What is a Group of Lions Called? Interesting Facts

What is a group of lions called? What is the name used to refer to a large group of lions? These are some of the questions going through your mind, ain’t it? You already know that these high-level predators belong to the cat family, as in our previous articles where we did target what a group of cats are called. You know, a lion belongs to the cat family!

We are set to reveal every single details, secrets, and facts surrounding the lion’s lifestyle.

The National Geographic Wild have been able to set out to study the lions, and already have a recorded fact that these predators may not be as large as some of their prey but they are feared by almost all beasts in the jungle. Sounds unbelievable right? Well, what makes you think they are referred to as ”the king of the jungle” in folktales.

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Interesting Facts About The Lions

What Is A Group Of Lions Called
Group of Lions

Though referred to as the strongest beast, the lion is from a domestic class of cats but tends to act wilder than other cats in the family. This group of wild cats is the only species of its kind that live as a group, and can consist of about 30 mixed sex of lions.

Unlike other animals, the males do not travel without the females so that whenever the urge arises, they can easily mate.

There are two categories of lions in the world:

  • The African lions
  • The Asian Lions

The African lions are way bigger than the Asian lions, and is the second world biggest cat after one of its rivals ‘the tiger’, yes I said it, the tiger. You may have doubts, but whenever you watch your NAT GEO WILD try comparing the tiger and the lion based on size. The tiger as well, is related to the lions and seems to be the the biggest cat in its family.

Traditionally in Africa, there is a saying that ‘when a domestic cat is dumped into the jungle, it becomes a lion’, So the care and food given to a cat makes it stay a cat. But fear not, your cat at home won’t turn into a lion and hurt you. Below are hidden facts about lions you did not know about:

  • They are carnivorous animals, and just like their cousins, they feed on other animals. Though some may think that lions are omnivorous animals, but guess what? The young ones begin feeding on meat after a year of birth.
  • Their females are referred to as lionesses while the young is called a cub. This name lasts for only 3 years as they grow very fast.
  • They feed their young ones with milk for the first year.
  • In the jungle, they tend to live in caves referred to as den, or in tall open grasslands where the grasses attract food.
  • The male Asian lion weighs about 160 kg to 190 kg while the female weighs about 110 kg to 120 kg in their different perspective. The African lion on the other hand weighs about 190kg to 210 kg while the female weighs about 130 kg to 150 kg.
  • The lions live for only a period of 10 to 14 years, the tigers live for 8 to 14 years, the domestic cats live for 6 to 16 years so to say the domestic cats live longer than lions and tigers.
  • Female lions are known to be the main hunters in the group. While they’re out hunting for food, the males guard the pride’s territory and they’re young ones.
  • A lion’s roar can be heard up to eight kilometers away and is so powerful that it creates a wind especially when they are angry or feel threatened.
  • They use their urine to mark a border. Shocking right!
  • Both male and female lions roar, but the males’ roar is louder than that of the females.
  • Lions are the laziest of all the big cats in their family and can sleep for 16-20 hours each day without being troubled by hunger.
  • Their females give birth to one to four cubs with the spermatozoa of only one male.
  • The female lions are more populated than the males. The males can only be five in a group.


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What is the Difference Between the Asian and African Lion

Study has shown that the African lion is bigger than the Asian lion, but what is the difference between them? is their geographical area? besides they are both lions. We have been able to tackle this question and provide you with adequate answers to them, so kindly read below to get answers to this questions:

African Lion: 

  • It weighs about 190kg to 210kg.
  • It is bigger than the Asian lion.
  • It feeds on any living animal.
  • Its habitat is in tall grasslands.
  • It is darker than the Asian lion.
  • The mane of an African lion is bigger than that of the Asian lion and its hairs are longer than that of the Asian lion.
  • Their ears are not visible.

Asian Lion:

  • It weighs about 160 kg to 190 kg.
  • It is way smaller than the African lion.
  • It feeds mainly on deers, bears, antelope.
  • It lives in the Gir forest, India.
  • The skin of an Asian lion is lighter than the African lion.
  • Their mane is smaller than that of the African lion and hairs shorter than that of the African lion.
  • Their ears are visible.

So now you know the major differences between the two lions( African and Asian) when shown in a picture, you should be able to identify the differences between the Asian lion and the African lion.


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What is a Group of Lions Called?

Having Known the fact about lions, the differences between the Asian predator and the African predator let us take a look at what a group of lions are called. This is actually not so difficult, but the reason behind their name is what people tend to ignore the most, but not to worry, we have been able to give solution’s to that.

Back to the business of the day, a group of lions are called a pride not pack, and a pride consists of 30 lions, but the largest African pride of lions is recorded to be up to 40 lions.


Reason Behind Calling a Group of Lions ‘A Pride’

They are called a pride because:

  • Their royalty.
  • They are expensive if they are to be sold.
  • Their state of quality in the jungle.
  • What they stand for or symbolize in any flag or piece of advertisement.
  • In thrones they are usually used to represent authority.
  • People also use it like names, for pets and children.

Final Thought

The Reason behind the males staying at home guarding their territory and young ones while the females go to hunt still remains untold, but as research goes on we will inform you if need be. Nevertheless, we are happy once again to be able to give answers to your questions.

Having read to this point, we believe you have been able to gather enough facts about lions and satisfied your conscience on the question, what is a group of lions called? To get more info on lions, subscribe to our newsletter, also feel free to donate your contribution, help, or suggestions. Feel free to write to us.

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  1. Wrong! A group of Related familial mixed gender lions with a dominant male is a “Pride” although the dominant will chase off or cull grown male cubs to avoid competition. A grown male cub can and does often challenge for dominance especially if the dominant is old, injured or sickly. Now, a group of Unrelated mixed gender is called a “troop or sault” and I am sorry but your facts are incorrect. A group of up to 7 only Males is called a “coalition”. Many Big Cats live and travel/migrate in different size and combinations. Only lions live in groups. Only Canines live in “Packs”


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