The 4 Effective Tarantula Control Methods

There has been a need for tarantula control as these pesky creatures have a tendency to invade yards and homes in their relentless pursuit of devouring smaller insects such as beetles, crickets, lizards, and moths.

If you have had an unfortunate encounter with a tarantula in your humble abode, fear not! Our esteemed DIY treatment guide below will assist you in swiftly bidding them farewell.

Our esteemed team of pest control professionals has meticulously crafted a comprehensive set of instructions designed to assist you in efficiently and economically eliminating tarantulas from your humble abode.


Step 1: How to Identify the Tarantula

Tarantula Control
Picture of the Tarantula
  • We have identified more than 800 distinct species of tarantula inhabiting our planet, each displaying a diverse range of captivating colour patterns.
    Our expertise lies in dealing with species of various sizes, ranging from a modest 1 inch to a formidable 4 inches in body length.
    Some of these creatures even boast leg spans that can reach up to an impressive one foot, measuring a full 12 inches.
    Our expert analysis reveals that a tarantula possesses the remarkable ability to attain a substantial size, comparable to that of a dinner plate.
    This remarkable attribute distinguishes it as the largest known arachnid in existence.
  • Tarantulas, commonly known as hairy arachnids, typically exhibit dark hues of black or brown in their coloration. Additionally, their bodies are adorned with an abundance of fine hair.
    The body hair of the tarantula is a distinguishing trait, as it is dense and plentiful, giving tarantulas the appearance of being larger than their actual size.
    Our expert pest control team can handle species that may exhibit red, orange, or yellow fur as well.


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Step 2: How To Inspect For Tarantulas

Wild tarantulas in the U.S. are commonly found in warmer, arid regions such as California, Arizona, or Texas. Our pest control services can effectively address any tarantula infestations you may be experiencing in these areas.

Pests can be commonly found in desert regions, but they have been known to infiltrate homes during the summer and fall seasons.

Pests often accomplish this by stealthily infiltrating through open doors or damaged window and door screens. They may also infiltrate window wells or gutters.

From here, the pesky critters make their way into houses through minuscule cracks in home siding or sneaky spaces beneath the crawl space of the home.

Inspect the dimly lit and tranquil corners of your residence in order to locate a wandering tarantula.

Tarantulas, known for their nocturnal nature, diligently prowl the darkness in search of sustenance.

Throughout the daylight hours, these bothersome critters tend to inhabit their subterranean dwellings or seek refuge beneath scattered refuse.

Tarantulas, unlike most spiders, refrain from constructing webs. However, they employ silk to fashion egg sacs.

While tarantulas typically exhibit a shy nature and tend to avoid human contact, they will diligently protect their eggs.

Beware, for tarantulas may unleash their bite when they sense danger. Our expert pest control services ensure that the bite, although painful, remains non-lethal, with the possibility of swelling or lesions.


Step 3: How to Carry Out Tarantula Control

  • Reduce the Clutter:

Eliminate the unwanted mess both inside and outside of your residence. The presence of excessive clutter increases the likelihood of a spider infestation within the confines of your dwelling.

Tarantulas have the ability to create burrows in areas that are overgrown and seek refuge in places where clutter is abundant.

Eliminate the clutter infesting your home, exterminate the unnecessary items you are hoarding, and thoroughly sanitize your storage spaces, including closets, the garage, and the basement/attic.

For optimal pest control, it is recommended to mow the lawn, trim overgrown shrubs, and remove wooden debris to minimize their potential hiding spots.

If you are experiencing insect issues, it is crucial to eradicate those insects promptly. This will help address the presence of the tarantula, as it tends to be attracted to areas with an ample supply of insects for it to prey upon.

  • Address the Entry Points:

We will promptly address all entry points you have identified and implement effective exclusion methods to prevent any invasion by tarantulas and other pests.

Caulk is the perfect solution for sealing tight cracks and crevices, ensuring no pests can sneak through. For larger voids, trust in the power of copper mesh to effectively block any unwanted intruders.

Eliminate any torn screens or apply brush or rubber seals to doors and windows. Once all potential entry points have been thoroughly cleaned and addressed, you may proceed with the subsequent step in our pest control process.

  • Apply Supreme IT:

Supreme IT is an effective pest control solution that targets a wide range of insects, including spiders.

Our pest control treatment is highly effective in creating a protective barrier that deters pests, thanks to its extended residual impact. It relentlessly eliminates pests for a remarkable duration of up to 90 days post-application.

For optimal application of Supreme IT, follow these pest control instructions: First, prepare a hand pump sprayer by mixing water.

Next, carefully add Supreme IT at a recommended rate of 0.33 to 1 oz. per gallon. This will effectively cover an area of 1,000 sq. ft. Opt for the elevated rate in case of a severe pest invasion.

Using the sprayer of your choice, diligently distribute the carefully blended Supreme IT solution across the designated treatment area. Ensure full, even coverage by utilizing a fan or cone setting with low pressure.

Upon activating the Bifen LP, proceed to diligently apply the spray along the outer boundaries of your humble abode.

Apply a thorough pest control treatment around all potential entry points, including doors, windows, and any other openings that pests and spiders may exploit for invasion.

For optimal pest control, kindly proceed by applying a thorough spray treatment along the outer perimeter of your structures.

Ensure to evenly spray a distance of 3 feet upwards from the base of the structure, as well as 3 feet outwards.

After the extermination process is finished outdoors, the next step will be to proceed with the treatment indoors. Eliminate entry points, such as doors and windows, and target potential pest-hiding spots, like cracks and crevices.

We will thoroughly inspect and treat all areas, including baseboards, water pipes, doors, windows, appliances, and their surroundings.

In order to effectively address the issue, it is advisable to administer treatment in attics, basements, and garages as well. Once finished, kindly permit the solution to thoroughly dry.

  • Apply Bifen LP:

Bifen LP is a powerful pest control solution designed specifically to eradicate bothersome insects that reside in turf areas.

The objective of this application is to eradicate the primary food source of tarantulas, thus prompting them to relocate away from your premises.

For complete eradication of pests in your yard, utilize a broadcast spreader to administer precisely 4.6 lbs. of Bifen LP per 1,000 sq. ft. of the treatment area.

After ensuring a thorough and widespread application of the product throughout your lawn, it is imperative to initiate its efficacy by incorporating water.

With the mighty power of Supreme IT, unleash an application of liquid insecticide to conquer and eliminate those pesky insects.

  • Use Glue Traps:

Following the chemical treatment, it is advisable to establish glue traps to effectively monitor any potential presence of tarantulas and other bothersome pests in the future.

Optimize your pest control strategy with the Solutions Pro Glue Boards, designed for effortless setup and precise placement.

Carefully peel off the waxy paper seal from the traps and position them flat against the wall in areas where pest activity has been observed. Ensure that this pest control device remains inaccessible to both children and pets.

In the event that you, a young one, or a furry companion find yourselves ensnared on these adhesive boards, fret not! The solution lies in the application of cooking oil, which will effectively alleviate the tenacious grip of these traps.


Where Can Tarantula Control Products Be Purchased?


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Step 4: How To Prevent Tarantulas

  • Implementing regular vacuuming routines to effectively remove spider egg sacs and proactively employing exclusionary measures to fortify your dwelling against spider infiltration.
  • To ensure a pest-free environment, it is highly recommended to implement certain preventive measures.
    These measures may consist of installing screens on doors, implementing weather stripping to effectively eliminate any gaps under doors, and utilizing caulking to seal up any holes or potential points of entry.
    To deter tarantulas from entering your home, consider implementing a preventive measure such as applying an insecticide to establish a protective barrier.
  • Take proactive steps to eliminate moisture problems within your home, as pests are drawn to areas with high humidity.
    To prevent pest infestations, ensure that all leaky pipes are promptly repaired, promptly address any air conditioning issues, regularly drain any standing water, and diligently dry your sinks every night.
  • Maintain a regular routine of thorough cleaning both indoors and outdoors to eliminate any possible hiding spots for spiders.
    Regularly rake the lawn to prevent the accumulation of pests. Ensure that any debris is promptly removed to eliminate potential hiding spots.
    Additionally, it is important to keep firewood stacked away from your home’s foundation, as it can attract pests.
  • For optimal insect and tarantula control, it is recommended to implement a quarterly preventive measure by applying Supreme IT spray around your home and yard.


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Watch an Explanatory Video on Effective Tarantula Control



Tarantulas, those big, hairy spiders, can be quite intimidating to come across, but fear not! They are completely harmless and pose no threat whatsoever.

Our highly effective methods for eliminating or apprehending a tarantula involve utilizing the potent Supreme IT insecticide, employing Bifen LP, or strategically deploying a generously sized glue board to ensnare the tarantula.

Do well to drop your questions via the comments section below.

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