Blow Flies | How to Identify, Prevent and Get Rid of Blow flies

Blow flies, also known as bottle flies are attracted to rotting or decaying organic matter, they can be very disgusting to have around and are considered a nuisance.

Do you know how to:

Identify blow flies?

Prevent blow flies? and

Get rid of blow flies?

In this article, we are discussing all the necessary information you need to know on how to identify, prevent, and get rid of blow flies in detail.


What are Blow Flies?

As we mentioned earlier, blow flies are also called bottle flies. They belong to the family Calliphoridae of insects in the Diptera order, they are also 1,200 species that exist.

They have maggot larvae which are called gentles. These flies are commonly found around rotting meat. They can also be found around manure or garbage because they breed in rotting material.

They can spread harmful bacteria to people and animals, so it’s important to perform proper blow fly control.


How to Identify Blow Flies?

First, you need to identify the pest infesting your home to ensure effective pest control. The blowfly is slightly larger than the average fly typically around half an inch in length.

Blowflies have a distinctive metallic greenish-blue body, this is a unique feature to identify a blow fly. However, blow flies are attracted to organic matter, they can be found around spoiled meat carcasses feces, or trash and compost piles.

Blow flies are typically found outdoors seeing them indoors might mean something with an awful smell is close by, most commonly a rodent will have died behind. So if you see them inside, be sure to perform a thorough inspection to get control.


What do Blow Flies Look Like?

Below is a picture of a blow fly;

Blow Flies
Blow fly



Blow Flies Inspection

When inspecting your home, the first thing you should do is to sanitize your home and property, take out the trash, keeping the garbage in a sealed bin, remove any decaying organic material. If you have dogs, pick up or spray down dog droppings.


How to Get Rid of Blow Flies

They are several fly traps that work perfectly in getting rid of blow flies, see below;

Using Traps:

  • Use a combination of fly lights, glue traps, and insecticides.
  • Use Muska stick fly traps to capture flies.
  • This is an insecticide-free trap, it uses a combination of bright orange paper, blue pheromone attractant to alert and trap the flies.
  • Sprinkle the supplied attracted into the catch basin, at the end of the stick. Then hang this in areas to have seen blowfly activity. The Flies will be attracted to the stick land and get stuck unable to fly away and eventually dying.
  • Mantis fly light trap: You can also use the mantis fly light trap. It is a lightweight ready to use fly light that uses to write UV lights to attract flies. This fly light does not electrocute the flies but instead lures them to a glue board position behind the bulbs, where they’ll get stuck and unable to fly away.

Using Chemicals:

If you have blow flies on a commercial property, you can get rid of them using chemicals.

Using Flex 10-10 Insecticide

This is a liquid concentrate that can be mixed with water in a pump sprayer and is specially designed to be used in misting and fogging systems.

Flex 10-10 offers a quick knockdown and a long-lasting residual. This is also great to use for mosquitoes, bedbugs, and many other pests.

Follow the label instructions for proper mix and usage rates. Also, mix Flex 10-10 through the mixer or fogging machine to eliminate these flies. You can also spray Flex 10-10 around the source of blow fly activity.

Using Pyrid Aerosols

Finally, use pyrid aerosols spray to kill any remaining blow flies. The pyrid aerosol provides quick contact kills, it is also great for eliminating many other pests.

Spray the pyrid insecticide where you see fly activity. This does not have a residual, so flies must come into contact with the spray to be effective.

You could use a fogger, but we recommend pyrid for ease of use, and the freedom to spray where you want.

It prevents house flies from returning by keeping your property as clean as possible, minimizing decaying organic material, and spray Flex 1010 every 90 days for continued blow flies control.



Blow flies are disgusting pests, following these clues, you will be able to get rid of them completely. In severe cases where you can’t control them yourself, we recommend hiring a pest professional near you.

We guarantee these products will help you get control of your blow fly problems. Do well to share this article with family and friends having blow flies infestation.

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