How To Get Rid Of Tucson Cockroaches In Summer Months

Tucson is known for having a high number of cockroaches and bugs in general, with a lot of people looking for how to get rid of Tucson cockroaches.

The problem with roaches in Tucson is that you can go from not seeing a single cockroach in your house to seeing 1, 2, and to a severe infestation of hundreds in less than a week.

They just seem to be coming from nowhere.  So why are there so many cockroaches in Tucson and what can you do about them? Read on to find out more. 


Tucson Cockroaches: What are they?

Tuscon cockroaches are the common types of roaches that are found in Tucson, Arizona mostly during the summer. They can be found in the yard, in the basement, and also near sewer pipes.

One thing about roaches in Tucson is that reproduce fast and will infest your home in the same space, so you need to deal with them immediately. What can you do?


What Kind of Cockroaches Are In Tucson?

Before we discuss how you can get rid of cockroaches in your home, let’s look at the common types of cockroaches you will see in Tucson: 

  • Turkestan roaches

Tucson Cockroaches
Turkestan Cockroaches

In Tuscon, you are more likely to have cockroaches in your yard during the warm months, this type of cockroach is the Turkestan roach. This roach type is always found outside because it loves the light and sunshine.

They can grow up to ½ to ¾ inch long, their females are dark brown, and the males are brownish-yellow in color. Apart from being in your yard, Turkestan cockroaches sometimes hide in your flower pots and water meter boxes. 


  • Brown Banded Roaches

Tucson Cockroaches
Brown Banded roach

Brown Banded roaches are the ones you will find indoors in your cabinets and closets, they cannot survive in humid or moist places like the Turkestan cockroach, they prefer dry and warm areas. 

That is why you may see them in your electronic gadgets like PS4 or behind your appliance motors. They grow to measure up to about 10 to 1mm long (½  inch). You can easily recognize them by their light brown or tan color. Female brown-banded roaches look bigger than the males. 


  • American cockroaches

Tucson Cockroaches
American Cockroaches

This type of cockroach is drawn in sewers and basements, so they are called waterbugs. They can also be found in other places like cracks, walkways, and foundations. They are considered pests because of the degree of risk they pose to humans.

If they get into your food the odorous secretion they produce can change the taste of your food. Their presence in the house can also trigger allergic and asthmatic reactions when house dust is mixed with their feces and the smell is released into the air. American cockroaches are about 11½ to 2 inches long and reddish brown. 


Why are There So Many Cockroaches in Tucson? 

One reason why you may be seeing many cockroaches is because it is their season. Roaches infestation during the summer months is common. 

Also, if your neighbor has just gotten a pest control job done, the roaches in your neighbor’s house that were not exterminated from the pest control may have escaped into your yard.

Although seeing roaches in your house does not mean your house is dirty, if you leave your dirt and garbage unattended, it will attract cockroaches to your house.


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How To Get Rid of Cockroach In Tucson

  1. One of the things that works so well for me is glue traps. Get a glue trap and keep it around where you have seen cockroaches, when roaches step on it, they are glued to the board until you take them off. 
  2. You can also use gel bait to get rid of cockroaches in your house. Buy one and follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the body of the gel. You may need to reapply the gel because it dries out after a while. 
  3. Another thing that helps to keep cockroaches out is Cimexa. Get Cimexa insecticide dust and sprinkle it around your house. Remember always to wear a mask and gloves when you are using any kind of insecticide. 
  4. Sprinkle boric acid just by the entrance or edge of your basements and wherever else you have seen the roaches. 



A clean home does not always mean a roach from a free home, you have to be extra careful when dealing with cockroaches if you live in Tucson and get rid of them for good.

If it feels too difficult for you to do, reach out to an exterminator or the govt to help you out. One more thing, I have figured out the best ways to prevent roaches in your home in Tuscon and will talk about it in my next article.  Don’t forget to check it out later. 


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