What is a Group of Crows Called? Facts You Should Know

Crows are birds which belong to the Corvus genus, a crow is a name with which it is popularly known, as we know, birds love moving in groups and you might give a second thought about finding out what is a group of crows called?

However, what we the pest-clue team does best is helping out with a guide to facts and queries that seem weird. In this article, everything has been put together to help you out with crows and identifying what their group is called.


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Brief Facts About Crows

What Is A Group Of Crows Called
A Crow

As we mentioned earlier, a crow is a blackbird belonging to the Corvus genus, however, the Corvus is made up of the crows, rooks, and ravens, moreover, that’s for the genus, the crow also belongs to the family of Corvidae having nutcrackers, jays, and magpies as members.

The crows are the bravest of them all because of its strength, its ability to adapt, and its prodigious memory of recognizing individual faces.

Research shows that the sound this bird makes is a caw and it does it, in a loud and harsh manner. They are also predators to crops, but they don’t damage crops badly as common farm pests.


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The crows have about 30-40 species according to the Wikipedia aid with research, this bird has lots of sizes depending on the region at which they are found.

The length of the fish crow ranges from 48 cm (19 inches), the American crow has a length of 45 cm (18 inches) while the well-known crow has a length of 69 cm (27 inches), this crow is the biggest species of crow. It has a weight ranging from 337-1625 grams (12-57 ounces).

However, being in the same family, the rooks are another distinct species, tho, they appear to be small with bills light-colored and it’s tail in a wedge-shaped form. The rooks are 47 cm in length.

On the other hand, another distinct member is the raven, the raven is different from the crow and rooks. The raven is larger, it has darker and heavier bills, its voice sounds rough or harsh (hoarser). Their wings are darker and the tails well-shaped.


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Where does the Crow Live?

The crows are birds found in all locations of the world in both temperate and tropic regions. These birds would rather stay in open areas like grasslands, trees, agricultural fields, and mountains.

The American crow to be precise are found all over North America and is known to build a habitat in any available trees and nearby hills.

However, the raven has a larger population because of its ability to travel far and can survive in both temperate and tropic regions spreading massively.

The ravens are found in great numbers mostly in Greenland, Northern Europe, North and Central America, Iceland, and Scandinavia. The most dominate Asia, Iran, India, Northwest Africa, the Pacific Ocean, and Canary Island.

Just like the crow, they too choose to build a habitat in an open field, landmass, scrubby woodlands, mountains, hills, forests, rocky cliffs, treeless tundra, riverbanks, and seacoasts.

The Behaviors of Crows

The crows are very smart species of birds, when communication is involved, they are known to be great with communication skills. This bird loves to be alone but when hunting, they do this in groups often in large groups.


What does a crow eat?

Crows don’t select what they feed on, however, they feed on carrion, eggs, little reptiles, amphibians, small mammals, they do prey on non-insect arthropods, insects, grains, fruits, nuts, seeds, worms, mollusks, and smaller birds, this makes them omnivores.

However, the crow can feed on stored food both cooked and uncooked, and garbage.

Life cycle, Lifespan, and Reproduction

The crow prefers to build a nest in areas 20-60 feet above ground level, they use materials like cloths, tree branches, twigs, bark, plant fibers, mosses, twine, and hair to build a habitat.

The female crow only lays 4-5 eggs which she will incubate for 14-18 days, after mating, the young ones are to remain for about 3-4 weeks in their nest which is about 1.5-2 feet until they are about 2 months old. However, the crows are birds that can survive for 14 years.

How many Crows make a group?

This searched query has really dominated web search with no straight forward answer, however, after carrying series of research, we came up with a conclusion that the behavior of crows is unstable, as we mentioned earlier, crows are isolated birds but on a forage, they go in groups.

These groups are made up of 6 crows or more, but from our observations, they rarely exceed 6 Crows. However, the number of crows in a group is certainly not limited, in a region where they are a higher number of crows, a group could exceed 6 crows.

This depends on the location, with this, we believe the query how many Crows make a group is justified.


What is a group of crows called?

We discussed earlier that crows forage in groups mostly 6 or more in rare cases. This group of Crows is called a Murder. The Murder of crows gather together to hunt and chase prey, these birds also do this when threatened.

However, when a predator is detected, they have a behavior called Mobbing which enables them to gather together to attack and chase predators. When a crow is killed, all members of the murder gathers to around to mourn their dead member, this often leads them to an action called mobbing.


Why is a group of Crows called Murder?

Calling a group of crows a murder sounds weird right? If you read the facts about crows carefully, we mentioned that crows are omnivores meaning they could devour anything they come across.

History tells that the crow could fly to disaster stuck areas, battlefields, and cemeteries just to feed on the dead bodies. Due to this, with the all-black feather body, it aids the belief associated with dead people and further resulted in the name Murder.

However, this name has brought a bad reputation to these birds which isn’t right for them. The crows are very smart birds with great intelligence, it can adapt socially being able to recognize human faces, use tools, learn new skills, and play tricks. The crow is an incredible species of bird.

Final Insights

Due to the belief attached to these birds, most people won’t want to have this bird around either as a pet or around his/her surrounding which isn’t fair.

Apart from its being agricultural destructive, the crow is a bird that is fun to keep as a pet. Having read to this point, we believe you’re completely equipped with all the knowledge you searched for on crows and what is a group of crows called. To contribute, suggest, or further help, do well to contact us.

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