What is a Group of Baboons Called? Facts About Them

Baboons are terrestrial species of animals that possess similar appearance like the ape, they are often found to be in groups, however, what is a group of baboons called?

Baboons are individually strong animals, group activities will only make them stronger. Several webpages have different information about this topic, moreover, our aim is to help provide a guide to this query. As you read on, all the facts you need about baboons are contained here.


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Facts About Baboons

In the Egyptian culture, there’s a myth that explains that the baboons are sacred animals discovered to have been the attendant of Thoth.

Baboons are animals having characters that include humans, apes, and monkeys. These animals belong to the genus Papio with other old species of monkeys all over the world having 23 different genera.

The baboons have a total of 5 different species which are chacma baboon, olive baboon, a guinea baboon, hamadryas baboon, and the yellow baboon.

All these species of baboons originated from Africa, they are also among the largest living species of non-hominoid primates known to have been in existence for over a million years.

Still, on the baboon facts, they are scientifically classified as follows:

  • Family – Cercopithecidae
  • Class – Mammalian
  • Kingdom – Animalia
  • Tribe – Papionini
  • Phylum – Chordata
  • Order – Primates
  • Suborder – Haplorhini
  • Infaorder – Simiformes
  • Genus – Papio


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What do Baboons Look Like?

What Is A Group Of Baboons Called

Baboons are terrestrial animals having different species which have different body weight and sizes. The most common baboon and the smallest of all is the Kinda baboon, it is about 20 inches in length (50 cm) having a bodyweight of 31 Ib (14 kg).

The largest species of baboon known as the chacma baboon has a length of 47 inches (120 cm), weighing 88 Ib (40 kg).

Baboons have strong jaws similar to that of dogs, its jaws have sharp canine teeth. In addition, it has close range eyes, nerveless short tails, thick fur, muzzles without furs, it has body part with no furs known as the Ischial callosities usually found at the buttocks region.


How can you Identify Male Baboons from Female Baboons?

What Is A Group Of Baboons Called
Male Baboons

Most people find it very difficult identifying the male and female baboons, however, in this paragraph, what you need to know about identifying these baboons is stated.

The male baboons known as hamadryas baboons have larger white manes while in the female baboon this is different. This is one of the easier ways to identify them because it is easily sited. Also, the male baboons show sexual dimorphism in color, teeth development, and size.


Where do Baboons Live?

Just as the monkey, baboons prefer sleeping or resting in trees, other places they love staying are rocks and high cliffs. These places keep them safe and protected from being prey to predators.

In places with little or no rocks and cliffs, they live in woodlands and savannahs, this is mostly in the African region.


What do Baboons Eat?

As we mentioned earlier, baboons are Omnivorous animals as a result, they feed on fishes, shellfish, insects, seeds, bark, grasses, roots, rodents, leaves, birds, newly born antelopes, and other monkeys like the vervet species.


What Eats Baboons?

The baboons being a predator doesn’t prevent it from not having its own predators. However, they are lots of animals that eat the baboon, they are:

  • Hyenas
  • Lions
  • Leopards, and
  • Nile crocodiles
  • Cheetahs

In rear cases, research shows that a baboon was killed by a black mamba snake, moreover, it is not considered as a predator.

Reproduction in Baboons

Mating in baboons completely depends on their groups, in an event where the male baboons have a good social connection with the female in its group, the possibility of mating is high.

The female baboons put to birth 26 weeks after mating, however, they always give birth to a single infant.

After a successful birth, the female baboon keeps its newborn under close watch for a year, caring for it until its old enough to go searching for food.

In addition, being a year doesn’t mean that the infant baboon is old enough to part in other activities like mating, however, to get sexual matured, they live up to 5-8 years to attempt mating.

The male baboons don’t usually remain with their birth group before they get to this age but the female adheres to its nature.


How Long do Baboons Live?

The ages of the baboons vary, however, this depending on their habitat. Baboons living in the wild lives for about 20-30 years due to the influence of predators while captured baboons kept in zoos can live up to 45 years.


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What is a Group of Baboons Called?

Having known the fact about baboons, let us take a look at what a group of baboons is called. This is actually not so difficult, but the reason behind their name is what people tend to ignore the most, but not to worry, we have been able to give solutions to that.

What is a group called baboons? Giving a suitable answer to your searched query, a group of baboons are called Troops, in an event where there is a larger group of baboons more than its expected number, the group is now called a Congress.


Why is a Group of Baboons called a Troop not a Congress?

As we stated earlier, some people do get confused answering this question, moreover, the right answer to “what is a group of baboons called?” is called a troop.

A congress can only be used in cases of large groups of baboons, it is not considered as a suitable name for a group of baboons.


How many Baboons make a Group?

Having known the suitable name for a group of baboons (troop), you still be interested in knowing the numbers of baboons in a group.

A group of baboons doesn’t have a fixed number but it doesn’t exceed 250 baboons. However, a group of baboons contains about 5 to 250 baboons.

This will depend on their location, the season of the year and species, in an event where the group exceeds 250 baboons, it is no longer a troop but a congress.


Final Insight on Baboons

As baboons get older, they get smarter. They are capable of determining vocal exchanges in their groups. However, baboons are animals that possess similar human characteristics.

Having read to this point, we believe you have gathered enough facts about baboons and the query “what is a group of baboons called?” Is answered.

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