Why Is Your Adult Dog Suddenly Passing Stool So Much?

Do you know why your adult dog suddenly passing stool so much? There comes a time in every dog parent’s life when you find yourself obsessing over your little munchkin’s pooping habits. Every time, you see yourself keeping a close eye on their waste’s color and consistency because you’re responsible for cleaning it up.

But what happens when your adult dog suddenly passes stool more than three times a day? As a pet parent, there’s no room to feel squeamish when cleaning or removing their natural messes. Even then, cleaning up a sudden surplus of dog waste can be a challenge and sometimes hazardous.

In this blog, we’ll discuss the reason behind your dog’s excessive bowel movement and the best way to clean it.


3 Reasons Why Your Dog Is Pooping So Much

Naturally, a healthy adult dog will poop one to three times a day. Similarly, puppies poop at least five times, whereas senior dogs do it only once. It proves that the dog’s poop frequencies highly depend on their age, and that’s normal.

However, if you notice a sudden change in your adult dog’s pooping frequencies, then there might be external or internal factors at play. Take a look at the reasons that can lead to excessive pooping:

Why Is Your Adult Dog Suddenly Passing Stool So Much
Dog droppings


1. Infections or Parasites

One of the reasons your adult dog is passing stool multiple times a day could be because of an upset stomach. That can happen due to bacterial infections from E. coli, Salmonella, etc. There’s a high chance the pooping irregularity is a side effect of the raw food diet you’re feeding your pet. Hence, changing their diet and giving them supplements can help.

In some cases, the change in pooping habits can be due to intestinal parasites. These include giardia, whipworm, hookworm, etc. If that’s the case, it’s better to take a stool sample to the vet for testing and treatment.


2. Eating Habits

Giving your adult dog extra food every time they make puppy eyes is bad for their digestive health. They will start pooping multiple times a day if they’re overeating. It can also lead them to develop obesity, bloating, joint pain, etc.

Sometimes, they might eat grass, mulch, twigs, or dirt if you leave them unsupervised. As a result, they can develop gastrointestinal disorders, leading to excessive pooping. If that happens, you should take them to the vet as a precaution.

Another reason for the change in pooping habits could be your dog’s nutrition. You’ve probably introduced new foods to their diet without transitioning slowly. Usually, it takes adult dogs at least 10 days to get accustomed to new foods. Hence, the sudden change could have led to digestive issues and excessive bowel movements.


3. Stress

A highly underrated reason that could lead your adult dog to develop irregular pooping habits is mental stress. Stress can cause their gut bacteria to change and wreak havoc on their immunity, leading to diarrhea and changes in waste volume.

Stress affects dogs when they are subjected to sudden environmental changes in their lives. Examples include travel, new noises, death, changes in living arrangements, etc.

You can reduce their stress levels with the help of physical exercise, playing fetch, cuddling, and long walks. These will help them retreat from anxious situations and reduce bowel irregularities.


The Best Way to Clean Stools When Your Dog Is Pooping a Lot

Any adult dog’s excrement will contain high amounts of nitrogen, bacteria, and parasites. Exposure to these elements can sometimes lead to health hazards and environmental damage. For example, the nitrogen in their waste can create dead spots on your lawn or garden.

Similarly, handling high amounts of dog waste daily without proper precautions can increase your chances of contracting Campylobacteriosis, Cyclospora, E. coli, etc. The germs can also lead you to develop fever, headaches, vomiting, etc.

All these prove that it isn’t safe to handle waste if your adult dog is pooping multiple times a day. Therefore, you’ll need a pet waste management service to help you deal with the high amounts of excrement around your house. A pet waste removal service can help maintain good hygiene in your home.

These companies follow safe and legal waste management policies to clean your dog’s droppings from the yard, flowerbeds, porch, etc. They’ll also improve your home’s appeal by eliminating foul odors and reducing the risk of lawn damage.

According to Scoop Soldiers, pet parents should choose an experienced and professional pet waste removal company by checking their client testimonials. You should also select companies that use reliable pet-friendly products and consistent eco-friendly practices.

In conclusion, you should always keep a close eye on your adult dog’s pooping habits. Doing so will help you assess their internal health and determine the best course of action. For instance, if there’s a sudden change in their bowel movements, they’re probably stressed, went through a dietary change, or have developed infections.

Moreover, it might be dangerous to clean up large amounts of dog waste all the time. That’s where a professional pet waste removal company comes into the picture.

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