Why do Gnats Fly in Your Face? Reasons and How to Stop

Do you want to know why do gnats fly in your face? Then read this article to find out. In this article, I will explain why gnats like to fly in your face and how to stop them from flying in your face. First, you need to know and identify gnats so as to be sure they are actually flying in your face.


What are Gnats?

Gnats are flying insects that have a close resemblance to mosquitoes. They often fly in large numbers called clouds and they could be either gray, tan brown, or yellowish in color. Gnats are usually small, with really long legs and antennas.

There are two types of gnats: Biting and non-biting gnats. Biting gnats will bite you if it comes close to you and non-biting gnats are just annoying insects because they fly in your face but they do not bite humans or cause harm to plants. Gnats are mostly very active in raining season(Summer) and they breed close to water areas and wet soils.

Why Do Gnats Fly In Your Face

Where do Gnats come From?

Gnats can enter your home in different ways, but the most important thing to do is ensure to get rid of them as fast as possible because like other flying insects, gnats can reproduce very fast, those five gnats flying around your home or your face today will become over 30 within 24 hours. So where do gnats come from?

  1. Gnats come from the water near garbage heaps. Because they feed on the moisture close to garbage, if you have garbage in your house, then you will most likely see gnats around you.
  2. If you overwater your potted plants, gnats will breed in the overwatered soil. Their larvae get organic materials from components of the soil to survive. Just water enough water that your plant needs, and will be able to absorb quickly to avoid leaving a wet soil for gnats to breed.
  3. The foul smell from decaying leftover food can also attract gnats into your house.
  4. Gnats can come from the old pipes in your house.
  5. You can bring gnats into your house from items like fruits, vegetables, etc that you bought from the market.


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Why do Gnats Fly in Your Face? Reasons

The reason why gnats always fly in your face is that your perfume, soap, shampoo, body lotion, or spray has a nice fragrance, and gnats are attracted to the nice fragrance, so they will come around you just to perceive the nice fragrance.

Another reason why gnats are flying in your face is that you ate something that has a nice smell so your mouth is smelling nice. Gnats also fly in your face because they are attracted to the carbon dioxide we exhale from our nose, that is why you will notice some gnats flying very close to your nose, and could mistakenly enter your nostrils if you are not careful.

There are gnats that are attracted to the eye because of the lacrimal secretions from your eyes, so they will always fly around your face to get close to those secretions. Gnats that are attracted to the eye can spread the bacteria that cause conjunctivitis into the eyes, so you need to prevent them from flying in your face.


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How to Stop Gnats from Flying in your Face

They are various ways you can stop gnats from flying in your face without the use of insecticides and sprays. To stop gnats from flying in your face

1. Coconut or olive oil: Rub coconut or olive oil on your face, your neck, and behind your ears. The smell of these oils repels gnats so they will not come around you.

2. Vanilla extract: Gnats are also repulsive to vanilla extracts so a drop of vanilla extract around you will keep gnats away from you.

3. Garlic and cinnamon spices: Add garlic and cinnamon spices to your food, gnats hate the smell of these spices so they won’t fly in your face.

4. Shampoo: You should use unscented shampoo in your hair and make sure to keep your hair dry.

5. Avoid creams and soaps with scents, especially in summer when gnats breed more, to keep them from flying in your face.


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How to Stop Gnats from Flying Around Your Home

To prevent gnats from flying around your home:

  1. Ensure to keep your surroundings clean, tidy, and dry.
  2. When watering your potted plants, remember not to overwater them, just water with enough water to avoid providing a breeding place for gnats.
  3. Dispose of your trash regularly, do not allow them to heap up, gnats are attracted to trash but if you have none in your house, they are unlikely to enter your house.
  4. You can also use diluted bleach to clean the surfaces of your house, the scent of bleach repels gnats so they will not come into your house.
  5. To do this, get a bleach, open the bleach, pour 2 cups of the bleach cover into the water, and use it to clean the surfaces of your home.



If you have tried your best but you’re still unable to stop gnats from flying in your face and around you, reach out to us @pestclue for professional help and advice.

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