What To Know About Saela Pest Control (Review)

Saela Pest Control is awarded the best pest control firm for its continuous client service, lightning reaction times, 21st-century technology, and facility use. This service provider is currently among the best pest control service providers in the US.

Saela pest control technicians will revisit your home for free if you have any maintenance issues in between regularly scheduled appointments.


Facts About Saela Pest Control

Saela Pest Control
Saela Pest Control
  1. Saela Pest Control is the name of the business (formerly Edge Pest Control).
  2. Insect and rodent control services constitute the business type of this firm.
  3. Andrew Richardson is the Chief Executive Officer of Saela Pest Control.
  4. Saela pest control was established in 2008.
  5. Orem, Utah is their home office location.
  6. Saela pest control services are currently available in the following states: Colorado, Idaho, Illinois, Kansas, Missouri, Oregon, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, and Washington.
  7. A+ grade from BBB.


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Pest Control Services Offered

Saela offers pest control services that may get rid of a wide variety of unwanted pests, such as:

  1. Wasps
  2. Bed bugs
  3. Silverfish
  4. Fire ants
  5. Crickets
  6. Scorpions
  7. Mud daubers
  8. Mice
  9. Voles
  10. Ticks
  11. Spiders
  12. Cockroaches
  13. Hornets, and more.

Let’s take a peek at Saela’s strategies and offerings in the pest control market. Saela offers a wide variety of options, from all-encompassing pest management to more specialized solutions for common problems like mosquitoes and bed bugs.


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Saela Pest Control Protection Plan

Saela Pest Control has several pest control protection plans to help keep your home, pets, and kids safe from harsh chemicals. Below are their protection plans for associated pests.

Saela Pest Control
Saela Pest Control

Mosquito Protection Plan

Saela professionals know that mosquitoes in some locations develop resistance to the chemicals used to eradicate them, making mosquito control an ongoing battle.

Saela’s entomologists and other professionals work tirelessly to come up with strategies and deploy mosquito fog that can keep up with mosquitoes as they evolve their defenses.

In the United States, mosquitoes can spread disease. While mosquitoes in the United States are unlikely to transmit malaria, they might spread Zika or West Nile virus.

Saela can help you take back your yard from the mosquitoes so that you may enjoy the outdoors again in the summer.


Bed Bug Protection Plan

Saela offers bed bug management to keep you safe from these parasites, unlike many of its rivals.

Whether you are a new homeowner, a renter, or a long-time resident, Saela’s all-inclusive protection plan can help you get rid of even the most tenacious bed bugs.


Rodent Protection Plan

Most Saela clients enroll in the company’s rodent protection service. Insects and rodents of all kinds will avoid your home thanks to the comprehensive measures taken by service professionals under this package.

Initial treatment will focus on entry points into your property, such as tree lines, gardens, and other landscaping features.

The first treatment will also include the application of pesticides inside your home by trained professionals.


Cockroach Protection Plan

Cockroaches are a notorious nuisance that may invade any house. They have earned their reputation as repulsive pests by being able to make a home in seemingly any environment.

Salmonella, E. coli, streptococcus, and staphylococcus are only some of the diseases that cockroaches can transmit.

Saela, on the other hand, has the expert pest controllers and years of knowledge necessary to eradicate your cockroach problem for good.


Flea Protection Plan

Fleas are not only a nuisance, but they can also pose a health risk to you and your loved ones due to the diseases they spread, such as typhus and tularemia.

Saela’s flea prevention program will wipe out the flea population both inside and outside your house, and then prevent any new fleas from entering.

Saela employs chemical barriers, bait traps, and insecticides that are suitable for children to completely cover your home and deter fleas from returning.


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Saela Pest Control: The Good and Bad

Service technicians undergo extensive training, and many are certified in their fields. Customers have voiced their desire for more than one-time services.
Quick turnaround time Ineffective termite control over a small service area.
Training for team members that focuses heavily on entomology (the study of insects).


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How Much Does it Cost to Hire Saela Pest Control Service?

Many factors affect how much you’ll pay for Saela pest control service. The size of your home and property, the type of pest problem you have, and the severity of the infestation are all potential factors that could affect the final cost of your pest control service.

Saela makes it easy to obtain an estimate in a short amount of time, so you may plan your finances accordingly. There are no online price quotes or samples available at this time.

The exact cost depends on the size of the area being treated and the types of pests being confronted by the technicians.


Where Can I find Saela Pest Control?

If you happen to live within Saela’s service area, you can rest assured that the pests in your home will be exterminated once and for all.

Saela was created in Centennial, Colorado, and has grown to nine other states since 2008, including:

  1. Oregon
  2. Tennessee
  3. Texas
  4. Utah
  5. Washington
  6. Idaho
  7. Illinois
  8. Kansas
  9. Missouri

Saela stands out from many of its larger competitors because of its stellar reputation and efficient operations, even though its service area is rather limited when compared to the size of the country.


How to Order for Saela Pest Control Inspection

You may get in touch with them by dialing their phone number (833) 614-3343, by utilizing the chatbox on their website, or by filling out the contact form on their website.

The following is a list of the information that you should anticipate providing to the representative of the customer care department:

  1. Your initial name and last name, respectively
  2. Your active email
  3. Your active number
  4. Your zip code

A condensed message regarding the type of service you might be interested in or the type of pest problem you’re currently dealing with.

You can anticipate an exceptionally rapid response after your call, chat online, or fill out the contact form, and an appointment will be set up for an inspection either the following day or even the same day it was requested.

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