Tips for Keeping Your Fountain Water Clean and Safe for Your Pets

We have mentioned in this article the tips for keeping your fountain water clean and safe for your pets. Just as we humans desire clean dishes, so do pets.

Your pet’s feeding items ought to be kept clean. A clean water fountain makes your feline friend or your furry friend want to drink water.

Also, it is important to keep it clean to keep away pests, bacteria, and other harmful substances that may cause your pet to be sick.

In addition, a well-maintained fountain will last longer, which will save you money as you will not need to buy new ones after a short time of use.

Therefore, you need pet-friendly water fountain solutions that are easy to clean. Consider these tips to ensure your fountain water is clean and safe for your pets.


What are the Tips for Keeping Your Fountain Water Clean and Safe for Your Pets?

1. Easy To Clean:

Tips For Keeping Your Fountain Water Clean And Safe For Your Pets
It Must Be Easy To Clean

Before you buy a fountain, it is good for you to check the type of material that has been used to construct it. Water fountains come in different types, such as stainless steel, plastic, or ceramic.

Stainless steel is easier to wash compared to plastics, which easily hide bacteria, especially if your pet scratches them.

The plastic water fountain needs to be cleaned thoroughly to prevent it from getting slimy. It would help if you did not put the plastic fountain in a dishwasher because the heat may produce harmful chemicals.

Since manufacturers make the majority of pet-friendly water fountain solutions from strong steel, you can easily clean and use them in the dishwasher. You can check for products that have a strong type of stainless steel.

However, the pump and the filter can spoil if put in a dishwasher. The advantage of using a dishwasher is that it saves you time spent cleaning.


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2. Filters:

The more filters, the purer the water, and the healthier your pet will be.

For easy cleaning, pet-friendly water fountains have filters, mostly two, that prevent large particles from entering the drinking water. Carbon is the primary material used in the filters; you can replace them monthly.

Remember to disconnect the electric water fountain from power before removing the filters or disassembling it.

3. Easy To Disassemble:

It should not be difficult to separate its parts when cleaning the water fountain. The electric water fountains are at a higher risk of electric shock if mishandled. Be careful not to submerge the whole fountain in water.

The good news is that there are wireless fountains and also electric ones that are safe and detachable. Choose a type of water fountain that helps you wash the pump and the filters separately.

4. Frequency Of Cleaning:

Your pet would enjoy the refreshing sips of water if only their fountain water was clean. How often you clean depends on the number of pets using it and the number of filters your fountain has.

If you live in an area that has hard water, you need to clean the fountain more frequently to prevent the accumulation of mineral deposits, which can spoil the fountain and harm your pet.

You can change the water and clean the fountain after two days. If the water stays for a long time without changing, it will be prone to bad odors and bacteria.


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5. Detergents Used:

Don’t use detergents with a powerful scent, as they will discourage your pet from drinking the water if they smell it in their water.

In addition, the detergents should be friendly to the fountain to avoid damaging the filters, the pump, and the water container.

Vinegar is the best for cleaning the water fountain, and it’s pocket-friendly and readily available. Mix white vinegar with water to clean the fountain. It quickly removes stuck dirt from the water bowl.

Soak the bowl for about fifteen minutes with one part vinegar and three parts water, and then rinse it off. When soaking the bowl, keep it away from the pet so that it doesn’t drink the mixture.

If you don’t have vinegar, use mild soap and warm water to clean all the parts.  A soft brush is good for cleaning the pump.

Check to see if there are any small particles in the pump holes, and remove all of them with the brush. Once all the parts are clean, assemble your fountain and fill it with clean water.


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A healthy pet is a happy pet. All you need to do to keep your pets happy is follow the above tips for keeping your fountain water clean and safe for your pets. Clean water can only be there if your water fountain is clean.

Pet-friendly water fountain solutions are the ones that are easy to clean. They should be dishwasher-safe.

Don’t forget to change the water often, even if the pets have not exhausted it. There’s no reason for contaminated water in a clean fountain. Enjoy spending time with your healthy, hydrated pet.

Most products come with instructions on how to care for the water fountain. Please read them carefully; they will help you.

Do well to share the above tips for keeping your fountain water clean and safe for your pets with your friends and family.

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