Do Carpenter Bees Sting?

Do carpenter bees sting? Quite funny as anything called a bee is prone to sting; especially when they are attacked or disturbed. However, do these species of bees sting? Well, that is what we will be discussing in this article, as we have gathered full comprehensive facts and answers to queries concerning this article.

First, what is a carpenter bee known to be, these insects are found from the genus Xylocopa, which is under the sub-family, this is the largest family of bees in the whole world, the range from 450 to 500.

Also, note that when telling difference in these bees, is quite different due to many resemblances in their color, which is a major determinant in knowing a carpenter ant. In addition, their way of nest building is different from other insects, as they build nests for inhabiting mothers and children.

The name these insects possess is due to their day-to-day activities, as they are seen going in and out of dead, dry, and decayed wood or bamboo, under them is a group of Proxylocopa as they dig into good soil to find a home.

Above is a short and direct headline about the carpenter bee, before studying anything, you must get to know it. Now we are moving gradually to the reason for this topic, as we few, exciting, fun facts and thrilling paragraphs to go through in this article.

Now, we will be moving into the shocking and breathtaking part of this article, where questions will be answered, so as our first topic, we will be considering;


Do Carpenter Bees Sting?

Do Carpenter Bees Sting
Picture of a Carpenter Bee

When we talk about any action carried out by this insect, it affects the male and female, as what the male bees do is not what the females do. And as such, out of both kinds, may sting and the other does not. Well, that is what we are considering in this article.

However, the male species of carpenter bees are the ones that fly around without a stinger, their only job is to fly around scaring invaders from the nest, while the female is the one possessing dangerous stingers.

But note they do not attack, except when threatened, or when they are tried to be compromised. But these insects are easily angered and when they do they are extremely aggressive.


Do carpenter Bees Sting? Video

Here is a brief video;

Now as we move further on this topic, you must have now known that carpenter bees do sting especially the female, so it is not advisable to tackle them yourself. Now we get to another paragraph concerning;


Can a Carpenter Bee Sting Me?

Well I knew you would be thinking of that, well it is scary to start thinking of how a bee would pierce into your skin, well don’t of it, it is very possible for a carpenter bee to sting you, well as we mentioned earlier in the above paragraph, that they can sting especially the female.

So when you get in contact with them roughly, get ready to have a bite go through your skin, but in case of a sting, have this jotted down, first, find a way to get them off your skin, when that is completely done, you find a way to spot where you have been stung, they try to get out the broken stinger in you, as continuous presence of the stinger in you lets move venom flow.

When that is done, know that you are a little bit safe before getting yourself to a pharmacy. In addition to that, we advise you to stay away from them instead of getting a qualified pest exterminator to do it for you. Now to our conclusion.



What an interesting experience we encountered in this article, ranging from the introduction to the point of climax, as am sure you have learned and noted enough when it comes to the case of a carpenter bee, well it is here we will be drawing the curtains.

So for more queries, further explanation, contribution, and more on this article don’t hold back, as we are giving you the opportunity to express your feeling on this article, so let us know what you think in the comment box, and subscribe to our news channel.

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