Why Do Cockroaches Bite Eyelids?

Did you just wake up from your sleep to discover that a cockroach had bitten your eyelids? So now you are wondering ‘Why do cockroaches bite eyelids?’.

Cockroaches do bite humans and it is not only eyelids that they can bite. They also bite the hands, feet, and mouth. But there are reasons why they bite. Read on to find out how you can recognize a cockroach bite and what you can do if a cockroach bites you. 


Facts About Cockroaches

Why Do Cockroaches Bite Eyelids?
Insect bite marks
  1. Cockroaches are nocturnal. This means they are mostly active at night. It is in the night that roaches go looking for food in trash cans and the corners of the house. 
  2. There are different types of cockroaches. Although they all look the same. There are different types of cockroaches. The most common types are the American, German, Oriental, Wood, and Brand banded cockroaches. The German and the brown-banded cockroaches are the ones you will most likely find inside your house. The oriental cockroach prefers to live in sewers, drains, and basements. American and wood cockroaches prefer the outdoors. They live in wood piles, mulch, loose bark, etc.  
  3. You can find all the cockroach types inside your house. Even though only German and brown-banded cockroaches live mostly indoors, wood and oriental cockroaches also be seen inside the house. They usually enter the house when they need food. 
  4. They can survive very harsh situations. Cockroaches can do without eating or drinking water for a long time. You must be determined and patient to get rid of them in your house. 
  5. Cockroaches spread disease. They are known carriers of diseases like Salmonellosis, cholera, typhoid fever, leprosy, and dysentery. 
  6. They can fit through any little hole. A crack may seem small and insignificant to you but to a cockroach, it’s like a door. The tiny body of a cockroach is what makes them flexible and able to fit through anywhere. 


Do cockroaches bite? 

The answer is yes. Cockroaches do bite. People react differently to roach bites. I remember waking up because I felt something nibbling at the hill of my foot. Only to see that it was a cockroach.

Most people do not even notice when they are being bitten. They only see the signs and reactions to the bite. The good thing is that roach bites are rare and not fatal. The bites can be treated easily if you know what to know. 


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Signs Of A Cockroach Bite

The first thing you will notice where the cockroach has bitten you is bumps. They are sometimes more than two or around three. When a cockroach bit in between my fingers, the bumps were just two and inflamed. Another telling sign is that these bumps itch and you will feel like scratching them.

You should try your best not to scratch these bumps. Because when you start scratching, it may be difficult to stop. I didn’t know better when I the bumps in between my fingers. I scratched it until it turned into a wound and was very painful. If what looks like an insect bite on your skin triggers any allergic reaction then the bite is from a cockroach. 


Why Do Cockroaches Bite Eyelids?

Cockroaches resort to biting humans when their food supply is low and they bite mostly at night. They will bite your eyelids for two reasons.

First, if there is any food residue around your eyelids, they will be attracted to it. Also, they bite around eyelids because they are attracted to the dead skin found around the area.  


What To Do If a Cockroach Has Bitten You?

  1. Do not scratch the area. Scratching it will cause injury in the bite area. 
  2. Use ice to relieve the effect of the bite so that you do not feel like scratching the area. 
  3. Wash the area with warm and soapy water for at least 25 seconds to get rid of any bacteria that the cockroach must have left there. 
  4. When you are done washing the area. Look for any antiseptic like alcohol or hydrogen and apply. This will help further disinfect the area. 


How To Prevent Cockroach Bite on The Eyelid

  1. Have your bath before going to bed. This will help you ensure that there is no food residue on any part of your body. 
  2. Do not eat or drink on your bed so you do not attract roaches. 
  3. Before you sleep on the bed, make sure the bedsheets and blankets are properly tucked in. This will not allow cockroaches to crawl on your bed. 
  4. Do not spray pesticide on yourself to keep roaches away. Rather get rid of anything in your house and room that attracts roaches. You can spray pesticide in the room but not on yourself. 


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Cockroaches are capable of bitting and although their bites can cause allergic reactions like cough, sneezing, etc. They are not fatal and can be managed. Do your best to prevent the bite altogether with the tips I mentioned above. 


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