Raid Bed Bug Detector And Trap: How To Use

Bed bug activities sometimes go unnoticed for several months due to their feeding habits, but with the Raid bed bug detector and trap, these bugs can never go unnoticed.

This product is a top-notch recommendation and will help you battle these bugs effectively while also getting rid of them with treatment methods.

Below is our Raid bed bug detector and trap review.


Raid Bed Bug Detector And Trap: Product Description

Raid Bed Bug Detector And Trap
This is How the Raid Bed Bug Detector And Trap Is Inside the Package

Bed bugs are sneaky pests and are capable of infesting and going undetected for months. This is possible due to their feeding pattern; they come out at night to feed on their vulnerable victims and go back into hiding during the day.

Their hiding spots include cracks, gaps, and crevices, which makes it somewhat impossible to detect them.

This is why the Raid bed bug detector and trap are essential to detecting these bugs’ activities in your structure. Since these hiding spots may seem impenetrable and almost impossible to inspect, this bed bug detector trap will surely come in handy.


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How To Use Raid Bed Bug Detector And Trap

For the effectiveness of this trap, below is how to use Raid bed bug detector and trap:

  • The Raid bed bug detector & trap comes with a couple of traps in a single passage. The first thing to do is to break these traps apart.
  • Place a bed bug detection kit close to where you lay your head, whether furniture or bed.
  • When placing these bed bug detectors, ensure that they are placed with the label upside down.
  • The detectors should be changed regularly:
    • Every 3 months
    • When a bed bug has been detected
    • When dirty

Using this product in this manner will ensure its effectiveness in detecting bed bug activities. Also, using the Raid bed bug detector and trap in every area of your room will ensure a maximum detection rate.

  • Check your bed bug detector trap twice every week for any signs of bed bug activities. It is good that you check regularly, as this will ensure you identify bed bug activities early to start preventing or controlling them.
  • When disposing of your bed bug detection kit, you must do this with caution:
    • Buy a plastic bag from Amazon.
    • Place your bed bug detector trap inside.
    • Wrap and seal.
    • Now you can safely dispose of your bed bug detectors.

Note: A single detection of bed bug activity is a sign of an infestation. You must begin treatment immediately.


How To Use Raid Bed Bug Detector For Travel

Above, we have explained how to use Raid bed bug detector and trap generally, but how do you use a Raid bed bug detector for travel?

Below are the steps to follow:

  • Just like we previously mentioned, the first thing you must do is break these traps apart.
  • Again, repeatedly place your bed bug detection kit a few centimeters from where you lay your head, and beneath the bed or furniture as well.
  • Do not forget that the trap must be placed with the label facing upside down.
  • During your entire stay at your travel destination, your bed bug detection kit must not be changed from the position you placed it.
  • You must always inspect your bed bug detectors before you go to sleep.
  • When returning from your travels, you must also place these bed bug detectors in your luggage, as this will help you detect if you return home with these bugs.
  • Properly dispose of this trap by:
    • Placing the Raid bed bug detector and trap in a plastic bag
    • Wrap it in this plastic bag and seal it.
    • Dispose of this in your trash site.
  • If your bed bug detector detects even a single bug, do well to notify the management of the hotel you lodged in. In our article about Bed bug addendum, you will see how to do this the right way.

Bed bugs are not pests that should be taken lightly and must be prevented at any cost possible. An infestation is capable of causing not just damage to your home but your emotional health as well.


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What To Do After Your Raid Bed Bug Detector Trap Spots Bed Bugs

Identifying bed bug activity early is essential, as this will enable early treatment and prevention if there is an infestation. Listed below is what you should do after your Raid bed bug detector trap detects bed bug activities:

  • Bed bugs love to stay out of sight and will hide in cracks, tufts, and seams of mattresses. Inspect these places for any signs of bed bug activity.
  • If you spot any sign of bed bug activity, then you must carry out treatment as soon as possible. Employing the services of pest control experts is much more preferable, but you can also:
    • Wash your mattress, bed covers, blankets, etc., with hot water.
    • Dispose of some infested items.
      • Place them in a plastic trash bag.
      • Seal and dispose of them in your trash can (burning them is an even better option).
  • Vacuuming is one step that cannot be skipped when combating bed bugs in your structure. After detecting bed bug activities, vacuum your home to get rid of bed bugs and their eggs as well.

Vacuuming will not necessarily evade an infestation, but it will really go a long way.


Where To Buy the Raid Bed Bug Detector And Trap



Some products are just necessary and inevitable, and the Raid bed bug detector & trap is one of them.

Our Raid bed bug detector and trap review is one that clearly states that this product is top-notch and highly essential in identifying these bed bugs.

For us, we think Raid outdid themselves with this one. What do you think? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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