How To Use Pystol Misting Concentrate

Providing instantaneous knockdown on its target pests, the Pystol Misting Concentrate is a top pick to help homeowners, zookeepers, etc completely eradicate and eliminate target pests not excluding mosquitoes, flies, fleas, etc.

In this article, facts about this amazing product are highlighted in each topic so keep reading to acquire more information!


How Do I Describe the Pystol Misting Concentrate?

Pystol Misting Concentrate
The Pystol Misting Concentrate

Designed for use in automatic misting systems and foggers, Martin’s Pystol Misting Concentrate provides rapid knockdown and excellent control of flying insects.

When diluted with water, one 2.5-gallon container of Pystol Misting Concentrate can produce as much as 55 gallons of misting solution. Surface spray treatments are another viable usage for this concentration.


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How To Use Pystol Misting Concentrate?

  • Do Your Calculation:

Square footage is calculated by multiplying the length by the breadth of a given space, whereas cubic feet are obtained by adding the height to the overall measurement.

  • Use 2.5 gallons of Pystol Misting Concentrate for every 52.5 gallons of water to create 55 gallons of solution for use in misting systems.
  • Pystol, when diluted for use in handheld sprayers, should be applied at a rate of 6 to 12 fluid ounces per 1,000 square feet.
  • Apply:

Pour the calculated amount of Pystol Misting Concentrate into your misting system or sprayer.

Spray the Pystol Misting Concentrate in the areas where the pests are congregating using a misting device or a hand-held sprayer.


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According to the Pystol Misting Concentrate Label Where Can I Apply?

  • Around homes
  • Yards
  • Pool areas
  • Patios
  • Lawn areas
  • Barns
  • Dog kennels
  • Zoo animal quarters


When Do I Use the Pystol Misting Insecticide?

  • When you need to get rid of a problem with flying insects or pests, use the Pystol Misting Concentrate instead of other products.
  • When it comes time to refill automatic mosquito misting systems, Pystol Misting Concentrate should also be utilized.

What are the Target Pests of the Pystol Misting Insect Killer?

  • House Flies
  • Stable Flies
  • Horse Flies
  • Black Flies
  • Deer Flies
  • Fruit Flies
  • Horn Flies
  • Mosquitoes
  • Bott Flies
  • Midges
  • Face Flies
  • Fleas


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How Long Does It Take To Act?

When utilized in misting machines, Pystol Misting Concentrate results in an almost instantaneous reduction in the number of insects.


What Is the Shelf Life According to the Label?

In a misting system, each jug of Pistol Misting Concentrate will typically last between two and four months, depending on the amount of spraying that is done and how frequently it is done.


Additional Product Information?

What are the Active Ingredients?
  • 0.55 % Of Pyrethrins
  • 5.50 % Of Piperonyl Butoxide
  • 1.10 % Of Permethrin
What are the Possible Areas of Application? Indoors & Outdoors
What Is the Chemical Type? Pyrethroid
Does this Product Have any Usage Restrictions?
  • During the treatment process, visitors should not be permitted to remain in areas that are being treated (such as horse barns, dog kennels, and zoo animal quarters).
  • Before enabling workers to re-enter the treated area, it is necessary to first ensure that the area has been adequately ventilated.
  • Do not use in commercial food or feed handling establishments, restaurants, or any other places where food is cooked or processed commercially.
  • In the state of New York, residential automatic mosquito misting systems using this product have not been approved for usage.
Which Other Product Can Be Compared With this Product?
  • Pyranha 1-10 HP
  • Stryker 5-25 Misting Concentrate
  • Flex 10-10
What Is Its Shipping Weight? 23.00 lbs
Is This Product Safe For Pets? If Used as Directed On the label, This Product Is Safe For Pets.


Where To Buy Pystol Misting Concentrate For Sale?

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