Types of Bugs That Look Like Cockroaches

They are some types of bugs that look like cockroaches and most often these bugs are mistaken for cockroaches. Some bugs have the same features as cockroaches but still have few similarities between them.

Bugs are of different types and some of them have these cockroach-like looks which confuse some people when it comes to identifying them.

In this article, we will help you identify bugs from cockroaches, so read on to know more. Before we look at bugs that look-like cockroaches let us see some characteristics of bugs and cockroaches for easier identification.

Types Of Bugs That Look Like Cockroaches

Characteristics of Cockroaches

They are many different species of cockroaches about 30 cockroach species out of 4,600 are associated with the habitats of humans, but they have some similar features which help for easier identification.

  • cockroaches possess a flattened oval body.
  • They possess long thread-like antennae
  • They have a shining black or brown leathery integument.
  • Their head is bent downward rather than forward.
  • Male cockroaches have two pairs of wings, and the females, in some species are wingless or have vestigial wings.

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Characteristics of Bugs

Bugs possess many different body shapes, colors, and sizes but they have some similar features to each other which are:

  • Bugs possess a long slender beak-shaped mouthpart that looks like a straw.
  • They have a strange wing shape that looks like a half wing because it is partially hardened and only the tips are clear.
  • They possess antennae with very few joints, mostly about five.
  • Their foot joints are usually small not more than three.

Types of Bugs That Look Like Cockroaches

Below are bugs that look like cockroaches. However, we are dividing these bugs that look like cockroaches into two categories for easier identification which are: the crawling bugs and the flying bugs.


Crawling Bugs That Look Like Cockroaches:

They are several crawling bugs some people do mistake these bugs for cockroaches, moreover, this crawling tends to have similar characteristics to the cockroaches. Below are crawling bugs that look like cockroaches.


Water Bugs vs Cockroaches

Water bugs have a similar look to cockroaches, but despite their look-alike appearance, they are actually different in biology. Water bugs are brown or grayish in color and cockroaches are usually reddish or brownish. But oriental cockroaches are a lot darker, this is where people get them mixed up.  Apart from that, both the length is different when compared together and also they don’t have the antenna that a cockroach will.

Types Of Bugs That Look Like Cockroaches


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Crickets vs Cockroaches

Crickets are among the most typical bugs that look like cockroaches. Cricket bodies are more barrel is shaped, unlike the mostly oval cockroaches. Crickets have enlarged hind legs but cockroaches have the identical length of legs.

Types Of Bugs That Look Like Cockroaches

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Ground Beetles vs Cockroaches

Ground beetles have this kind of look-alike to roach but you can identify them through long legs, cockroaches tend to have long legs and antennae than ground beetles. Ground beetles are attracted to light but cockroaches tend to avoid light.

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Flying Bugs That Look Like Cockroaches

Most flying bugs tend to look like cockroaches with similar characteristics. You need to give it a second look to be able to spot the differences properly. Below are flying bugs that look like cockroaches.


Palo Verde Beetles vs Cockroach

Palo verde beetles are also one of the bugs that look like a roach. They are said to look alike because of their color and size. Palo verde beetles have harder shells, thicker antennae, and dark brown or black colors which is what makes them different from cockroaches.


Wood-boring Beetles

Looking at roach and wood-boring beetles look alike cause they have the same color, six legs, same antennae length, and long oval shape which makes them look alike. But you can still identify wood-boring beetles from roach from their white, black, and yellow markings on their bodies which cockroaches do not have.



Identifying between bugs and cockroaches is very important in other to know which pest you are dealing with. Despite that, some bugs look like cockroaches you can identify them by going through this article. Identifying them properly is important because different pest requires different management strategies.



1. What are large cockroaches called?

At the point when you see an extremely enormous cockroach, it’s normally an American cockroach (the biggest normal cockroach at up to two inches long or longer), an Oriental cockroach, or a smoky earthy colored cockroach.

2. What do little cockroaches resemble?

All irritated cockroaches have oval bodies, short sharp legs, and long radio wires. However, there are a couple of little cockroaches to be keeping watch for. The German cockroach, the brown-united cockroach, and any child cockroach whose presence can demonstrate an invasion.

3. What shading are cockroaches?

Most family insects range in shading from the dull yellowish-brown of the German cockroach to the dim brown, practically dark of the Oriental cockroach. Different insects will be shifting shades and tones of brown.

4. Is a cockroach a scarab?

However a few cockroaches might look like a few scarabs, they’re an alternate sort of bug. Cockroaches are in reality significantly more firmly identified with termites than bugs.

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