Best Powder for Killing Wasps

You can find powder for killing wasps in any store near you but that’s not the case. Choosing the best powder for killing wasps and eliminating their infestation is what you should focus on.

In this article, you are listing the best powder for killing wasps just in case you need an effective alternative for wasps control. Before we proceed, we will like you to know what attracts wasps to your property.


What Attracts Wasps to your Property?

What attracts waps to your property? It is more efficient to stop the problem before it begins by identifying the warning signals and points of attraction.

If you or your property exhibit any of these traits or characteristics, you may be at an elevated risk of wasp infestation.

Once wasps do begin to appear around your home, the situation has already escalated and will be more complicated to fix especially if they have already built nests.


Below are 5 possible things that attracts wasps to your property are:

  1. You seem to have discarded edibles or beverages: Wasps are attracted to sugary foods, such as open soda or juice bottles, ripe fruit, sweets, jams, and kinds of honey.
  2. Unkept and decomposed woods: Wood in your house has faded or decomposing wood is nearby.
  3. Availability of wood fiber: To construct their nests, wasps require wood fiber, which must be readily available in the area.
  4. Stagnant water: Wasps are just like any other living thing in that they require water to survive. Wasps are attracted to sources of water, such as running faucets, ponds or fountains, pools, and other water features.
  5. Excess Flowery: Wasps are attracted to everything colorful and flowery. You shouldn’t change your landscaping style because wasps might be attracted to certain plants, but you should be aware that some flowers and foliage can attract more wasps to your yard.


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Best Powder for Killing Wasps

The best powder for killing wasps are listed below:

1. Tempo Dust Insecticide Powder

Powder For Killing Wasps

Wasps, hornets, yellow jackets, bees, and other similar flying pests are the primary targets of Tempo Dust.

There is a slight distinction between this dust and Delta Dust despite their similar look. This dust contains 1 percent active component cyfluthrin and kills wasps on contact while protecting the treated area for up to a year.

It won’t make a mess or leave any unpleasant odors behind. Tempo Dust, like Delta Dust, requires an external applicator for use.

Pros Cons
·         Effectual against hornets and wasps.


·         Has no discernible aftertaste and effectively keeps away young wasps for a year.


·         The wasps are eliminated instantly.

·         Use around the house or with meals is discouraged.


·         Applied from the outside, naturally.


2. Bayer Delta Dust Insecticide Powder

Powder For Killing Wasps

The fact that Delta Dust is completely watertight is our favorite feature of it compared to the other products we considered.

In addition, as long as the user observes all safety rules, it can be used in places where food is processed.

Outdoors and in hard-to-reach places like nooks, eaves, and door jambs are where you’ll most often find Delta Dust in use.

In other words, it’s perfect for puffing in the approximate direction of wasp nests because it’s utilized in locations where wasps tend to congregate.

If you want to spray the dust, you’ll need an external duster, which is supplied separately. Assuming you don’t already have one, this is obviously something you’ll have to pay for.

Wasps and other pests are bothersome at best and potentially hazardous at worst, so it’s important to consider this an investment.

One unit box contains one pound of dust, thus it is reasonably priced and will last for quite some time.

The dust only needs a few ounces for a single use and may be inhaled with a simple puff. If you buy a small amount, it will last for years, making the initial investment worthwhile.

Pros Cons
·         The work is completed quickly and effectively.


·         Product that is both reasonably priced and durable.


·         The active substance comes from organic farming.


·         Absolutely impervious to water and extremely durable under adverse conditions.


·         Safe for use around food preparation and storage areas.

·         Cannot be applied without using a bell duster.


·         Some buyers expressed disappointment that the dust did not deter bees and yellow jackets.


3. CSI D-Fense Dust Insecticide

Powder For Killing Wasps

If proper precautions are taken, CSI D-Fense Dust can be used in both food-handling and non-food-handling environments and is registered for both indoor and outdoor use.

The dust itself is ready to be used and can be spread into the air with a simple hand duster.

This dust, if left undisturbed, can offer protection against young wasps and other pests for up to 8 months after it was first applied.

Adults without dependents, such as themselves or a pet, are the ideal customers for this product. This dust can be extremely dangerous if taken by accident.

Pros Cons
·         Upon arrival, it is ready for immediate usage.


·         Instantly eliminates wasps by severing their connections to their central nervous system.


·         Offers residual protection that can last for up to 8 months.


·         Can be put to use in a number of different settings.

·         Use of this product calls for the use of a hand duster.


·         If licked or swallowed, it may produce harmful effects.


·         Several clients voiced their disappointment as it did not successfully repel yellow jackets.


4. Drione Insecticide Dust

Drione Insecticide Dust

When it comes to getting rid of wasps, the pros turn to Drione insecticide dust. But it’s also effective against other types of pests.

Drione is most suited for use in tight spaces, such as cracks and crevices, and should be used primarily indoors.

Even the most severe infestations can be handled with the pyrethrin formula at 1%. It also has a lasting impact on arid regions that seems to go on forever.

A high-quality bellows duster is included in this Drone package. Easy, just fill it up to approximately half way. To avoid the powder from settling to the bottom, shake it frequently.

Pros Cons
·         When compared to other dust formulas, this one has better knockdown performance.


·         Extremely efficient against a wide variety of pests.

·         Fabulous return on investment.


·         Includes a bellows duster of industrial quality.

·         The application of a professional-grade pesticide dust should be done with extreme caution and protective gear.


·         Avoid using in close proximity to people, animals, or food.


5. CimeXa Insecticide Dust

Powder For Killing Wasps

Amorphous silica gel is used to create CimeXa Insecticide Dust, which kills pests gradually over time.

Because silica is not degraded by time or weather, this product is perfect for outdoor use. Similar to the other dusts discussed thus far, this insecticide dust must be applied with a hand duster.

Those who have wasps in inaccessible areas will benefit from this solution. CimeXa insecticide dust is most effective when given time to do its job in a quiet, dark place, thus finding yourself in such a predicament will do the trick.

Pros Cons
·         Effectively eliminates wasps at the source.


·         Coverage for up to ten years.


·         The insecticide’s silica covering prevents it from breaking down in the rain.

·         This alternative is a little more expensive than others.


·         A hand duster (sold separately) is required for use.


·         Concerns about children’s safety have been raised by several users.


Where to Apply Powder for Killing Wasps

There several places to apply powder for killing wasps, but to get effective results. You have to apply these powder at areas with recurring wasps infestation. These areas are:


1. In Areas like Overhangs, Arches, and Open Spaces

As an added bonus, these are the kinds of places where wasp powder can be safely applied without worrying about being disturbed by the family at home.

This is a great place for female wasps to hibernate over the winter. However, when treating a contained space, exercise extreme caution.

Nests tucked up in these spots can be difficult to access, and when the wasps within decide to attack, they can swarm out at full force. Make sure you’re prepared with protective gear and wasp dust.


2. Possibly in the Crawlspace or the Basement

Wasp powder should be applied in a quiet, dark area where it won’t be disturbed for the best results.

Like we said before, many of these insecticides work best when they are left alone for extended periods of time by people.

Female wasps often hibernate in warm places like basements and attics during the colder months.

Ideally, you should sprinkle this powder about your property in the early fall so that you may spend the winter without worrying about wasps.

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