Step by Step Guide on How to Use a Mouse Bait Station

There are several tricks on how to use a mouse bait station that make the bait station very active when placed. You can find a mouse bait station in any store near you but do you know how to use it? Read on to know all the tricks on how to use a mouse bait station effectively.


What is a Mouse Bait Station?

The mouse bait station is used to hold rodenticide baits or snap traps in a place that’s attractive to rodents, mice, and rats while inaccessible to children or pets.



What is a Mouse Bait Station Made of?

Mouse bait stations feature a tamper-proof design and are made with a durable plastic material, and each comes with a key that’s needed to open the station. It ensures the safety of those around each rat.


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How Does The Mouse Bait Station Work?

The mouse bait station comes with three short rods for vertical bait placement and one key that’s required to open the station, two longer rods for horizontal band placement.

Keep in mind, that if the key is lost you will need to get a replacement. You’ll also need gloves to help keep human scent off the station.

Additionally, you’ll need to load the station with either rodenticide bait blocks or an easy-set rat trap for the best bait. We recommend you use eradication rodent bait.

Eradication mouse bait comes in the form of bait blocks with pre-drilled holes and is made with real peanut butter and other mouse attractants.

The pre-drilled holes make each block easy to set on the station’s included rods using the retina. This configuration allows you to safely set bait outdoors, and in case rainwater enters the station as the blocks won’t be resting on the bottom of the station.


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How to Use a Mouse Bait Station

Do you know the best way to use a mouse bait station? You can also load an easy-set rat trap for the elimination of single rats or mice with the vertical rods already installed using the bait station.

To use follow these steps:


Step 1:

The mouse bait station is easy and requires only a few steps to unlock the bait station. Using the supplied key one-quarter turn and both keyholes will open the station.

Place up to six bait blocks in each station with most applications. You can set the blocks vertically. However, you can also set your bait blocks horizontally with the longer rods.

Step 2: 

Remove the center rod so that only the two side rods remain line up the holes on the easy-set rat trap with the two remaining rods and push it into the chamber.

Step 3:

Place bait and set the trap, and your bait station is ready to be placed. Shut the station slide making sure that it snaps into place. Once you shut the bait station, it cannot be opened without the key.

Step 4:

Place stations along walls and linear structures with the entrance holes against the structure, the best locations to place the mouse bait stations will be where you’ve seen mouse activity or close to entry points along your property.

Step 5:

Baits will never go more than 20 feet from their burrow. So bait stations do more than 40 feet apart for a house, with a square footage of less than 2,000 square feet.

You’ll need six stations to cover the perimeter of your home, the rat and rodent bait station is ideal for those who need to control a rodent infestation, but they also have to control children, pets, or livestock on their property.

The bait stations prevent anyone other than rats or mice from accessing the rodent bait, blocks, or snap traps. The mouse bait stations are great to use when conditions can ruin bait making rodent control less effective.


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Mouse bait stations are safe to use around pets and children. When used according to the instructions, always wear your proper personal protective equipment when handling bait or bait stations.

The bait station is 13 inches long, 8 inches wide, including the hinge and four inches tall with the lid closed. You can set the station underneath shrubbery for discrete placement.

We recommend you set the station vertically to fit in tighter spaces where rodents may be more likely to travel through. Once your active infestation has been taken care of, the mouse bait station can be easily cleaned and stored for future use.

Do not clean the station while you are actively dealing with rodents, the rodents themselves will leave their own sense on the station signaling to others that it’s safe.



The mouse bait station makes any rodent control plan safe around children, and pets with its tamper-proof, design, and tough durable plastic material. Now you know how to use a mouse bait station, you can shop for them on Amazon, or any pest control stores near you. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for any assistance.

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