Do Lions Eat Hyenas?

The relationship between lions and hyenas has made us often wonder, do lions eat hyenas? These animals are both apex predators and hunt for their food.

In this article we will be discussing these two apex predators, unveiling hidden truths, and stating bold facts; and we will now know who is willing to give in when the time for dominance arises.

Do lions eat hyenas? let us now find out!


How Do I Describe a Lion?

One of the most recognizable and revered beasts in the world is the African lion. It is simple to understand why this species has been loved throughout history given its robust body, powerful jaw, and thunderous roar, which can be heard from a great distance.

Although the animal historically roamed widely in portions of Europe and Asia, lion populations have drastically decreased recently, and lions are now only found in certain regions of Africa.

Impressive manes on male lions reveal a variety of details about their owners’ standing among the group. The lion is in prime condition if it has long, black manes.

From eight kilometers away, a lion’s roar is audible and is caused by a variety of factors.

From territorial markings to spotting other pride members, females can distinguish between outsiders and males of the pack, enabling them to defend their cubs from lions that might attempt to topple the pack by attacking their young.

The coat of an adult lion is yellow-gold, while young lions have some light patches that fade with time. Manes, the stunning fringe of long hair that surrounds their heads, are normally only displayed by male lions.


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How Do I Describe a Hyena?

The spotted hyena, Crocuta crocuta, is the largest, most common, and most inaccurately described of the four species of hyena.

Possibly not the most attractive of creatures, this so-called laughing hyena has scraggly fur, a stooped back, and a huge, drooling grin. But our contempt isn’t just surface-level; it’s personal.

They feces similarly to other carnivores, but they never elevate their legs when urinating like canids do since urination has no territorial significance to them.

Part of the problem lies in the puzzling biology of the hyena. Here’s a creature that resembles a dog in appearance and hunting style but is actually an enhanced member of the mongoose family, making it more closely linked to a cat.

Although they spend the majority of their time at night, hyenas occasionally emerge from their dens in the early morning.

Hyenas are mostly not gregarious creatures, with the exception of the spotted hyena, which is very social, though they may live in family groupings and gather at kills.


Do Lions Eat Hyenas?


Do Lions Eat Hyenas
Picture of a Lion

Do Lions Eat Hyenas
Picture of a Hyena

In fact, when in the right frame of mind, lions have been known to mindlessly devour entire hyena clans.

Having said that, it’s crucial to realize that lions do not use hyenas as prey in their hunting operations. Hyenas are not a nutritious food for them because they are predators like lions, which is the reason for this.

Furthermore, taking down a deer or other prey is far simpler than taking down a hyena.

Additionally, the majority of carnivorous animals are quite picky about the foods they eat.

It makes sense that since they are both interested in the same kind of food, lions, and hyenas would view one another as a rival.

It makes sense that lions would be quite choosy eaters when it comes to their diet.

If there were no other creatures seeking the same type of food, it would be much simpler for them to feast on some species.

Although lions do kill hyenas, they rarely consume meat. This is primarily due to two causes. Hyenas are first and foremost considered enemies and even pests by lions.

Therefore, they wouldn’t care about eating the animal; only interested in killing it and eliminating the competition. Lions, on the other hand, eat herbivores, which provide them with enough nutrients.

In fact, a lion’s dislike of some meals has perplexed researchers.

The majority of biologists think that this taste aversion is caused by the fact that carnivorous animals are more prone to getting parasites and diseases from other carnivorous animals.

This explains why lions kill hyenas for reasons other than hunger, such as to lessen competition for territory and food.

However, only the weak and elderly lions in the pride consume hyenas, and then only under extreme duress or when they are starving.


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What Makes Up the Diet of the Lion Besides Hyenas?

To feed their pack, lions will kill everything, including mice, lizards, wildebeest, and other large animals. Lions will if given the chance, steal kills from hyenas or wild dogs.

The majority of hunting occurs between twilight and dawn when conditions are cooler and more conducive to the prolonged hours spent in search of food.

The main hunters and leaders of the pride are female lions. To hunt on antelopes, zebras, wildebeest, and other big animals of the open plains, they frequently cooperate.

Teamwork is beneficial because many of these species are faster than lions. Additionally, female lions raise their pups collectively.

Following the hunt, the cooperative effort frequently degenerates into fighting over who gets to keep the kill, with the cubs at the bottom of the food chain.

Until they are roughly a year old, young lions do not participate in the hunt. If the chance arises, lions will hunt by themselves. They will also steal prey from hyenas or wild dogs.

An average male lion can eat 15% of his body weight on days when food is easily available.


Tip-Off: Do Hyenas Eat Lions?

On the other hand, hyenas frequently devour young lions. These predators kill and consume lion cubs in order to assert their dominance and to put food on their tables.

Hyenas find it more difficult to kill adult lions because they can easily overwhelm an entire pack.

Young lions are an easier target because they lack the maturity needed to kill prey and defend themselves against striped and spotted hyenas’ ferocious attacks.

Since striped and spotted hyenas frequently prey on lion babies, male lions kill them. Since they are eaten or at the very least murdered at the beginning of their existence, young hyenas are equally vulnerable to lions.

Hyenas are viewed as competitors by lions. The reason for this is not because lions are particularly wary of hyenas. The truth is that lions primarily care about defending their area and securing all of the available prey for themselves.

Hyenas have more options in terms of their nutrition because they are cunning and eat dead animals as well. On the other hand, lions will only eat prey that they have killed themselves.

Do lions eat hyenas? yes they do but it is only when it becomes a necessity as stated above. Thank you for reading, and do not forget to click that share button!


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