Bed Bugs in Car? Best Proven Ways to Get Rid of Bed Bugs in Car

Having bed bugs in car could be so embarrassing, bed bugs infestation in a car does not occur easily. When bed bug infests your car, it could be difficult to completely get rid of it, in our previous article “facts about bed bugs” we discussed how bed bugs are been transferred, discovered, and eliminated.

In this article, the worry of how to get rid of bed bugs in a car is highlighted in detail and possible solutions are provided.


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Can Bed Bugs Survive in a Car?

Bed bugs are among the top 10 most common household pests, considering its name (bed bugs), most people do think that this bug only infests beds, carpets, sofas, cupboards, and drawers. However, this bug loves staying in dark places so most dark places in a car will be comfortable for them to breed.

The short answer to this query “can bed bugs survive in a car” is “Yes“, bed bugs can survive in a car not minding the temperature, we also discussed in our previous article “where do bed bugs live” and the possible places where this bug breed was highlighted. However, the temperature of a car varies and this bug can cope with hot temperatures up to 47°C (117°F) and can also survive cold temperatures above the freezing point.

A car at 47°C and above the freezing point will be conducive for a bed bug to breed making it difficult to get rid. Now that you know that this bug can survive in a car, let’s look into how they get in a car.


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How does Bed Bug Get in a Car?

They are various ways in which bed bugs can get in a car, as we mentioned earlier, this bug prefers dark places. However, in a case where this bug is infesting your home, they could get in your hair, skin, and clothes and possibly in your car. Moreover, it is known that bed bugs feed most on a host, as a result, you can be the source at which this bug gets in your car.


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How to Check Bed Bug Infestation in a Car?

Having known the places where this bug can be found in a car and how they get in a car, checking this bug infestation won’t really be a difficult task. However, when you discover little red spots on your skin, this should be the first proof that you have bed bugs infestation around you.

Bed Bugs In Car
Bed bugs bite

Also, another proof that you are having this bug infestation by checking for decay bed bugs exoskeletons, spots appearing rusty, and excrement in your car seat or carpet.


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Best Ways to Get Rid of Bed Bug in Car

Once you have discovered and confirm cases of bed bugs in your car, getting rid of it would be a difficult task. Here, we have the best-proven ways to get rid of bed bugs in a car which you could possibly try yourself without the help of an expert.

First, let’s begin with;


Cleaning your car

keeping your car clean at all times will save you the stress of battling with bed bugs infestation later. Regular cleaning will help you discover the hideout of this bug and by destroying it you will have zero possibility of bed bug infestation in your car. However, it is advised you keep your car clean at all times to help check and prevent this bed bug infestation.


Applying bug spray or insecticide

Using bug spray and insecticide is another good method to get rid of bed bug in a car, however, they are various insecticide that can be used to get rid of this bug completely. They are pyrethrins, pyrethroids, desiccants, biochemicals, pyrroles, neonicotinoids, and any effective bed bug spray recommend.

Note: Before applying these chemicals to your car, you must have knowledge of how to use these chemicals or you could ask the sales agent for the guide on how to use.


Applying heat

It is well known that bed bugs can survive heat for long, in an event you have this bug infesting your car, steaming your car seat, seat covers, and carpet will destroy this bug together with their hideout. However, steaming is another best-proven method of getting this bug off your car.


Contact any fumigator near you

In an event where this bug infestation gets severe due to late observation, to have your car back at a good state, we advised you to take your car to any fumigator around you to carry out proper extermination process in your car.



Leaving bed bug infestation in your car could get serious, however, this could extend to your home and the cost of exterminating both your car and home from this bug won’t be the same as just your car. So as a car owner, once you discover signs of this bug in your car ensure you get rid of them properly.

Going through this article, we believe you have gained knowledge about this bug infestation in a car. To suggest better ways of getting rid of bed bugs in a car, you could write to us, comment below or contact us.

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