Why Do Water Bugs Come Out In the Summer?

Why do water bugs come out in summer? Water bugs are mostly attracted to wet, moist areas, and are also very attracted to old food and garbage. Spotting a water bug in your home is probably a sign that you are not cleaning enough!

But why are these bugs most prevalent during summer periods? Let us find out, shall we!


What Is a Water Bug?

A water bug is also known as the black beetle (since most of its body parts are dark) and is a large species of roaches that are known to live in damp, wet areas.

Water bugs are brown in color and are sometimes mistaken for cockroaches.

Water bugs are related to the famous Water scorpions and the Backswimmers. They can be found all over the world in marshes, ponds, etc and will feed on:

Being a predator does not keep you from being prey to some other big guys. Below are animals that will happily have the water bug on the menu:

  • Aquatic Birds.
  • Amphibians.
  • Large Fishes, etc
Why Do Water Bugs Come Out In The Summer
A Water Bug

5 Fascinating Top Picks About the Water bug



1. Giant water bugs exhibit cannibalistic behaviors Although it is rare for a water bug to feed on a fellow water bug; cannibalism may occur for a few reasons listed below:

  • When there is a limited food supply and these guys are very hungry they can go as far as feeding on a fellow water bug, a young, or even their eggs.
  • When there are not enough males with good egg-laying sites to go round, female water bugs will rip apart the egg clutches deposited by other females.

Although such cases are rare, the water bug can go the extra mile to satisfy its thirst for food.


2. A water bug holds the record for the largest true bug (in the order Hemiptera) in the world Water bugs are truly giants as they can reach a length of 2.5 inches to 5 inches.

The United States holds the record for the water bug that is nearly half the size of the biggest water bug (Lethocerus Maximus)

3. Mating in the Giant water bug can take several hours, especially in the back brooding species
4. Not all giant water bugs are actually giants. Not all water bugs with “giant” attached to their names are actually giants, as members belonging to the genus Belostoma are usually small and may be less than a centimeter long in length.

An example of such is the Belostoma parvum native to Northern South America.


5. Water bugs are capable of escaping floods before they happen The water bug crawls out of the water and walks perpendicularly to the bank until it reaches shelter away from the stream.

After the flood passes through, it crawls back into the water and carries on with its regular activities.

Thrilling right? That is what is thought too!



Even though they are the same, there are still some outstanding differences between the males and female water bugs:

Differences Between the Male & Female Water Bug

Male Female
1. The length of an adult male may range from 18mm to 28mm The length of an adult female may range from  20mm to 27mm.
2.  Males appear winged at first glance Females appear to be wingless but actually have non-functional wings.
3. The males have narrow bodies. Females have wide bodies than the males


Why Do Water Bugs Come Out In Summer?

Water bugs chiefly live in water, yet they can be found around other water sources, similar to pools and lakes, and in garbage bins, sewers, cellars, and other soggy regions at or subterranean levels.

While water bugs normally live outside, they move inside for warmth when the temperature drops. Without a doubt, water bugs are startling and sickening animals whose populace frequently detonates during the year’s hotter months.

Summer accompanies the ideal conditions for water bugs and different creepy crawlies, like cockroaches, to raise and flourish.

The high temperatures in summer evaporate the normal environment of water bugs, including bogs and lakes. Thus, they are regularly compelled to escape into cooler spots, like structures, looking for food and water.

This is the reason you’re probably going to observe water bugs in soggy regions like restrooms and kitchens.



Water bugs are mostly found in:

  • marshes
  • near ponds
  • water drainage systems
  • and other damp areas.

and will only leave these places during the summer period to escape hot temperatures and hunt for food in your homes since they are active hunters.

Our readers worldwide now know the answer to the question: why do water bugs come out in summer? For more information drop your comments in the comment section below!

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