Cellar Spider Control in 4 Effective Steps

Cellar spider control is of utmost importance as these harmless pests can become quite bothersome when they infest your home in large quantities.

If you are experiencing a bothersome presence of Cellar Spiders on your premises, our pest control services can provide effective assistance.

Our esteemed team of pest control professionals has meticulously crafted a comprehensive set of instructions utilizing our finest recommended products, enabling you to effectively eliminate those pesky Cellar Spiders on your own.


Step 1: How to Identify the Cellar Spider

Cellar Spider Control
<strong>A Closeup View of the Cellar Spider<strong>
  • Cellar spiders, those pesky creatures, possess two fundamental body segments, namely the cephalothorax and abdomen.
    Not to mention, they also boast a grand total of 8 legs and a whopping 8 eyes. Harvestmen, also known as “true” Daddy Long Legs, possess a singular body segment, a pair of eyes, and a total of eight legs.
  • Cellar Spiders and Harvestmen differ significantly in terms of their abilities. Unlike cellar spiders, harvestmen lack the typical spider skills of web spinning and silk production.
  • Cellar spiders, known for their light yellowish to light brown or grey colouration, can be easily distinguished from Harvestmen, which possess a distinctive reddish hue.
  • The Cellar spider’s most notable feature is its remarkably slender legs, measuring approximately 1.75 to nearly 2 inches in length, which greatly surpasses the length of its body, measuring a mere 0.25 inches.
  • Cellar spiders, known for their preference to suspend themselves from their intricately woven webs in an inverted position, tend to favour dimly lit and isolated spaces.


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Step 2: How To Inspect For Cellar Spiders

Cellar spiders are attracted to environments with high humidity, darkness, and seclusion.

Cellar spiders can be commonly found in damp and shaded areas, such as around trees, under the eaves of a home, or under logs and rocks in residential settings.

Should they infiltrate a residence, their chosen abodes will consist of dim, moist, isolated regions such as cellars, basements, crawl spaces, garages, and sheds.

We are searching for signs of the cellar spider’s presence or any indications of their intricate webs. Cellar Spiders, notorious web-weavers, are known for their skill in constructing multi-layered webs.

These intricate webs often give rise to the illusion of cobwebs, typically found in the less frequented nooks and crannies of residential or commercial spaces.

Additionally, be vigilant in identifying potential entry points that the Cellar Spider or other insects might exploit to infiltrate indoor spaces, such as compromised doors and window seals, openings in the garage door, and any other crevices or fissures that serve as potential hiding spots.


Step 3: How to Carry Out Cellar Spider Control

  • Reduce the Clutter:

To initiate, we recommend executing a comprehensive eradication of any unsanitary elements within your abode and diminishing the presence of disorder.

Eliminate the clutter in your abode, eradicate superfluous items that are encroaching upon valuable space, and thoroughly sanitize your storage areas such as closets, the garage, and the basement/attic.

This message shall be dispatched to the Cellar Spiders, conveying their unwelcome status.

  • Address the Entry Points:

A home with cracks, gaps, and holes is an open invitation for unwelcome guests such as Cellar Spiders and other insects to freely infiltrate your living space.

To effectively address the issue, commence by meticulously sealing any cracks present on the exterior of your residence and promptly installing protective screens on all doors and windows.

Perform a thorough inspection of your residence to identify potential entry points, and employ caulk to seal any openings discovered.

We will thoroughly inspect and treat both the interior and exterior areas, eliminating any potential hiding spots for Cellar Spiders.

To discourage Cellar Spiders from hanging around, it is crucial to address moisture issues and dry up damp areas.

  • Apply Supreme IT:

For optimal pest control indoors, we highly advise applying Supreme IT Insecticide to your baseboards, windows, doorways, and any other tiny openings where sneaky Cellar Spiders may attempt to infiltrate or conceal themselves.

We also take care of the food source of Cellar Spiders, which includes other smaller bugs.

Once all other pesky bugs have been eradicated, rest assured that Cellar Spiders will diligently scurry away in search of sustenance in alternative locations.

Supreme IT, the ultimate pest control solution, is an exceptional insecticide concentrate that surpasses the effectiveness of any product available at big box stores.

With its unparalleled strength, only a minimal quantity is required to achieve remarkable results.

Our most outstanding feature is our long-lasting residual effect, ensuring effectiveness for a remarkable duration of up to 90 days after application.

To effectively address the targeted area in your home, kindly ascertain the square footage for treatment. This will aid in determining the precise amount of Supreme IT required.

To effectively address specific areas, just mix 1 fl. oz. of Supreme IT (sufficient for 1,000 sq ft.) with a gallon pump sprayer.

Give the sprayer a good shake to ensure thorough product integration. After a few pumps of the handle, our pest control solution is ready to be dispensed.

Apply a thorough treatment to door and window frames, floorboards, corners, and any other areas where signs of activity have been observed.

Ensure to concentrate spraying in dim, moist, isolated regions such as your basement or garage.


Where Can Cellar Spider Control Products Be Purchased?


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Step 4: How To Prevent Cellar Spiders

  • Apply caulk to seal potential entry points that Cellar Spiders might exploit in order to infiltrate your residence.
  • Prevent moisture-related concerns in your household by promptly addressing plumbing leaks. Ensure a completely dry basement or crawl space by utilizing a dehumidifier or employing alternative methods.
  • Implement proactive pest control measures by regularly inspecting your cellar for any signs of Cellar Spider reemergence or other pest activity. Enhance your monitoring efforts by strategically placing Glue boards in key areas.
  • To discourage the return of daddy longlegs or other insects, it is recommended to apply a perimeter treatment of Supreme IT Insecticide around the exterior of your home every 90 days.


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Watch an Explanatory Video on Effective Cellar Spider Control



To ensure the eradication of these bothersome pests, maintain a clutter-free environment within your humble abode and diligently apply preventative measures by administering a thorough application of Supreme IT Insecticide.

This will effectively establish a formidable shield, effectively deterring the presence of Cellar Spiders.

Eliminate Cellar Spider and other pesky insects by strategically placing Glue Traps in targeted areas to monitor their activity.

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