Woodlouse Spider in House? All You Need to About Woodlouse Spider

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Woodlouse Spider in House; Danger or not?

Most people get allergic to Woodlouse spider because of how scary they look, woodlouse spider in house can serve as a pest control agent because the woodlouse spider itself is a spider hunter.

The name woodlouse is gotten from its primary prey the woodlice spider, this spider doesn’t hunt with cobweb as any spider will, rather it is a night hunter.


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What is a Woodlouse Spider?


Woodlouse Spider in House

Knowing more about the woodlouse spider, it is a species of spider that preys primarily upon woodlice.

It has dull cinnamon shaded cephalothorax and a prolonged abdomen that can changes color from tan to gray with orange legs.

The woodlouse spider is mainly identified from other spiders with a red color, hairy legs, and elongated teeth.

This elongated long teeth that project forward and can develop to about a large portion of an inch in size.

In most cases, other spiders have eight eyes, yet the woodlouse just has six that are organized in an oval shape, with four eyes over the lower two eyes.


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The Habitat of a Woodlouse Spider

Woodlouse spiders are night hunters they don’t live or hunt in cobwebs as other spiders do. The woodlouse spider isn’t that difficult to find, they are usually found in the garden, under rocks, and in the wood log shades or in damp areas.

Moreover, at the point when it gets warm and moisture rises they will look for favorably places to settle, some may find the rooftops of our homes conducive to stay.

Therefore, they will always want to rest in dark hidden places and will make a silk-like structure around the area for protection.

The behavior and Bites of a Woodlouse Spider

When hunting the woodlouse spider will utilize their huge fangs to penetrate their defensively covered prey. They additionally turn their prey over, stinging its underbelly.

The woodlouse isn’t an aggressive spider, but will certainly bite in a case an attack is attempted or its habitat is destroyed.

The woodlouse venom is not that harmful to people but people that are allergic to insect bite might experience mild reactions like swelling, reddish skin and itching on skin.

Fortunately, in any case of severe bites, the reactions could get worst leading to fever so it better to keep away from a woodlouse spider bite. In this case, we advised contacting or visiting a doctor for a check-up.


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What Does Woodlouse Spider Look Like?

In our early discussion, I said that the woodlouse spider looks scary and a lot of people are scared of it. Notwithstanding that the woodlouse spider is bald and it has the same shape as the brown recluse spider.

Woodlouse spiders are not known to be aggressive and won’t bite except if they attacked.

It’s necessary you know what a woodlouse spider looks like and be able to recognize it to avoid been bitten. The woodlouse spider has some attributes that include a dark redhead with cream-colored guts and legs that are orange.

They can get as large as a large portion of an inch in size and their teeth are huge and projected forward. They just have six eyes, in contrast to most different spiders, it is all arranged in an oval shape.


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How to Get Rid of Woodlouse Spider in House

Having woodlouse spider in house is an indication that you have moisture in your home. Allowing moisture in your brings in woodlice which is a primary target of the woodlouse spider, indirectly this brings in woodlouse spiders.

  • Keep your home dry and remove anything that could attract woodlouse spiders into your home. These spiders can’t survive for long in dry conditions.
  • Expel all territories by disposing of clutter around your home and restricting the measure of mulch, leaf litter and pine straw that are found around your home. Any area that will hold dampness should be dealt with.
  • Ensure you deal with breaks around the house, evacuate stagnant water and deal with blocked gutters.


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Different Techniques for Eliminating Woodlouse Spider in House

Below are the various ways you can eliminate woodlouse spiders totally from your home:

Pest Control Method for Eliminating Woodlouse Spider in House

  • Keep your outside channels and gutter clear of garbage.
  • Seal any holes around windows and doors which could bring them in.
  • Keep your home totally dry and warm and they’ll find another place to establish a habitat.
  • Move flower vases from windows and doors.
  • Clear their hide-out with a residue dish and brush and keep that area moisture-free.
  • Keep them from getting into your home by ensuring you don’t have any stagnant water, moisture spots which will pull in them.
  • Clean up leaves and trash from the outside your home, particularly close to ventilation blocks and grilles.

Chemical Method for Eliminating Woodlouse Spider in House

  • You can eliminate woodlouse spider by applying chemically made powder, simply sprinkle at the region where they live and they’ll before long be dead.
  • Additionally, using chemical sprays is a compelling method for disposing of them and work very quick.
  • Another quick way of getting rid of woodlouse spiders is by using fumers and foggers. These are especially helpful for difficult spots as the fumes and mists will get to the littlest spots.


  • For hide-out close to the kitchen, it is advisable you use powders.
  • Ensure to read how the sprays are made, instructions, how to use and warning, some sprays, and powders can be harmful to health.
  • Keep all sprays and powders from the reach of children.

Do it yourself Method for Eliminating Woodlouse Spider in House

  • Hairspray is said to be a powerful treatment.
  • Utilizing a blowtorch is one of the most utilized home medications.


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Video on How to Get Rid of Woodlouse Spiders in House

Here a video on how to get rid of woodlouse spiders in house:


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Prevention of Woodlouse Spider in House

The woodlouse spider is not completely an enemy, it also functions as biological pest control, however, it helps eating other insects found in our surroundings, to them hunt prey is their target doing this decreases the volume of insects in the environment.

Moreover, since it is not conducive for the woodlouse spider to live in our homes, to eliminate them:

  • Make your property less appealing to them by preventing their prey through simple pest control methods and seal all spots they are liable to live.
  • Expel all trash, heaps of wood, leaf litter, mulch, and stagnant water to lessen mosquito.
  • Deal with moisture issues and do your best to keep them out. In the event that you see these spiders in your home, you can use traps, perform sanitation and seal all leakages in your home.
  • The woodlouse spider can be vacuumed up or caught and discharged outside.
  • Bigger numbers of woodlouse spiders can be prevented with pest sprays.

I hope this review gave you the answers to what you searched for, drop your view or contribution via our comment box below.

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