How to Cure Anxiety Without Medications? Research Facts

Do you want to know how to cure anxiety without medications? It is a known fact that anxiety weights the heart of a man, knowing how to cure anxiety without medication will do more relief.

There are so many factors that result in anxiety, and primarily dealing with anxieties without medications is still the best approach to anxiety; it gives the person the ability to control one’s problems satisfactorily.

Although medications can really be effective, they come with side effects, and most people take it as a
last resort when it seems like all hope is lost.

I tell you there is the hope of getting a better solution to dealing with anxiety. Sincerely, anxiety has long been around us, they come with us every day.

The economic meltdown has increased the rate at which people are faced with anxiety. Many are faced
with questions on how to pay bills including house rents, children school fees, foods, clothing, and other
important things that gulp up the anxiety level.

Therefore as the time comes and goes, people are all time thinking about smart ways of dealing with anxieties without medications.


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How to Cure Anxiety Naturally

Let us see a video!


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9 Ways on How to Cure Anxieties Without Medications

We will be discussing 9 smart ways to handle anxiety without popping any pills.

1. Understand Why You Are Down

It is very unlikely that you wouldn’t know why you are depressed. But the problem most people
faced is that they cannot just bring out the reality of the problem; they might be some random thoughts.

Understanding your problem will make it lessened, it will bring your extremely big problem into reality.
Times, while you are faced with anxieties, the best way to keep track of it is to write it down.

Pick a book, write down why you are depressed, and write down while anxiety is killing the person you
are. Doing this will bring the problem into reality. Thus there will be reduced stress on your thinking.

2. Think; Don’t Over-think

Yes, a good thinker knows the solution to problems that one is facing. After you must have written down
your problem, that is, the possible triggers of your anxiety, start thinking of steps to solve it.

Yes, think about solutions to the problem and not over-think on those problems.

Let us pick an example. Imagine that your anxiety is about paying house rents, should you start over-
thinking about what will happen if you don’t pay before the expiry date? Well, it is not bad to think about

the possible consequences, but don’t do too much. Granted, you must have written it down, now think about how to get money, from a friend, family relative, intending to do a menial job to settle that?
Those are what you should think about, but don’t overdo.


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3. Get Enough Rest

Adequate rest relaxes the brain, it gives the brain the ability to think straight and make good decisions.
Sleep is an important aspect of our lives. It allows the body to repair itself. It gives the body time to
recover from excessive work.

Be reasonable enough to create time to sleep. It is not a gainsaying, you will be relaxed from the
anxiety. Although, sleep won’t take it off, it will relax your brain.


4. Exercise Regularly.

Research has shown the incredible benefits that come along exercising for anxiety. When one
exercises, it changes the view about the environment, not that alone, it gives the person engaging in the
exercise a positive way of viewing the world.

Thus ridding off the negative feelings. Exercise releases the chemical that makes the body feel good called Endorphin.

This chemical helps in increasing the good well being of the body, increase one’s happiness, and reduces stress. Ensure you exercise regularly to get a more relaxed brain.


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5. Be positive

Being positive motivates you to fight your anxiety rather than letting them linger and causing you a lot
of trouble.

When the feeling of anxiety comes around, tell yourself that you can solve it, they are little, you will get over it.

These are positive thoughts that keep you agile to stand and fight your anxiety. Yes, being positive is vital. It helps you carry on.


6. Confide in Trusted Friends

It is commonly said, that a problem shared, is a problem half solved. When you speak out, you are not
only the bearer of the burden anymore, you are now two.

Therefore the effort to deal with anxiety will be feasible as long as both parties will eagerly be seeking ways to curb it effectively.

A note of warning is that it is not just anyone that comes the way that you will explain to them what
really ensued. Tell trusted confidants.

They could be your family relatives, and other important figures you really trust with your problems.


7. Limit Your Expectations

At times, we might not really be faced with any problem, but maybe we are scared about the problem of
the future that has not really come.

No, it is not healthy, do not think about a problem that might not even happen, or they might not really come in the way you thought they will.

So, it is nice to limit your thinking and expectations. Live each day by that day. Understand that your excessive thinking about it does not change it.


8. Spend More Time Reading

There is a guarantee that when you read, you are doing two things.
i. You are absorbing your self into something worthwhile that will reduce your anxiety.
ii. You might expose yourself to solutions that will solve the problem for you.
Make it a practice to read books that will get you immersed.


9. Get busy

Anxiety often comes when one is likely busy. Being busy will less create an avenue for allowing yourself
to be triggered about anxiety.

Be immersed in doing wholesome activities, it might be a recreation or other important activities that will make you get busy.



These 9 approaches to dealing with anxieties with medication are worthy of note. Keep up with them,
ensure you live by them since every day of our life we might be faced with a situation to be anxious. Also, drop a review via our comment box.

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