What Does a Roach Look Like? All You Need To Know

A roach is a common house pest that has a leveled, oval-formed body. Most people ask, What does a roach look like? Also, some find it difficult to distinguish a roach from a cockroach. To clear up this query, cockroaches and roaches are the same; it’s just the way people prefer to call them.

Roaches are slippery to the touch and perhaps cool or warm, contingent upon the temperature of their condition.

The roach has a leader; it is small and secured by a shield-like pronotum. Roach has a mouth that is coordinated down and in reverse.

Before we proceed to further details, let’s see a video on how to identify roaches.



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What Does a Roach Look Like? All You Need To Know

As we proceed, we won’t just help you identify a roach; we’ll help you know everything about a roach.


Male vs Female Roaches

Male roaches are naturally smaller than females. Female examples frequently will, in general, be bigger. A study shows that in certain species, the females don’t have wings, but the males do.

Roach eggs are encased in egg cases called oothecae, which are normally oval-molded and dimly colored.


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Number of Legs a Roach Have

Roaches are pests that have six long, prickly legs that enable them to run rapidly crosswise over practically any surface.

The particular cushions situated at their bone structures are utilized for scaling surfaces; they help them through roofs, walls, and slippery surfaces.

A few types of roaches have wings that are smoothed against their backs, despite the fact that not all roaches utilize these wings for flight.


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Roach Nymphs

Young roaches seem like grown-ups; however, they are pale in color and don’t have wings. After a few times of molting, young roach nymphs become adults. These are often fed to larger reptiles as a source of protein or as bait for fishing. You can check out this roach nymph offer if you have a reptile as a pet and want to ensure its proper nutrition.

In a household setting, you should immediately take action when you see roach nymphs, as it means that the population is growing. Calling in a pest control professional may be necessary to effectively eliminate the infestation.


Roach species Comparison

Roaches in Europe (Germany in particular) are brown in color and around 13 to 16 mm long. Oriental roaches can develop to be a lot bigger and are black in color.

Roaches in America are reddish-dark in color and are one of the longest home roach species, estimated to be roughly 40 mm long.

Wood roaches in Pennsylvania measure around 20 mm in length. Male adults of this species are tan in color.

Different Types of Roaches and Their Qualities

There are five distinct species of roaches:

  • German Roach
  • Oriental Roach
  • Darker-banded Roach
  • American Roach
  • Smoky Brown Roach

These species are a disturbance since they plague homes, organizations, and different structures, and they can spread infection and cause other medical problems.

Most indoor roach invasions are treated in a similar way and with the same roach control items, paying little heed to the species.

It is critical to be certain you are managing insects and not a pest infestation, as the medicines are altogether different for these two irritations.


Characteristics of Roaches

Below are the characteristics that easily enable the identification of roaches:

  • Wings: Though most species have completely created wings, cockroaches either fly once in a while or can’t fly by any stretch of the imagination.
  • Pronotum: A shield-molded structure that reaches out from the highest point of the thorax to the head.
  • Legs: It has six legs
  • Head: It has a long antenna, which it’s using to easily detect a threat.
  • Mouth: It has biting mouthparts


While they all offer a similar general body structure, these species vary somewhat in size and color. By and large, female cockroaches are bigger than males of similar species.

We believe this review helped you to know what a roach looks like. Your contribution is highly welcomed via our comment box below.

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