boehringer Ingelheim lasts up to thirty days, and its uses are approved for puppies and older dogs by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority.


Can NexGard Be Your Best Idea?

Children Playing With Puppy

Investing in a high-quality anti-parasitic drug such as NexGard could be the best way to prevent serious health problems caused by ticks and fleas. Australia is home to dangerous species of parasites such as the Ixodes holocyclus and Ixodes cornuatus ticks or the Ctenocephalides canis flea.

A quality anti-parasitic treatment could prevent the outbreak of dangerous diseases, which could put your pet’s life at risk in severe cases. Moreover, it could be a way to avoid expensive vet bills that could make your family’s financial situation difficult.

High-quality flea medications are not a nice-to-have luxury but necessary for any responsible pet owner. After all, your dog loves you. And if he could, he would do anything for your well-being. Therefore, you are responsible for ensuring your pet gets all the help it needs to thrive.

And here, an anti-flea medication could be vital, as $90 spent on a six-pack of anti-flea treatment could prevent over $2000 in medical expenses. Investing in these types of drugs is simply the wise thing to do. And it’s something your dog will appreciate.

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