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Do Bed Bugs Have Wings? Bed Bugs Movement

Do bed bugs have wings? Bed bugs are tiny insects, which are seen to be in all places in the world. Bed bugs are very common insects, we see them around us.

However, how do they get in? How do they infest my bed? These and many more are what will be considered, as we study the movement of bed bugs.

Bedbugs are tiny insects that go around crawling from one place to another, they are usually more active at night than in the daytime.

How well do u know these guys? Or do you just take them as simple pests? Well, rest assure as we have in stock for you all useful information about them and more of their movement.


Do Bed Bugs Have Wings
Bed Bugs


Do Bed Bugs Jump?

Bed bugs, unlike the silverfish bug that prefers jumping, are a little different, though they are seen to crawl rapidly, they crawl very fast that before you get something to smash them, they are already seen in wall cracks and tiny holes.

Bed bugs, however, do not jump, they walk so fast that they can cover up to a meter, which is better than jumping, unlike grasshoppers who have certain aid to perfect their jump, or hop. The bed bugs are quite different, they don’t have aid to perfect their movement while jumping.

So, these guys prefer to crawl than to jump. Moreover, bed bugs do not jump, they crawl. So you have it, right before you, you now know that bed bugs do not jump. So keep reading as we have more below to prove the type of movement bed bugs takes.


Do Bed Bugs Have Wings?

After knowing if bed bugs have the ability to jump, to bring together to your understanding, we have decided that you know what other form of movement the bed bugs take, whether jumping, flying, or crawling.

Looking at the picture of a bed bug above, you will notice that there are no soft forms of skin on their back, no wing pads, and all other features that foster flight, as research has proven, that no animal, insect, or pest of any kind without wings cannot fly.

So, it is simple, bed bugs cannot fly, but you might think they do, this is due to the fact that after recognizing a bed bug on the floor before you must have blinked, you see them on the wall.

They carry out this action, as a result of adrenaline. When they are pushed so fast by a gland in their leg, which makes them crawl so fast, at the speed of a blink.

So finally, you have your answer to ” Do bed bugs have wings”. Bed bugs do not have wings and they do not jump. Not only is it impossible for them to fly, but it may also be possible depending on the species. So as you further your reading, you will find out if they can fly with wings.


Do Bed Bugs Fly?

Having gone through series of research, science and ancient studies have created a myth, which says that there was a time in which they had wings but was taken from them, as a result of a shortage in resources (feed).

Moreover, not all species of bedbugs can fly, and those species who fly are considered to be a relative (cousin) to the bed bugs. So in an argument on if they can fly, it depends on the species being discussed.


Live Experiment on Flying Bed Bugs

Below is a live experiment on do bed bugs fly;


Take Away

After having read about all the different forms of movement a bed bug takes and getting your answer on “do bed bugs have wings?”. We hope you have noted down all the key facts and you have now known that they can’t fly, they can’t jump, but they only crawl.

So feel free to let me know what you think in the comment box below, as you are free to bring in queries, contributions, and clarity.

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