How To Get Rid Of Cockroach Odor In Your House

Do you want to know how to get rid of cockroach odor? Apart from the high risk of disease and contamination roaches bring to the house, they have a peculiar offensive smell you will always perceive when they have found their way into your house.

You may not be able to stand it especially if you have a sensitive nose. So how do you get rid of this smell in your house? Let’s find out!


What Do Roaches Smell Like?

People smell roaches differently. If you ask me I will say they have this moldy smell of earth and is kind of sharp. Other people describe the smell as just icky, some describe it as synthetic with cherry and almond flavoring.

But one common thing is everyone describes it as sharp, you cannot miss the smell. This smell signifies the presence of roach infestation in your house even though you may not see one yet because roaches only smell when in large numbers. What you are smelling is their droppings, shed skin, and dead cockroaches. 


Why Do Roaches Smell?

Although the smell of a roach might be offensive to humans, it is very important to them. Firstly the chemicals they produce (cuticular hydrocarbons) are used to attract potential mates during their reproductive season.

Another reason why roaches produce this smell is to communicate with each other, they leave the trail where they have found food, and where there is a danger to alert other roaches of dangerous places. 


What Type of Cockroach Smell?

All types of roaches smell. But the type of roach you will find in your house is the American cockroach. American Roaches like to live indoors in closets, under the carpets, and in basements because it is warm. This type of cockroach reproduces fast and you will have an infestation in no time if you don’t tackle it. 


How To Get Rid of Cockroach Odor 

Items needed

  • Vacuum cleaner or other cleaning equipment
  • Gloves
  • A mask to cover your face. 
  • Cleaning liquid

How To Get Rid Of Cockroach Odor in Your House

  1. Clean where you have seen roaches. Use a vacuum cleaner or any other cleaning equipment you have to remove the drooping and dead bodies of roaches in your house. 
  2. Clean thoroughly with a cleaning liquid and clean every room in your house. Look behind your appliances and in corners to remove the eggs the females may have laid to prevent another infestation. 
  3. After cleaning, I make a deodorizing solution to spray on surfaces and in the corners of the room. I mix vinegar with water and squeeze a lemon into the mixture, shake it well and my solution is ready. 
  4. Sometimes roaches odor may be on your clothes or furniture, wash the clothes with disinfectant detergents and use a deodorizing solution to clean your furniture. 
  5. Air your space, and open up the windows in house house to allow fresh air to enter. 
  6. If there is the smell of roach still lingers on any clothing item, throw it out if you can, rather than have it make you uncomfortable. 


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Where to buy Cleaning Equipment?

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Final Thoughts

Roaches and roaches smell in the house should be tackled with immediate effect. Remember there are no good sides to having roach in your house. The smell is unpleasant to the nose and the roaches’ presence in your house is irritating to see.

The information in this article will help you get rid of any roach smell in your house. Let me know if this information works for you. Drop a comment or send a message. 


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