Swallow Bug: Facts, Identification, and How to Get Rid

Swallow bug and bed bug are very comparable bugs, they can turn your most exceedingly awful dream inside a squint if their invasion is disregarded.

In the interim, before we take a gander at realities about swallow bugs, identification of swallow bugs, and the control of swallow bugs. Let me put you through what a swallow bug really is and what it looks like.

In this article, we will dive deep into swallow bugs, as you keep reading, you will find out more about swallow bugs, also how you can get rid of them, and find out the critical differences between swallow bugs and bed bugs.


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What is a Swallow Bug?

Swallow bugs are parasites of precipice swallows and sporadically outbuilding swallows. Swallow bugs are parasites that explicitly target swallow birds and their little birds to suck their blood.

Swallow bugs, bed bugs, and bat bugs are among 5 types of group of bloodsucking creepy crawlies in colorado.

Swallow bugs are ordinarily lethargic during periods when swallows are absent for settling purposes, they arise in pre-spring to late winter.

Swallow bugs got their name from swallow birds. They are two kinds of swallow birds which are precipice swallows and animal dwelling place swallows.


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What do Swallow Bugs look like?

They really have fundamentally the same looks and they look a great deal like a bed bug. In most cases, they hide throughout the cold weather months. You begin seeing what you believe are bed bugs, however, it appears to be irregular.


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Picture of a Swallow Bug

Swallow Bugs
Swallow bugs


Do Swallow Bugs Bite Humans and Pets?

Indeed, swallow bugs bite people and pets in case they are living inside the home. The principal reason swallow bugs bite people and pets is that the essential food source which is the swallow birds isn’t found.

Swallow bugs can live without food(blood) for a year. Thus, they stand by in the homes till another swallow bird appears if their home isn’t near a house.


What do Swallow Bug bites Look Like?

Swallow bug bite appears as though bed bugs nibble. In uncommon cases, certain individuals don’t get any red spots or tingling when they get bitten by swallow bugs.

At the point when you are bitten by a swallow bug you will feel a sting-like inclination.

Swallow Bugs Bite
Swallow Bugs Bite

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Facts About Swallow Bugs

  • The most interesting reality is that Swallow bugs cannot reproduce in the event that they don’t drink blood. So when they drink blood they imitate.
  • Grown-up swallow bugs can without much of a stretch survive for 2-3 years.
  • Female swallow bugs can lay 100 eggs in their day-to-day existence time.
  • Swallow bugs do not reproduce as quickly or in as large numbers as different bugs. It is on the grounds that their capacity to reproduce is reliant upon their blood dinners.


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How to Identify Swallow Bugs

Swallow bugs grown-ups are approximately 3/16 of an inch long and ruddy brown in shading. The youthful swallow bugs might be a lot more modest and tan or red in color relying upon how as of late they sucked blood.

Swallow bugs cannot fly and they have straightened oval shape. Swallow bugs are regularly mistaken for bed bugs.


Control: How to Get Rid of Swallow Bugs

Disposing of swallow bugs can be interesting in light of the fact that the source lies in the swallow birds’ homes. The indications of swallow bugs infestation in your house are not as noticeable as bed bug infestation.

Following this DIY guide, you can dispose of swallow bugs very much like bed bugs.

  • First and foremost, check for any swallow bird’s homes around your home, swallow bugs that come from the homes of animal dwelling place swallows and bluff swallows, and dispose of them.
  • Vacuum clean where swallow bugs conceal like bed bugs, swallow bugs likewise really like to hide in flimsy holes and cracks inside your home. So by doing this you can dispose of swallow bugs.
  • Steam clean the delicate decorations of your home. Reason, as bed bugs, swallow bugs will like to hide close to places from where they get the blood dinners.
  • It is feasible for them to hide in places like sleeping cushions, floor coverings, love seats, delicate froths, seats, and covers. Steam cleaner kills the concealing swallow bugs quickly.
  • Forestall swallow birds from settling on your property which is the most ideal approach to dispose of swallow bugs permanently.
  • In the event that you prevent the swallow birds from settling in your home and property, you are likewise disposing of swallow bugs forever.


Swallow Bugs Vs Bed Bugs
Swallow bugs vs bed bugs

Differences Between Swallow Bugs and Bed Bugs

Both swallow bugs and bed bugs resemble the other yet they are some distinct contrasts when you investigate them particularly with the guide of a microscope.

  • Swallow bugs have apparent antennas and bed bugs don’t have noticeable antennas.
  • Their hind legs are very apparent too however bed bugs don’t have noticeable hind legs.
  • Bed bugs are 5-7mm in size, though swallow bugs are more modest which are 3-4mm in size.
  • Swallow bugs have a fine hair covering on their body which bed bugs don’t have.
  • Bed bugs are rosy while swallow bugs are dark in color.



Swallow bugs are parasitic bugs on swallow birds present in the swallow birds’ homes. Additionally, in the event that there are swallow birds’ homes in your home and property, swallow bugs will tumble off from the home and land up in your home.

Swallow bugs cannot raise and reproduce in your home without their regular hosts which are the swallow birds.

Treatment for swallow bugs is like a bed bug treatment. In this way, the cold weather months are famous for that sort of infestation.

With this, we believe you have been enlightened on swallow bugs, how to identify them, get rid and the differences between swallow bugs and bed bugs.

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