How to Use Doxem NXT Insecticide

Doxem NXT insecticide is a broad-range insecticide with four active components and four unique modes of action. Doxem NXT should be the main choice for rotational and provide it with four unique modes of motion.

In this article, as you read on, you will learn how Doxem NXT works and the best approaches how to use Doxem NXT insecticide.


What is Doxem NXT?

Doxem NXT Insecticide is a unique aerosol insecticide that contains four active ingredients and two insect growth regulators which work together to kill adult pests and disrupt the life cycle of juvenile pests.

Doxem NXT Insecticide is able to control a wide variety of insects like ants and cockroaches, flies, and even bedbugs thanks to its broad label. 


Picture of Doxem NXT Insecticide Below:

Doxem Nxt Insecticide


Where to Apply Doxem NXT Insecticide

Doxem NXT Insecticide can also be applied to many residential and commercial properties, including food-handling establishments.

This product can be used for pest management in and around any building that houses people or stores or prepares food, including but not limited to residences, apartments, hotels, motels, warehouses, campgrounds, and modes of transportation (planes, ships, trucks, etc.).


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How to Use Doxem NXT Insecticide

This insecticide comes ready to use and requires no additional tools to work. This product is built with a unique actuator that has two different spray modes.

  1. For spray treatments, make sure the injection points down and clips into the actuator so that the broad spray orifice correctly points out.
  2. For crack and crevice treatments unclip and lift the tube, so it then points outward.
  3. Doxem NXT can be used to control labeled pests as either a spot treatment or a crack treatment.
  4. To use as a spot treatment, hold the can 12 to 15 inches away from the target surface and apply at the labeled rate of 2 seconds of spraying per square foot.
  5. Apply directly on pests and make sure the product makes contact completely in the infested area.
  6. Spot treatments must be confined to a 2-square-foot space.
  7. To use as a crack and crevice treatment, place or put the tip into cracks, crevices, holes, and other small openings.
  8. You can spray pesticides directly or make preventive treatments for light investigations.
  9. For preventative treatments, spray the product along the length of the opening and a second application at a speed of 3 feet per second.
  10. Space the applications about 3 feet apart and for heavy infestations, you’ll apply this product 1 foot per second with 1 foot of space in between each application.


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Note: After any application, do not allow people or pets into the treated areas until the product dries completely pests that make contact with the spray or its residual will be knocked down immediately.

Juvenile pests that come in contact with the product will be unable to develop into reproductive adults busting their life cycles.

As we mentioned earlier, Doxem NXT is safe for use in and around apartments, food handling establishments like restaurants, homes, hospitals, hotels, motels, kennels, medical facilities, schools, warehouses, in and around different modes of transportation like ships, trains, and trucks, and other commercial and industrial buildings.


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Doxem NXT can be used whenever flying or crawling pest activity has been witnessed and outdoor sites. Apply when there is bright weather, and rain is not predicted for 24 hours after application.

Doxem NXT is safe to use around children and pets when applied according to the product label instructions. Always wear the proper personal protective equipment when applying in handling this product.

When treating termites, Doxem NXT is not to be used as the sole product for the treatments. Any termite control will require mechanical alteration of soil and foundation treatments in order to be effective.

This product may leave residue with heavy applications but it can be removed with soap and water.



Doxem NXT is an effective insecticide that will kill pests and burst their lifecycles. There are stubborn pest infestations that cannot be controlled through the use of one product.

Depending on the pest you’re controlling, you may need to use Doxem NXT with bait or dust, or other residual insecticides that can be used indoors or outdoors.

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